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Reviewing My Experience Of Bamboo Sheets And Bedding Sets


bamboo sheets

We started using bamboo bedding a couple of years ago. Prior to this, we had cotton sheets in summer and fleece bedding in winter. 

However, since I had a severe skin allergy and perimenopause my skin has become super sensitive and I cannot bear anything but the most silky soft materials next to it. 

So I was finding our old cotton sheets a bit too crisp and a little irritating and even itchy. The winter soft fleecy sheets were still OK but too warm and unbearable to use in the spring and summer. 

People often skimp on good bedding as it is not something people usually see but it is vital for our health. A good comfortable sleep is so important to our emotional and physical well-being. So I started researching alternatives and found that Bamboo bedding has become increasingly popular in the last ten or so years. Given the benefits of Bamboo bedding, we decided to try them

bamboo sheets


Our Experience of Sleeping on Bamboo Sheets and Pillowcases. 

I was incredibly happy the very first night with the bamboo sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases. They are so silky soft to the touch and did not irritate my skin at all. The pillowcases were lovely so soft and comfortable and had a nice cool feel to them against my face.  

It was a real pleasure to get into bed and an added bonus was that they seemed to regulate heat better.

My husband sleeps naturally cold and in recent years I have been throwing sheets and covers off me in the night due to getting too hot. 

However using Bamboo bedding for the sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases my husband is warm enough and while I cannot say I am completely cured of the night heat, it is significantly better.

We have bought them gradually and currently have two sets consisting of a duvet cover, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases, one is a light grey and one dark grey. Over time I would like four sets a white one and another dark grey or a soft colour so I can mix and match them. 

bamboo sheets


Why Is Bamboo Bedding A Good Choice

If we are concerned about sustainability and being friendly to the planet bamboo bedding can be a sensible choice. 

It grows very quickly and is a renewable resource that needs little water to grow. So if recurrent drought is going to be a factor in our future this is helpful. 

Being naturally pest resistant it does not require harmful pesticides to grow as a crop which is helpful to the creatures in nature and ourselves. 

Bamboo is resistant to dust mites, mildew and mould which is great for those of us who have to deal with sensitive, allergic skin or asthma. 

bamboo sheets hanging out to dry

I have found that the sizes easily fit our bed, duvet and pillows and with the Bamboo being so lightweight and easy to handle it is an easy task to make the bed. Ours came with a zip to close the duvet which is quick and easy and the sheets have an additional elastic strap and elastic edging, making it simple to fit and they never slip during the night. The pillowcases are a simple envelope fitting large enough to cover our pillows easily. 

Our Bamboo bedding is very lightweight and folds into a remarkably small package so even in a larger King size it does not take up much room in the linen cupboard.

Also now I have found bedding that works for us, if like me, you like to take your own bedding with you on trips away and holidays it is possible to do that. 


Care Of Bamboo Bedding

As I change our bedding at least once a week I need sheets and covers that are quick and easy to wash and dry all year round. 

Bamboo bedding fulfills these criteria easily. I simply put them in a 30-degree delicates machine wash. They are beautifully clean and washing at this low temperature saves electricity costs. 

For drying I hang on the washing line whenever it s not raining or hang over a clothes horse inside with the window open or our dehumidifier on and they dry very quickly.

sheet hanging on the line


I have also put them in the tumble dryer on occasion on delicate and they come out lovely, though I do not do this often due to the cost of running a tumble dryer these days! 

Whichever method you use to dry them there is no need to iron them which is a welcome bonus and they come out perfectly silky soft and gorgeous.

We have had our two sets for a couple of years now and they still look like new. Granted they are more expensive than our other sheets but they are stronger and look and feel significantly better for longer. They have not developed any holes or uncomfortable bobbles. If anything they feel softer now than they originally did and look beautiful on the bed.


So in my experience, Bamboo bedding is a great find and something we will continue to use for our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. 

It is one of the more eco-friendly choices, easy care, good for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin, beautiful to look at and feels so gorgeous against the skin.

They are incredibly comfortable and soothing to sleep on and have made a huge difference to our sleep comfort. 

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  1. Bamboo is the best material for bedding .A wonderful asset for any home.

  2. This is the first time I have heard of bamboo sheets. Thank you for telling me about them, along with all the benefits of sleeping on bamboo sheets and pillowcases. They sound amazing.

  3. This is a first for me as well! I had never heard of bamboo sheets, but I know after reading your review they will be the next sheets I buy. Thank you for this excellent recommendation and review.

  4. We bought a set of bamboo sheets a few years ago and I agree with your recommendation! Although I still love my soft Portuguese flannel sheets for bitter New England winters, we really love our bamboo sheets for the rest of the year. Once some of our cotton sheets need replacing, we’ll be adding more bamboo sheet sets.

  5. Oh I'm happy to read this review Raintree Annie. I have been thinking about Bamboo sheet sets as well. Sounds like they are a really good option for us. Thank you I feel better about purchasing these now!

  6. Totally agree, I love my bamboo sheets they are the comfiest sheets I've had.

  7. They are a wonderful sheet selection - the natural fibers - I haven't purchased them yet, but mom had a set, and they were ideal


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