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Friday, October 12, 2018

Halloween Pocket Size Candy Tins Filled with Jelly Beans

Halloween Pocket Size Candy Tins Filled with Jelly Beans

Halloween Candy Tins Available on Zazzle

Each year I look for a special treat to give to the trick-or-treaters that I personally know.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  Out of dozens of children who trick-or-treat in our neighborhood, I only personally know my friend's children or grandchildren who come to my door.  I like to have a really special gift to give to them, not just the candy I give to everyone trick-or-treating. 

It is also true that I like to have a special treat to give my own grown children for Halloween.  These Candy Tins filled with Jelly Beans are the perfect special treat for each of them.  Plus, the candy tins are refillable and not very expensive.  Therefore, they could actually keep and use their "special Halloween treat" year round.

By the way, there is a volume discount when you order 10 or more of these candy tins on Zazzle.  Plus, if you subscribe to "Zazzle Black" (standard subscription - currently $9.95/year), you will get free shipping on your orders on Zazzle.  I have personally saved over $300 by subscribing to Zazzle Black. 

Also, anytime you buy on Zazzle, be sure you check their current coupons for savings!


Halloween Candy Tins with Jelly Beans or Mints

Halloween Grim Reaper Candy Tin
There are a few reasons why I enjoy giving these pocket candy tins as special Halloween treats.  

First, Jelly Beans are a very popular candy.  It seems like everyone loves them.  

Second, as I mentioned earlier, they are refillable, which means the gift will last well beyond Halloween.

The candy tins come with a variety of images on the front.  You simply choose the picture you think is appropriate for the recipients.  Obviously, the grim reaper on the right would be for adults, but I have also featured some of my own favorites for children below.

Plus, the candy tins are small enough to slip into jeans pockets or the interior pocket of a purse, which makes them very convenient to carry.  The tins are approximately 2½" wide.

You choose the flavor of Jelly Belly jelly beans in the tin.  Select assorted or one specific flavor from the options available.  The tin holds 20 jelly beans.   

Mints are also available as a choice instead of jelly beans.  Or, you can choose to have the tin shipped to you empty and fill it with whatever you wish.

Oh, and lest I forget, they make great Halloween party favors!

 Candy Tin CANDY TIN Candy Tin


Halloween on Zazzle


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House of Sylvestermouse

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Friday, September 29, 2017

The Best Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treaters & Halloween Parties

Halloween Trick or Treat Time
Bethany Lowe Trick or Treat Time Figurine

Trick or Treat, then Trade 

When I was a little child trick or treating with my siblings, there was a wide variety of Halloween treats that we would receive.  Some were coveted by almost everyone in our home and others seemed to be rejected by almost everyone.  If you happened to be the one who loved the unpopular treat, you really had it made.  Other kids would just hand it over to you.  No trade necessary.  They didn't want it and you were the happy recipient of their "trash."  To my fortune, I was the only one in our family who loved "Smarties".  Do you remember those? 

I had a brother who wanted all the jaw breakers. That was pretty cool for me because I certainly did not want them and he didn't like the "girly" candies.  Even as an adult, he would still give me candy corn, even though he had developed a bit of a sweet tooth himself and enjoyed his fair share of the little morsels. 

Everyone has a favorite treat and I hope you will each take a moment to tell us about your preferred Halloween "treat." 

Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats
In our neighborhood, we always had the "June Cleaver" types who must have spent days baking the treats to hand out on Halloween.  One of my favorite Mrs. Cleaver treats were the Rice Krispie Treats.  Oh how I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found the "Mother of Halloween" home.  I often considered running back to my home, changing costumes and returning for seconds.  I never did that though because my siblings would have gotten way ahead of me and who knew what other treats were waiting just around the corner. 

The Original Rice Krispie Treat Recipe 


Candy Apples

Candy Apples

Another Mrs. Cleaver treats were the Candied Apples. 

No one ever gave those away!  We might only be able to eat 3 or 4 bits of it before we were either sick or full, but they would not be open for barter.  Thinking back now, I honestly don't know why we liked them so well because they would stick to our teeth and fingers.  Perhaps it was because they really were such a rare treat.  

If I made them now, I would cut them up into bite-size pieces, but I have no doubt, they would still stick to my teeth.

How To Make Candy Apples

Caramel Popcorn Balls 

Caramel Popcorn Ball Recipe
To this day, I love Caramel Popcorn.  When I would see that Saran Wrapped Ball of Heaven about to be dropped in my bag, I would reach out and tenderly receive it in my hand.  I couldn't possibly risk having my glorious gift battered in that bag of less desired, envious pieces of tooth rotting contraband. 

Oh, the howl that would have ensued if the wrapping had come off and it had to be thrown away.  I can just imagine how we would have sounded like a pack of wolves moaning to the moon about our lost treasure. 

Recipe for Caramel Popcorn Balls

Halloween Cupcakes 

The Best Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treaters & Halloween Parties
The mother who made cupcakes would have to receive my "Mother of All Holidays" Award.  I cannot even begin to imagine having the time or the temperament to create such delicacies to hand out to children on Halloween. 

I don't know, maybe they only gave them to their favorite neighborhood goblins or maybe we received them because our Mother was the PTA president for so many years.  Whatever the reason, we all loved the payoff.

Okay, full disclosure.  I confess that I do make Halloween Cupcakes for my favorite trick-or-treaters.  Even the big kids (adults) who won't dress up and go door to door for Halloween are recipients of my Halloween cupcakes.

How to Stencil Halloween Cupcakes Tutorial 


Dubble Bubble Tub, Original Flavor, 380-Count, 60.3 Oz(3.7 lb)Dubble Bubble Tub, Original Flavor, 380-Count, 60.3 Oz(3.7 lb)Check PriceBubble Gum 

Bubble Gum was fun for the whole family.  We had the Biggest Bubble Contests and there was always someone (usually the sweet, timid one of the group) who would try to pop the bubbles by jabbing their fingers toward your mouth.  Half of the time, they would pull their finger away with your whole ball of gum.  

It was always interesting when we returned to school after Halloween to discover who had the new hair bob.  Everyone knew she was the one who had not listened when her parents said "Don't fall asleep with that Bubble Gum in your mouth."


Candy Sucker Lollipop Assortment (144 pc)Candy Sucker Lollipop Assortment (144 pc)Check PriceSuckers 

Now I ask you, what child doesn't like a sucker? 

The green ones were especially popular.  For some reason, my brothers always associated the green suckers with flatulence.  I swear they ate those suckers just so they could have an excuse to do what they wanted to do.  Around our house, if you saw a green sucker, you knew what was about to happen. 

My parents wore stern faces while the rest of us roared with laughter.

Taffy wrapped in Black and Orange Wrappers

5 LB. Halloween Mix (Assorted) Salt Water Taffy - Gourmet Taffy by Taffy Town5 LB. Halloween Mix (Assorted) Salt Water Taffy - Gourmet Taffy by Taffy TownCheck Price
This was the candy I grew to hate.  For days after Halloween, you didn't know when you would have a taffy torpedo aimed at your head.  The harder they got, the more dangerous they became. 

I truly believe we had a few neighbors in cahoots with my brothers.  It seemed like every year they received a ton of these diabolical disks.

The taffy is no longer wrapped in the plain black or orange wrappers, but I bet the pieces still pack a punch when hurled through the air. 


Halloween Candy Bars 

MARS Chocolate Favorites Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix 96.2-Ounce 250-Piece BagMARS Halloween Candy Bars Variety Mix 96.2-Ounce 250-Piece BagCheck PriceIf you can't have homemade treats, this was the next best thing.  It was obvious which neighbor was handing out candy bars by the huge gathering of ghosts, witches and goblins at their door.  Back in the 60's, it just wasn't as common for people to splurge on store bought treats as it is today.  No, they were few and far between.

Candy Bars were definitely the best bargaining chip.  Amazingly, I could get my brothers to trade at least 3 or 4 Smarties for one candy bar!  Well, at the time I thought it was a great deal.  We were all happy with the trade so what did it really matter.

Trick-or-Treating Fun

I would be the first to admit that I was blessed to grow up in a large family.  It had, and still has, many advantages.  The Halloween candy in-house traders market always made trick-or-treating more fun.  It is wonderful to look back on those memories and laugh.  Just remember, in a large family like ours, anything bad that ever happened was the dog's fault and I had 5 built-in witnesses to testify to that fact!

You don't have to have 5 siblings to start your own Halloween candy trader's market.  Simply grab a few friends to trick-or-treat with and meet up at someone's home afterwards.  Then, let the candy trading begin! For those of you trick-or-treating with me this year, I have dibs on the Smarties!


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