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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Water Globe Kit For Kids Reviewed

Encourage Creativity In Children

water globe fountain
A different sort of water globe
I will be giving my youngest granddaughter a water globe kit for her next birthday. As I write this, her birthday is less than two weeks away and this Grandma is prepared with some fun and creative gifts. 

She loves to be creative and enjoys doing all sorts of crafts even though she will only turn 7 next month. I look for things that will challenge her skills and allow her to create things that she will enjoy when they are completed. A water globe kit checks off several items on my list of criteria when searching for crafts for her to work on. 

I love the idea that while creating these little water globes she will be required to use some critical thinking along with problem solving. She will need to decide whether she wants to create the suggested scenes with the clay or if she wants to really be creative and come up with her own designs to encapsulate in the globe. There are four colors of clay to make the scene with, which causes her to figure out how to combine colors to get other colors. She will have plastic tools to assist her in her creations along with molding figures with her fingers and hands. I think she will spend hours creating something unique and fun. 

The kit includes three globes to create under the sea scenes. Since she just returned from a vacation in Maine and discovered that she loves lobster, I bet she makes a lobster for one of the scenes. The kit suggests a seahorse, octopus and mermaid but she will use her own imagination and come up with something very clever.

I am pretty excited to see what she does with this wonderful kit. Who knows, she might even make one globe for Grandma to have. I am certain that she and her Mommy will enjoy working on them together. That is the wonderful thing about a kit like this from Creativity for Kids, it can be enjoyed by kids from 6 to 96. This wonderful company has been making innovative and safe products for children since 1976 helping them develop skills that will follow them throughout their lives while having fun in the process. 

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car Review

Every child, sometime in his or her young life, becomes obsessed with fire trucks. In fact, when does that attraction ever end? Grownups are drawn to fire engines, too, which may be why this authentic-looking fire truck pedal car is a bestseller and such a popular gift. The awesome InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is durable, comes equipped with ladders and a bell, and your future firefighter will be thrilled to own it.
This awesome InStep Fire Truck Pedal Car is durable, comes equipped with ladders and a bell, and your future firefighter will be thrilled to own it. Here's my review.

Boys and girls will love this pedal car because of the bright fire engine red color, the shiny chrome hubcaps and ladder holders with removable ladders, the bell, and the storage compartment in the back to hold their fire fighter uniform or extra fire-fighting supplies. Once they get in and get moving, they'll love that their new fire truck is so easy to pedal and steer as they drive.

Parents will love this toy truck because of the sturdy steel construction, rubber tires, and adjustable pedal car drive to accommodate growing children's leg lengths. Note that the recommended age range for the truck begins at 3 years, though some children may need to be older before they're able to coordinate the pedals. Maximum weight limit is 70 pounds.

Grandparents will enjoy the old-fashioned, 1950s nostalgic look of the pedal car, likely to bring back fond memories of the old fire truck they had when they were kids. The price isn't bad, either, always a plus for grandparents who love to give nice gifts.

Santa's elves will like this gift idea, too, because assembly directions are easy to follow, though let your friendly elves know to set aside a couple of hours to have plenty of time to get it put together.

Doting parents and grandparents who want the best for their kiddos know they can't go wrong when they choose the gift of a toy fire truck for their little one. This durable InStep pedal car fire truck is an excellent choice, one that will last for years, through uncountable hours of creative play. To make your gift complete, consider including a firefighter accessories set or even a toy Dalmatian dog to hang out with them at the station between calls. You'll have as much fun watching as they have playing!

Maybe your little fireman (or firelady) will grow up to be a real-life firefighter, or maybe not, but in the meantime we think he (or she) will love this gift. Visit the links below to shop for yours and to check the excellent customer reviews.

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~ Susan Deppner

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article.


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