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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Aurora Teagarden Mystery Series Reviewed

Interesting Mystery Series With A Female Sleuth

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Let me introduce you to a new mystery series that I started reading last week. The Aurora Teagarden mystery series is a fun little series written by Charlaine Harris that I am finding enjoyable to curl up and read.

The female sleuth in the books is, as you might guess, Aurora Teagarden. I'm not sure if her mother was a fan of Sleeping Beauty or felt that she had a real princess in the mist when she decided to give her that moniker just after birth, but it is the name she gave her daughter.

Roe, as her friends call her, is a young 30 something librarian living in the southern region of the United States near Atlanta, Georgia. She is single and hasn't had much success in the dating game in the past and that bothers her just a little. She is also a fan of reading about the real mysteries of life, the murders of the past have always captured her interest. So much so that she belongs to a group called "Real Murders". The group meets once a month and discusses a crime from the past, as the first book in the series opens, Roe will be the presenter for the evening. 

As Roe arrives early to prepare for the evening's discussion she finds one of the members of the club dead in the kitchen of the facility where they meet, the local VFW. If that isn't bad enough, she realizes that the scene is staged to resemble the very murder she planned to discuss that evening. What sick person would do such a thing?

As the investigation unfolds other members of the club seem to be targeted. Some, will be found dead and staged as a famous murder case while others seem to be implicated in the murders. Someone seems to be playing a really grotesque game!

Ms. Harris has created an interesting cast of characters and a different story line for murder mysteries. Roe, Aurora, is a believable character who is smart, funny and a tad insecure. She isn't the beauty that her mother is, although she is much more attractive than she believes herself to be.

Do not be turned off by the murder part of this mystery series. So far, in the two books that I have read there is not a lot of gruesome details but instead an interesting journey to find out the culprit of the crimes. The ending of the first book was a surprise, as the solution was not what I expected.

The books are well written and have been well received. Hallmark actually made a movie out of book 1 so that says something! I think if you are a fan of the mystery genre and you enjoy a female sleuth, this is a series that you will enjoy a great deal. I know I am enjoying them.

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