Monday, February 3, 2014

Get Kitted Out for Crafting

jumbo craft jar

As any fan of crafting with kids will know, having a supply of craft essentials on hand is a must for when your little ones cry, "I want to craft!" or "I'm bored!"

This is where craft kits can come in very handy. My personal favourite craft "kit" is our own haberdashery box of recycled household junk, bits of ribbon, material offcuts and so on, that we can delve into and use to create something new and wonderful. However, you do need a few things to help you turn the junk into gems - and for kids, you need to be thinking googley eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners, sequins and sparkles (along with a set of paints and pens, of course!). We love this jumbo craft jar pictured left - Santa brought it two Christmasses ago and it's still going strong!

Recently I've been asking craft-loving folks to review the best kids craft kits for the under-fives. If you have a favourite kit, whether it's shown on this list or not, please share a review with us!

I've been enjoying the reviews of everything from basic kits to paint your own sets, and adding a few reviews of my own, including this one of our favourite kit to dip into, the Mister Maker Doodle Drawers.

Groovyfinds reviewed the fabulous "My Crafty Kit" by Alex Toys, which not only comes jam packed with lots of crafting goodies, but also comes packed in a handy case with a handle, so perfect for little crafters on the go!

Another great-sounding kit is the Faber Castell Big Fun Crafts Kit, reviewed here by tonyleather after it proved a big hit with his granddaughter. 

Once you've got your basics covered, you can delve into more specific kits, such as paint-your-own models, sequin and mosaic designs, decorate-your-own kits, first sewing kits, stamping sets, cutting sets and many, many more. One such kit which my little girl would love is the Breyer Paint your Own Horse Kit which has been reviewed by KarenTBTEN.

So, if you have a craft kit at home which your preschoolers adore, please share! Or if you make your own kits up, why not write a how-to on making your own craft kit?

Tips on Reviewing Craft Products:

  • Tell your readers an overview of what is in the kit
  • Review the quality of the items, whether there is value for money, the variety inside
  • Share photos and descriptions of some of the things your child made using the items
  • Did your child like it? 
  • Would you recommend it to others, or buy it again? 
  • What could be improved, or was it just right? How does it compare to other kits you've used? 

In the meantime, happy crafting! If you're stuck for ideas, why not stop by the Little Crafty Kids community on Pinterest?

There are several great themes to explore crafting this month - we'll be:
  • Making Brighid crosses and paper spring flowers for Imbolc (2nd February)
  • Making heart-themed crafts for Valentine's Day (14th February) 
  • Making friendship bracelets to celebrate International Friendship Day (and sending them to my daughter's penpals) 
  • Crafting little bird houses and feeders for National Wild Bird Feeding Month

How about you?

Photo Credit: Our Jumbo Craft Set before we started delving in and having fun with it!

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  1. Lots of great ideas for both crafts and reviewing crafts!

  2. I completely agree! One of my favorite craft resources, is my collection of odds & ends that are simply stockpiled for whenever I need them. When my children were in elementary school, there were endless projects required. We would pull out the box of remnants & various supplies to create a "masterpiece for class." I still have the box even though my children no longer require the ready resource. I am saving it for grandchildren! Ha! It will not go to waste.

  3. There is no better gift for nurturing a child's creativity than a craft kit. When I was a child, this was the gift I most wanted. Great tips for those preparing to write a review.

  4. Absolutely love this! Craft kits are so great, especially for young crafters. Love the tips for writing reviews!! :D

  5. I always enjoyed crafts of any kind as a child and when my son was young, I made sure he had anything and everything handy for crafty to-dos. Kits are wonderful gifts for kids and makes the shopping easier on Mom and Dad, too.


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