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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Great Protein Bar Search

package of great protein bars

As someone who is always looking for ways to maintain a healthy  diet and lose a few pounds, about a year ago I decided to start eating a protein bar and fruit for lunch.  It's quick and also makes it easy to track the calorie count, which is something I always try to do.  Little did I know that deciding on this lunch plan was the easy part.......because finding a good tasting protein bar was anything but easy!

I started out with Premier Protein Bars, which I thought would be good because of the high amount of protein in them.  Unfortunately, they were kind of hard to chew, and the bar size was huge!  They were also over 300 calories, which was higher than I wanted..  

Thus began The Great  Protein Bar Search

 I spent a lot of time and a lot of money looking for a bar that did not taste like sawdust, or be as hard to chew as salt water taffy.  I also did not want to have to spend $5 a piece for them.  I tried so many....some were ok, some were even pretty good and some were so awful I could not understand how they managed to sell them.  The thing they all had in common was they were pricey.  The better they tasted, the more expensive they were.  I did find one bar that was really good, called Built Bars.  The problem was they were super expensive, but the taste and consistency was so far superior that I resigned myself to being forced to spend that, if I wanted a really good protein bar.

I bought Built Bars for about a year, and during that time things went downhill with their company.  They raised their price even higher from 18 bars for $40 to 12 bars for $30.  But the last straw for me was when they changed the recipe of my favorite bar.  It was called Coconut Almond and it used to taste just like an Almond Joy. Then the last time I ordered them they had a horrible chemical after taste.  That, in addition to the fact their shipping times were getting longer and longer, I parted ways with Built Bars.

I swore to myself that this time I was not going to try protein bars that were outrageously expensive.  I started scrolling through Amazon and I ran across a bar that looked almost just like a Little Debbie Nutty Bar....which happens to be one of my most favorite things in the world.  They were called Power Crunch Protein Energy Bars.  They were also only $15 for a box of 12!  So I ordered a box of peanut butter fudge and hoped for the best.

When they arrived, I opened up one and took a bite.  IT WAS BLISSFUL!  I swear I think I saw little birds and butterflies flying around my head when I was chewing.  This protein bar tasted just like a Kit Kat candy bar.  Chocolate covered wafers with peanut butter cream filling.  It was truly yummy.  I had finally found my dream protein bar.....and at a fair price!!

protein bar halved to see inside

They also had pretty good caloric and nutritional statistics:

nutrition facts on power crunch protein bars

Since trying the peanut butter fudge, I have also tried other flavors such as Coconut Chocolate, Strawberry Creme, and S'mores.  There are so many more flavors I want to try, I order one new flavor and two peanut butter fudge bars a month, so I will be trying new flavors for a long time to come.  Here are all the flavors they offer:

an assortment of power crunch protein bars

Needless to say, I am very happy that The Great Protein Bar Search is over, and I have finally found what I was looking for. Power Crunch Protein Bars hit the high bar on everything I wanted:  convenience, taste, price and flavor selection. Eating these protein bars every day has helped me not to crave the sweets that make dieting harder and the protein is good for me and helps me to maintain energy throughout the afternoon.   

I highly recommend Power Crunch bars for everyone from kids to adults to seniors!  You won't be disappointed and people of all ages can use the extra protein!

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