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Monday, August 21, 2023

Reviewing iLIDS - Mason Jar Lids (Not for Canning Use)

I  have used iLIDS for Mason Jars for several years now and have noticed that when I go to the cupboard for a drink container, I am reaching for a glass jar and an iLID the vast majority of the time.  I find that making my drinks in a jar is cost-saving, environmentally friendlier, and visually pleasing.


Colorful iLIDS for Mason Jars on Amazon


iLIDS Mason Jar Drink Lids

Mason jars are a glass jar that are most known for canning. Households over the generations have depended on these jars for food storage. The jars are durable and withstand boiling temperatures in the canner, are dishwasher safe, and store food in the refrigerator after opening. While I have not tried it myself, I am aware that some people use their jars in the freezer. 

Many kitchens, including mine, have a supply of these jars. So it is not a stretch to begin using jars for drinks and the storage of drinks. I began making teas and ice coffee in the jars, then pouring the drinks into a glass. Before too long, I discovered iLIDS drink lids and began drinking right from the jar.  Insulated steel tumblers have many benefits, but I have found that I prefer the versatility of canning jars with iLIDS.

iLIDS drinking lids come in many colors. The underside has a gasket which creates a good seal when screwed on to the jar and helps prevent the lid from becoming hard to unscrew. The drinking lid has a sliding closure to protect your drink from unwanted items. When the slider is opened, you can drink directly from the lid or insert a straw. 

Note: the slider is not sealed and will allow a small spill when the jar is knocked over. It is not leak-proof.

While quart jars are large and bulky, I find that my liquid intake is higher when using a quart jar. I can visually see how much (or how little) I've drank.  Glass jars are not insulated. But I find that I enjoy the visual aspect of infused waters or iced coffee. 

Quart jars and iLIDS are perfect for making sun tea. When finished steeping, the jar and lid can move to the refrigerator and be used for storing and pouring out one glass at a time. Or, once chilled, insert a straw and voila a super-sized ice tea for those hot days.

iLIDS come in wide mouth and regular mouth sizes. I prefer the wide mouth because it's so much easier to drop in ice cubes or fruit. I have also found that these lids fit on many of the spaghetti jars that can be purchased at the grocery. The taller, thinner Classico jars are a great size for drink jars. 

While preparing to write this review, I have learned that in addition to the drink lids with the sliding opening, iLIDS offer storage lids and sports drink lids! 

I began using jars for drinks around the time I began making my own iced coffee to reduce the cost of buying my daily ice coffee at a drive-thru. I also prefer to reduce trash waste by avoiding the use of single-serving items (such as Kcups) when I can.

To recap:

downside of iLIDS and Mason Jars for drinks

  • not insulated
  • bulky; they don't fit in car cup carriers
  • glass is breakable (although I've not broken one yet)

upside of iLIDS and Mason Jars for drinks

  • easy to screw on and off jars
  • wide mouth and regular mouth size
  • visually pleasing; for iced drinks, fruit-infused drinks, and coffees
  • monitor liquid intake; can see how much you've drank (or still need to drink)
  • making sun tea
  • resistant to staining (I'm not sure how but my oldest iLIDS have zero tea, coffee, or berry juice stains)
  • reduces costs of buying drinks outside the home and reducing waste of single serving drinks
  • many colors to choose from
  • different styles of iLIDS to choose from (drink, storage, and sports drink)

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