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Friday, February 19, 2021

Camera Strap Harness Reviewed

While hiking at Fort Pillow State Historic Park a few weeks ago, I realized that I really needed a camera harness that would take the weight of my camera off my neck and redistribute the weight across my back instead.

Camera Harness
I carry a Nikon D3100, which came with the standard 18-55mm zoom lens.  However, when I am hiking in the woods, I prefer my 55-300mm zoom lens, which is heavier.  The longer lens is required for capturing close-up images of birds in the trees, animals in the distance, or points of interest in the woods.  Normally the weight doesn't bother me at all.  However, on a 2 mile trail hike up and down hills, I've found that I do notice the weight.  After our hike at Fort Pillow, I found myself rubbing the ache from my neck and shoulders. Therefore, it was past the time to find a camera harness.

As soon as I got home that day, I went in search of a camera harness and found this awesome harness. Upon arrival, I put it on my camera, adjusted the straps and prepared for my next hiking adventure.

As you can see in the photo, I opted to leave my neck strap attached to my camera.  It is the strap I will use in my everyday life.  Since the harness has quick release buckles, it is very easy to leave off and quickly reattach for hiking.   

Excellent Features of the USA Gear Camera Strap Harness

 USA GEAR DSLR Camera Strap Chest Harness with Quick Release BucklesCheck PriceThe camera strap harness that I selected is available in multiple colors and patterns.  It features a small pocket on each strap.  The pockets are a suitable size for batteries or SD cards.  The pockets alone would make this harness an excellent choice.  I always carry a spare battery when hiking.  The pockets have Velcro closure which makes them easy to open quickly, even when wearing gloves, but are otherwise securely closed. 

As I mentioned in the introduction, the harness has quick release buttons so the harness can be used during specific activities like hiking, but not a permanent attachment when it is not needed.  These buttons are also helpful if you need to raise the camera above your head to get a certain shot.

This camera harness is very inexpensive too.  If you wish to buy several in order to color coordinate with apparel, you could certainly do that.   

Very easy to use!  Slips on exactly like backpack arm straps.

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Friday, June 5, 2020

The Perfect Camera Strap Cover to Protect Your Neck
I own several cameras and I carry one with me almost everywhere I go.  I enjoy taking pictures, focusing on something I might otherwise overlook.  Capturing moments that I can enjoy recollecting years later.

My favorite camera is my Nikon 3100 which has multiple lenses.  I love the zoom lenses that allow close-up shots of something far away, like the hot air balloons in the sky or dangerous wild animals I would never dream of getting huggably close to.  

For years, I complained about my camera strap rubbing and cutting into the back of my neck.  It is the one downside to carrying my "big" camera, which I prefer for the long-range capability. 

My son found and gave me the perfect camera strap cover this past year for Christmas.  However, it is a cover that is not made for a camera strap, nor is it promoted for that purpose.  But, it is truly the best camera strap cover I have ever had.

Camera Strap Cover

Using a Seat Belt Cover as a Camera Strap Cover

 Lebogner Car Seat Belt Shoulder Pad, 2 Pack Soft Harness Cushion Protector, Comfortable Genuine Sheepskin Safety SeatBelt Strap Cover For Adult & Kid Also Good For Backpack, Shoulder Bag & More, BlackCheck PriceWould you believe the solution was  simply a matter of thinking outside the box?  

My son gave me a furry seat belt cover to use as a camera strap cover.  When I first opened it, I wondered why he was giving me a seat belt cover, but I tried to be kind and focused on how soft it was.  He just smiled and said, "Mom, that is for your camera strap".  Wow!  I never would have guessed.

I put it on my camera strap immediately using the sewn on Velcro strips.  It fit like it was made for a wide camera strap. I threw the strap over my head and let it rest on my neck.  Wow again!  It was amazingly soft and definitely protected my neck from the thick, hard edges of the camera strap.

My first day trip after Christmas afforded me to opportunity to wear the new strap cover in normal use.  Hours later, it was still providing a soft cushion on my neck without the soreness that I previously experienced after "wearing" my camera all day. 

Anyone with a camera strap knows the strap will rub against your neck constantly as you move the camera to take photos.  Those straps are a necessity, but they do have a downside.  They rub constantly and dig into your neck skin, almost abrading the skin, making your neck sore.   If you plan to use a camera for hours, you need a protective cover.

The furry seat beat cover truly is the very best camera strap cover!

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