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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Reviewing Fall Photo Fun at a Farm

I recently accompanied a group I volunteer as a photography mentor  to a farm for our October outing.  I was expecting the usual opportunities for photos with the pumpkins and corn maze, but was delighted to discover lots of other photo opportunities.  So when you visit a farm in the fall look past the obvious and you will discover a rich array of photo opportunities.

Old Farm Equipment

Old Farm equipment can make some interesting photos.  Tips for good photos.
  • Watch you surroundings so that you can focus on the item you are photographing.  There can be a lot of distractions.
  • Move around to get the best angle.
  • Pay attention to the lighting.
I thought this old farm truck made an interesting photo.  There were a lot of distractions that would take away from the photo so I zoomed in on just the front of the truck.

Farm Animals

Don't feel you always need to get the full animal.  This donkey sticking his head through a fence tells a story.  He seems to be saying "Pet me...Pet me!"
Make sure you capture the eyes of the animal you are photographing.  It will make you photograph much more interesting.

Weathered Wood

Old barn doors and weathered wood can make an interesting photo.
I like the fall wreath against the weathered board.
 Zooming in close on an old weathered barn door can make an interesting photo.

Corn Maze

Of course the corn maze is always a fun activity.  Taking a photo inside the maze is not always the most interesting.  Here are two different views that I found interesting. 
Here I used a 5.6 aperture to get the foreground in focus and blurring the background.
In this next photo I zoomed in close to capture a single ear of corn.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tips for Fall Photography

This week I'd like to share with you some of my tips on fall photography.

  • Use a Polarizing Filter
If you have never used  a polarizing filter on your camera you will be amazed by the results.  Think about how fall colors look to you when you put on your sunglasses.  The tint in the glasses filters out some of the suns rays and what you see are strikingly more brilliant colors.  The same concept is what happens when you put a polarizing filter on your camera.

Be sure to buy one of the circular polarizing filters so that you can adjust the amount of light you are filtering out.  I have one for my SLR camera and I also have a polarizing filter to fit my Canon point and shoot camera.

The photo at the left is a tree in a nearby park that I photographed with the polarizing filter on my camera.

  • Go to a Botanical Gardens   If you have a favorite garden in your hometown be sure to visit it in the fall.  Most gardens have special displays for the fall and it is a great place to take photos.  I love the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.  Here is a hubpage I wrote on the garden in the fall. Autumn at Missouri Botanical Garden  The photo below shows a scene from last fall at the garden.

  • A Farmers Market is a Great Place for Fall Photos   I like to stop by my local farmers  market and photograph the produce in the fall.  The bins of apples, pumpkins and ghourds always make great photographs and many of the markets have special fall displays.

  • Don't forget to include children doing fall activities in your photos.  The pictures below are my granddaughters enjoying the pumpkins in the fall.

  • Get in close for some interesting photos.  Leaves are often hard to photograph in the fall because when you look at them up close you find they have a lot of wear and tear from the year,  Be sure to look for some that are not too beat up and then zoom in close.

  • My top tip for fall photography is enjoy yourself.  Have fun with your camera, enjoy the scenery and relax and you will capture some outstanding shots!
View more of my photographs of fall at Autumn Art

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