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Saturday, November 12, 2022

Mary Jane Clark - Author and Book Review

Recently I was searching my local library shelves for books by Mary Higgins Clark. When I returned home, I discovered that one of the books I selected was actually by an author named Mary JANE Clark.  Thus, I accidentally discovered a really good story and have since gone on to read more books by this author.

Today I finished reading “That Old Black Magic” by Mary Jane Clark and was reading the Acknowledgments page at the back of the book (I read EVERYTHING; always reluctant to put down a good book when the story ends – LOL).  Of the people Mary Jane Clark thanked was her thespian daughter who provided the voice and acting realism of the main character, Piper Donovan, who is an actress and baker in the story. 

Mary Jane's daughter's name is Elizabeth Higgins Clark. NOW, I'm really curious because of the similarity to MARY Higgins Clark. So, of course I googled it.  It was so interesting to learn that Mary Jane Clark, an author in her own right, is the daughter-in-law of Mary Higgins Clark and Elizabeth is her granddaughter! 

This review is about Mary Jane Clark and the series of books I have been enjoying.

The Piper Donovan Wedding Cake Mystery Series

To date, the Piper Donovan series consists of four novels:

  • To Have and to Kill (New York City and New Jersey locales)
  • The Look of Love (Los Angeles locale)
  • Footprints in the Sand (Florida locale)
  • That Old Black Magic (New Orleans locale)

The Main Character

Piper Donovan is a struggling actress who has had just a few small roles. Between times of auditions and acting in small parts, she supplements her income by working in her mother's New Jersey bakery “The Icing on the Cupcake”. Having learned a great deal about cake baking and decorating, Piper has begun to design and create very impressive special wedding cakes which become the theme of each book as Piper goes to plan and create a wedding cake for someone's wedding.

Story Themes

During each story of the wedding cakes, somehow Piper becomes involved in a murder mystery and often gets herself in a lot of trouble ~ and even danger ~ when trying to solve the mystery. Her parents worry about her, especially her dad who is a retired policeman. Her boyfriend, Jack, an FBI agent, also worries and definitely frowns upon Piper's rash behavior that puts her in danger. 


The stories are lighthearted (with just a touch of danger), and very enjoyable. They fall into the Cozy Mystery genre. The descriptions of the various wedding cakes in each story are delightful and will make you wish you could sample them. Piper Donovan is a very likable character and the books are quick and easy to read.

*Mary Jane Clark, book and author review written by 

~Wednesday Elf

*Image Sources: Wedding cake photos are from Pixabay & GetStencil.

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