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Goal Setting Guides: Reviewing Ways to Get Organized

As the year ends and the New Year approaches, one's thoughts turn to items needed for a new beginning. The setting of goals becomes a priority and, in aid of that, certain items lend themselves to the task. 

Image of Calendar

These include calendars and planners. While sounding mundane and ordinary, today's planner products are anything but. So many choices are available that there will always be that certain style that will appeal to you. And if you are pleased with the calendar/planners you are working with, you will be more apt to follow through with 'getting organized' and 'tackling life ambitions'. 

Here are a few suggestions for a calendar or planner for a truly organized life!


Calendars come in many sizes and in a large variety of styles.  

Large wall calendar

There are large desk calendars with ample space to write your schedule in ruled daily blocks. Some also have spaces for notes and to-do lists.

There are wall calendars which come in a very large style containing all 12 months at a glance (excellent for a board room or a home office). And wall calendars with large writing blocks to keep your schedule current.

There are medium size ones with wire binding and hanger so that you can hang it up in your office, bedroom, or kitchen. They come in cute patterns and designs that pair well with your home d├ęcor.  

Day-at-a-glance desk calendar
Then there are the popular daily desk calendars in designs that fit every personality, whether it's your favorite hobby, pet, places, sport, etc. There are motivational ones, inspirational ones, jokes and funny calendars, plus trivia or fun facts. They are called Daily Desk Calendars, Page-a-Day, or Year-in-a-Box Calendars. 


Planner calendars

In addition to regular calendars, to become truly organized, one needs a planner. The one I get each year has to be a Weekly/Monthly Planner with the year's dates on the pages and tabs for each month. I've tried blank ones, but never seem to remember to fill in the correct dates! :) But there are Planners that suit anyone's style and way of keeping track of tasks, holidays, birthdays, appointments, errands and chores. Anything and everything fits well into a Planner. 

I also prefer the 8-1/2” x 11” Planners that fit well next to my computer. I can quickly see what I have scheduled or planned on any given week/month and easy to add things as they come up. But Planners also come in a variety of sizes (from pocket or purse size to large desk size) to suit your way of doing things. 


Calendar date

So, whatever you need in a calendar or planner, the size, style and designs are endless. It's such fun to choose the ones you like best, which makes getting organized for the New Year easier than ever. 

 Happy (Organized) New Year! 

*Calendars and Planners for your New Year goal setting - review written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. What excellent ways to get organized for the new year. When I was working full time my daily planner was my best friend, I would have been lost without it. Now I pretty much use my phone calendar to stay on track. Although I do miss my daily planner.

    1. Despite the convenience of phone calendars, I still like to see things written down at my fingertips. Thanks for your visit, Sam, and Happy New Year!

  2. When our children were in school, I used the wall hanging calendar for their events and activities. It allowed everyone in the house to see what was coming up, which didn't require me to constantly hit them with reminders. For work, I have always used a daily planner book. My son gives me a new one each year for Christmas. This year, he chose blue and I love it! (last year was pink). Days pass so quickly, I couldn't possibly keep up with everything if I didn't have my planner. You have certainly featured several pretty calendars and planners! If I didn't already have one for 2023, I would be quite tempted by the floral planner.

    1. I think the floral one is so pretty! I have to have things written down right in front of me to stay organized. I like the weekly/monthly planner, but I can see the daily one can be very handy too. Happy New Year to you, Mouse!

  3. Like Sam, I used a physical/paper planner before I retired and currently use my iPhone calendar, but if I’m honest, I find it doesn’t work as well for me and I’m having trouble getting as much accomplished as I would like. I might just try that beautiful Wild Flower Magic planner. Thanks for the recommendations.

    1. That Wild Floral planner is really pretty. Not surprised you find it so too, Margaret.

  4. A timely reminder to get and stay organized. You have shown us a wide array of planning tools. When I worked I too like Sam and Margaret had a planner that was always with me. Now that I'm retired, I find that planning is still valuable although I tend to use the online variety now. I do write down a daily to-do list from my online planner to keep me on track.

    1. A To-Do list is also needed, Mary Beth, even with an online planner. I think I like crossing things off, myself. LOL. The advantage of a physical planner and/or a calendar I find really helpful in remembering not just daily To-Do items, but to make notes as things come up. Thanks for your input here.


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