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Sharing Chocolate Recipes

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Favorite recipes are always fun to share with others. Anything chocolate is a favorite of mine. So share your chocolate recipes with me. Well, lots of other people, too. Simply by writing them out as Web articles.

Chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, hot chocolate, dipping chocolate. Whatever recipe you love can be shared.

Along with your actual recipe, feel free to offer tips or suggestions. Things that you've found to make it easier, tastier, or more elegant. Even offer some of the unique products needed to make your recipe. You can choose your products from the amazing number available
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  • Is your brownie recipe called the best ever by your family and friends? Then share it like Pukeko did here. 
  • Do you like to add interesting ingredients to your chocolate brownies? Then share it like I did with my Decadent Brownies. 
  • Maybe chocolate eclairs are a specialty of yours. ItalasDesigns shares her recipe.
  • If hot chocolate is your thing, share your favorite way to make it. Sylvestermouse shares hers here.

No matter what kind of chocolate recipe you have, you can share it. When you finish, be sure to share it by adding your link in the comments below. That way I can feature your chocolate recipe page. Being the chocoholic that I am, mostly likely I will be trying out your recipe, too. 

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  1. I just know after reading the rave reviews of chocolate that I will have to head straight to the store for the ingredients to whip up a batch of chocolate goodies! Thank you (I think!)

    My favorite recipe to make is a dark chocolate and peanut butter combo for my Brutus Buckeyes:

  2. There's always chocolate in my pantry. Cocoa powder and bars of 100% cacao are staples. Instead of buying Nutella, I make a Chocolate Garbanzo Bean Spread that my family gobbles up ( I drizzle melted 100% dark chocolate over my Healthy Hemp Hearts No-Bake Cookies and they taste like a Mounds bar ( Now, off I go to to check out your brownie recipe. A cook can never have enough brownie recipes!

    1. I am headed to that recipe for garbanzo bean spread right now! Sounds yummy!

  3. I remember Ruthi's yummy Brutus Buckeyes, and enjoyed reading the other chocolatey recipes mentioned here. I want to try them all, but will have to space them out so I don't get too many 'chocolate-covered calories' all at once. LOL. My favorite combination in ANY chocolate dessert? Dark chocolate and nuts!

    1. The Buckeyes are SO good, Ms. Elf! Like you, I have to worry about those calories so I deny myself a lot of chocolate goodies!

  4. I LOVE these recipes you featured Susan! And, of course, chocolate anything is wonderful. You are right, too. The Squidoo recipe module is awesome and makes it so easy to share a recipe. Adding tips and suggestions in the lens with the recipe can go a long way to helping bakers ensure it comes out right every time!

  5. I am a huge chocoholic! I love anything chocolate! I do agree with you about the recipe lenses on Squidoo. They have made it really easy to share recipes on Squidoo. Thank you for featuring my Hot Chocolate recipe. I still make the hot chocolate every year and give it as gifts. Of course, I drink my fair share first!

    1. Raising hand and waving frantically! Can I be a tester for you???

  6. I need to call my mother for her deep chocolate cake recipe so I can "lens" it. I've never had a cake that is more moist and delicious. The secret ingredient is coffee, though you don't taste it. It brings moisture, color, and everything divine to this cake.


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