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A page of interesting, unusual gift ideas for dad on Father's Day or any day of the year!
A page full of great Hallmark gift ideas for Dad and many a dad will love this tool-themed Hallmark Father's Day card, too.

Father's Day is celebrated every day on the third Sunday in June. Remember to do something for your father that shows you know and appreciate him because that is what Dad really wants for his day and/or even his birthday. If you want to add a small physical gift, Hallmark, who made its first Father's Day card in the 1920s, now presents some wonderful and affordable gift ideas for Dad.

On this page we'll review a few great gift ideas for dad including a picture frame, a couple of coffee mugs, a t-shirt, an apron, a keepsake journal and a Hallmark movie. I am sure that you will find something here that is within your budget and that is perfect for your Dad.


Malden Daddy and Me Expressions Picture Frame, an affordable gift idea for dad.

Featuring a contemporary, clean and modern design, this frame suits many household styles. It holds one 4 inch by 6 inch vertically oriented picture of daddy and me. In fact, there are a variety of designs by Malden that read differently. From this one to one that reads, The Boys, Dad, Godfather, Daddy's Girl and more.


Coolest Dad in the Galaxy space-themed, camping-style ceramic coffee mug by Our Name is Mud. Perfect gift idea for dad on Father's Day or on any occasion!
There's a modern theme on this blue space-themed, camping-style, stoneware mug from Our Name is Mud. The front side reads "Coolest Dad in the Galaxy" and the other, "You're Out of This World." It holds 16 ounces of your dad's favorite steamy hot beverage and is microwave and dishwasher safe.

He'll love this art pottery coffee mug, personalized with your choice of dad word.
If you think that the dad in your life is not into the1space-themed mug shown above, you might consider something like this personalized, handmade art pottery coffee mug from Laura Lynn Pottery. It is a handsome piece that holds up to two cups of dad's favorite hot drink. It comes with your choice of dad-themed words including dad, daddy, papa or grandpa and you can request others terms of endearment by contacting the artist. Done in an attractive color combination of buff clay and satin black glaze.
Life is Good Dad You're One of My Favorite Parents T-Shirt

A t-shirt might not seem like a totally original gift idea. However, it surely is a practical one and Life is Good has and has had some fun designs like the one shown above, which reads, "Dad, You're One of My Favorite Parents." Guaranteed to make people smile and perfect for dad all year long.


LOVE how this artisan on Etsy takes a photo and puts it on a customized apron. Perfect for the father who likes to cook!

I love this personalized apron. Etsy creator By Barva takes a photograph of the father or other individual in your life and transfers a likeness of the image and the name of the individual onto an apron. Perfect for any dad who likes to cook and/or grill.  Of course, aprons are not the only product they produce. You can also have a drinking glass customized in the same fashion or even a t-shirt.


Dad Tell me your Story: A Guided Keepsake Journal for your Father to share his life and his memories

Dad Tell Me Your Story is an thoughtful gift idea. It is a glossy, hardcover book, journal-style that helps guide your father to put his memories and thoughts on paper. When finished, it becomes a treasured memento of dad's life. Features 100 numbered pages and a family tree. Subjects cover a wide variety from childhood to adulthood. It even includes blank pages for photos or illustrations or small paper mementos. It is available in hardcover or paperback though I would think if dad is going to invest time filling out the pages, you prefer to preserve them in hardcover.


Hallmark's Safe Harbour (2009) Movie, suitable as a Father's Day gift for families to watch together.

Hallmark's Safe Harbor movie (2009) is based on the true story of a married couple who are set to retire and spend their retirement on their sailboat. However, before they manage to leave, a friend asks them to look after two teenagers who have been sentenced to juvenile hall. The hall is at capacity and unable to take them and when it is suggested that the teen boys be put to work getting the boat ready for their trip, the couple agrees. Soon they find themselves with four boys.

The situation brings a set of challenges from attitude to fire but, in the end, there are positive changes in all four boys who decide they do not want to break up their newly created 'family.' The couple questions their own situation, their sailing trip, their choice not to have children and the future.

Starring Treat Williams, Nancy Travis, Reiley McClendon, Myra Turley and Cameron Monaghan, Safe Harbor is a good viewing opportunity for dad to share with the family. 


What will you be giving your dad for Father’s Day this year?

Treasures By Brenda


Mugs For Old Guys and Vintage Dudes
From a series, 31 Days of Coffee Mugs, comes a fabulous "old" guy mug.

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Book Review - Toes on the Dash


AI Creation
Sometimes life just calls for a "Cozy Mystery".  When I need a book to just relax and chill out I find one of these light novels fits the bill.  I was recently introduced to a cozy mystery writer that I really like.  Karen Whalen writes delightful cozy mysteries that I really enjoy.  The first one I read introduced me to a delightful character named Delaney.

Character Summary

Delaney Morran is a young woman (28) who, after a short career as a social worker is trying to decide what to do with the rest of her life.  Meanwhile she is helping out part time in her friend's coffee shop. 

When Delaney's estranged father dies in an accident, she is surprised to find that he has left her his tow truck and his towing business.   Now Delaney is a real girly girl who loves wearing a different pair of shoes with each outfit and is quite fond of spikey high heels.  This image doesn't quite seem to fit with a tow truck driver and Delaney has no idea what she is getting into, but she is up for the challenge.  Her somewhat nagging mother, however, thinks she should sell the tow truck.  Delaney has a lot to learn but she is a strong woman and feels she can make it as a tow truck driver and owner.

The book is full of twist and turns as Delaney finds her way in the business and gets the help from a fellow tow truck driver to learn how to operate her vehicle.  The book, which is set in Colorado, is full of laughter and a bit of romance as Delaney sizes up the young tow truck driver and the cute cop.  It also ends up with a murder mystery when a dead body is found in the trunk of her first tow.


I am looking forward to reading more books by this author.  You can find out more about her books on her website .

This book was recommended to me by author Teri M Brown.  You  can read a review I posted on one of Teri's book at An Enemy Like Me .

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These Inexpensive Face Washing Wristbands Keep Your Arms Dry

Spa wristbands, AKA face washing wristbands or towel wristbands, solve the annoying problem of water running down your arms while washing or rinsing your face (and dripping onto your bathroom sink or counter). I only recently learned that these handy spa wristbands existed while watching a popular online skincare store owner using them during a “get ready with me” video of her current AM and PM skincare routines. Even though she didn’t talk about them (and doesn’t sell them), the minute I saw them, it was like a lightbulb moment for me!

Here's my product review of the soft, absorbent microfiber face washing wristbands I bought and love.

Ultra Absorbent Face Washing Spa Wristbands Keep Arms & Sleeves Dry!
I chose the white, pastel blue, pastel lavender and pastel pink ("Blue, Purple, Pink") color assortment, but there are 13 assortments to choose from including leopard prints, tie dye prints and adorable embroidered animal appliqués.

While it's true that having water running down your forearms while washing your face or rinsing off a facial masque or other skincare treatment certainly isn't the end of the world, it can be quite annoying. That's especially true if you wear a long-sleeved bathrobe or nightgown while cleansing your face.

I used to try standing farther away from my sink and bending over it at a steeper angle to try to avoid the drips, but the water simply ran down my forearms more slowly and dripped off my elbows onto the bathroom floor instead of into the sink. Not exactly an improvement!

Since discovering these towel wristbands, both my arms and my sleeves stay comfortably dry while I'm washing my face.

Woman splashing water on her face while wearing face washing wristbands
 I can splash water on my face without getting the sleeves of my peignoir wet!

What I Love About These Microfiber Face Washing Spa Wristbands

These deliciously plush microfiber towel wristbands come in sets of 4 pairs and are:

Extremely Absorbent

Microfiber is deservedly popular as a towel material because of its high absorbency. The more plush the material, the more surface area there is to absorb water.

At 3.5"/9 cm wide by 2.4"/6 cm tall, there's enough of the plush microfiber toweling to absorb dripping water before it can get past your wrists.

Delightfully Soft and Silky Microfiber Fleece

Snuggly soft microfiber fleece material feels great against your skin.

Very Stretchy

These wristbands have excellent elasticity and stretch easily to fit most wrists. They go on and off easily and stay put while wearing, providing a snug yet extremely comfortable dam to prevent water from dripping down your forearms.

Wide Selection of Solid Colors, Leopard Prints, Tie Dye and Appliqué Designs

You'll find a choice of 13 pretty color assortments, including not only solids but also colorful leopard prints, vibrant tie dye prints, and adorable appliquéd and embroidered animal faces that teens (and the young at heart) will enjoy.

Easy Care

Although the product page suggests hand washing and I usually do (and then wring them out and allow them to air dry), some Amazon reviewers have said they throw theirs in the washing machine. I haven't found mine to need washing very often.

Surprisingly Affordable

Although the list price for four pairs of spa wristbands is $12.99, they were priced between $9.98 and $11.99 on Amazon, depending on the color and pattern selection, at the time of this review's publication. 

Most were $9.98 per set or just $2.50 per pair, with free Prime shipping and free returns for Amazon Prime members!

Woman washing face while wearing microfiber towel spa wristbands
I have extras of these plush microfiber spa wristbands and my stretch terrycloth spa headbands so I never run out while they are being laundered. I also keep a set in my suitcase for travel.

They Can Do Double Duty as Sweat Wristbands for Sports (or Hot Weather)

The plush, absorbent microfiber material can wick away sweat as well as water effectively, and they feel much nicer against the skin than typical terrycloth sweatbands. 

These Spa Wristbands Make Great, Affordable Gifts for Her

They would make a great gift for any woman, teen or young girl on your list. Girls and teens (and playful adults) would especially love the leopard prints, colorful tie dye patterns and cute, fun, kawaii animal appliqué sets with cats, bunnies, teddy bears, etc.

For an even nicer gift idea, consider pairing these face washing wristbands with my favorite stretch terrycloth spa headband wrap with Velcro closure (I've tried a few brands and this one is my favorite).

If you want to splurge, add my favorite VOLO Hero premium microfiber hair towel or some luxury skincare for a gift she's sure to love that will make her feel pretty and pampered!

These Inexpensive Face Washing Wristbands Keep Your Arms Dry by Margaret Schindel

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Reviewing the Viral Green Gut Glow Drink

The green gut glow drink
Green Gut Glow Set

Every day I enjoy taking my Green Gut Glow drink and I absolutely love how it makes me feel, have you tried it yet? You can buy the ingredients in a set from Arbonne and it has really gone viral on Tik Tok in recent times, especially after a review by a beauty editor in the UK.

The Green Gut Glow is actually made up of 3 different supplements that combine together in a drink that offers smart nutrition support, reduced bloating and glowing skin. The three supplements are the BeWell Superfood Greens (the Green) which I have previously reviewed here; the Gut Health Digestion & Microbiome Support (the Gut) which is a synbiotic aka it contains both pre and pro-biotics; the Skin Elixir Collagen Builder (the Glow) which is formulated with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and biotin to support collagen production for radiant skin, hair and nails. 

Why Do I Recommend the Green Gut Glow Drink

There are a number of reasons why I take this supplement and recommend it, but I should mention that I used to take something called the Green Ogre Drink and some people may find that this is better for them. I'll compare the two of them in my next post.

Let's Talk Greens

The first reason for taking the Green Gut Glow drink is the Greens. I personally feel it's important for most people to have some form of greens drink as it really helps to increase your fruit and veg intake during the day. As I mentioned in my post, Do You Eat Enough Fruit & Veg Every Day? I usually take my green gut glow drink first thing in the morning which counts as my first serve of fruit and veg for the day.

Whatever your diet is like I have never heard of anyone having a problem from consuming too much fruit and veg!  The Superfood Greens contains a blend of 36 fruits and vegetables in every serving including the superfoods Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheatgrass and Barley Grass. The other freeze-dried fruit and vegetables included ensuring that you get all the benefits of eating the full colour spectrum of fruits and vegetables. As it's a whole food blend it means that you're also getting all of the fibre, antioxidants and phytonutrients that ensure this is an amazing nutritional boost for you. 

I mentioned in my review that when I stopped having a greens drink (with this powder) for a few days I really noticed how tired I was which re-affirmed to me that this is a non-negotiable everyday supplement for me.

Let's Talk Gut Health

A key difference between the Green Ogre Drink and the Green Gut Glow Drink is that the Gut Health Digestion & Microbiome Support supplement wasn't a part of the Green Ogre Drink, however, I used to take it on its own in a little water. I'm not going to lie, the gut health in water is not a pleasant taste, but in the Green Gut Glow drink I don't taste it.

I believe that it's important to look after our gut health and I think this supplement is a very important step towards it, but to get the full effect of improved gut health you need to also make changes to your diet and lifestyle. This is definitely a  great first step.

The benefits I have personally noticed are less bloating and also less indigestion, both of which have been welcomed. I do credit my improved gut health in general for helping with the symptoms of both my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Menopause, but I'm not a medical professional so I suggest you do your own research. 

Let's Talk The Glow

When the Skin Elixir Collagen Builder supplement was first released I decided to try a box, but I wasn't sure I would take it every day as I had thought it was just for helping to keep your skin looking younger and I figured that wrinkles were basically the battle scars of my life - why try to hide them?

I added it to my Green Ogre Drink for a couple of weeks and then read a post in one of my Facebook groups about collagen that sent me down an absolute rabbit hole of information. I have continued to take it every day since!

The post was about collagen and joint health, as I ventured down the rabbit hole (and again I am not a medical expert) I read about how it was also good for heart health and decided that as someone with both RA and serious heart issues on both my maternal and paternal sides then I should take this.

What have I actually noticed while taking this supplement? My hairdresser was the first person to comment on my hair as she mentioned it had gotten thicker - I'm in my fifties so normally I would be expecting it to start thinning! I have definitely noticed that my skin looks a lot better, but I have been using the Arbonne skin products so it's probably a combination of the two.

Before I started using the Skin Elixir Collagen Builder I was going to the nail salon once a month as a treat and getting my nails painted. I'm not sure how long it took but I found that my nails were growing faster and I needed to go more than once a month. I decided I didn't need to do that so I've left my nails au naturel or I paint them myself or on occasion I've used some nail wraps.

How I Take My Green Gut Glow

Personally, I will usually add a fizz stick to my Green Gut Glow to add some caffeine as I no longer drink caffeinated tea and coffee on a daily basis. I also take the supplements in 600-700ml of water which is a bit more than some people, but I love how it's also helping my hydration levels that way.

When I first started taking this drink I would just shake the ingredients together and enjoy it, but it would sometimes be a little bitty. Since January 2023 I have been using a frother when I make my drink and it has made a huge difference and I do prefer to drink it this way.

As a note: if you purchase the set in June 2023 it comes with a free frother!


If you have any questions about my health drink or my health journey in general don't hesitate to reach out. You can find me in my Healthy Tips Facebook Group or on Instagram.  

Wellness Tip - Try the green gut glow drink
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Easy Homemade Calzone Recipe

 Easy homemade calzone recipe reviewed. Calzones are fun and easy to make. They are a great lunch, dinner, or anytime snack.

Easy Homemade Calzone Recipe

Our grandson Tyler, came over to spend Saturday with us and wanted to make calzones. A calzone is a pizza folded over and filled with anything you can put on top of a pizza.

I went to our local grocery store and picked up some pizza dough, pizza sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage crumbles, and mozzarella cheese. If you prefer to make the pizza dough yourself you use my Easy All Purpose Dough Recipe.

What makes these calzones so easy to enjoy is that you can easily find all of the ingredients at your local grocery store. Pick up the dough and your favorite fillings and you're on the way to a delicious lunch, dinner, or snack.

Making homemade calzones

The first thing we did was roll the dough out in a greased pizza pan.

Homemade Calzones

Next, we added the sauce, pepperoni, sausage, romano, or parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese.

Calzone ready for the oven

Then, we carefully folded our calzones over in half. Rolled and tucked the edges together and brushed the top with olive oil. Then, sprinkled some romano or parmesan cheese over top, and poke several places with a fork. The olive oil turns the top a nice brown and adds a little crunch. This one is all ready for the oven.

Calzone out of the oven

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees, and bake these on the middle rack for 20 to 25 minutes until they are golden brown. Let them sit for about 10 minutes and cut in half and enjoy.

Calzones are versatile, you can use just about anything you like as a filling. Following are some different ideas for calzones:

Typical Calzone Fillings:

  • Cheeses: Ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar, feta, and goat cheese.
  • Meats: Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, salami, Canadian bacon, bacon, steak strips, meatballs, chicken.
  • Veggies: Bell peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, spinach, onions, hot peppers.
  • Sauce: Pizza sauce, ranch dressing, or other dressings.
Mix and match any of these ingredients or some of your own to make a calzone to your liking and then enjoy.

One of my favorite kitchen tools is the Norpro Pastry and Dough Roller the same one Tyler is using in the second photo.

Norpro 3077 Wooden Pastry and Pizza Roller Set of 2Norpro 3077 Wooden Pastry and Pizza Roller Set of 2Check the PriceGlad Nonstick Large Pizza Pan for Oven | Round Baking Tray | Textured Cooking Sheet Crisper | Premium Bakeware Series for Home KitchenGlad Nonstick Large Pizza Pan for Oven | Round Baking Tray | Textured Cooking Sheet Crisper | Premium Bakeware Series for Home KitchenCheck the Price


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Twin Flush Extension Cords for Furniture Up Against a Wall

Twin Flush Extension Cords for Behind Furniture

I recently purchased a 12FT Flush Twin Extension Cord to go behind a bed against a wall. This means that we can have the bed right up against or very close to the wall instead of having the bed stick out because of the cord, and worse, a gap where things can fall behind!

A link to the cord, available on Amazon, has been provided below.

What is a Twin Flush Extension Cord?

It's exactly what it says; a cord that fits flush to the wall so furniture can be up against it and comes with two extension cords attached going two directions - left and right.

The design of this extension cord is excellent. With the slim flush profile and two 6ft extension cords branching out from the middle splitter, it easily tucks away behind any furniture and gives you a six-foot cord both ways. In our case, we're using it behind our son's bed. But hey, it would be an excellent extension for a couch up against a wall with a plug behind it and an end table on each side.

Works Great For Any Furniture Up Against a Wall That Has a Plug Behind

However, whether it's a dresser, table, TV, bed, couch, nightstand, or any other furniture, this cord flushes against the wall and extends to two sides. 

It has three polarized two-prong outlets on each adapter, so now I have six outlets at my disposal. So in simple terms, on each side of the bed, three plugs are available, all from one convenient cord.

Safety Features of This Cord

Safety is a top priority for me, especially regarding electrical appliances. I'm pleased to say that this extension cord has safety covers for each outlet. These covers effectively prevent dust and foreign objects from entering. Knowing potential electrical hazards are eliminated, I can confidently close the tamper guard when outlets are not in use.

It works seamlessly with most common household small appliances and consumer electronics, making it incredibly versatile. Our son has a lamp, a cell phone charger, and a table fan plugged into his without an issue.

This extension cord is safety-certified and ETL-listed, giving me peace of mind regarding its reliability. According to the details from the manufacturer, it has a maximum amp rating of 13. Additionally, the included ten-year warranty and product support add an extra layer of confidence.

Five Stars From Me - I Would Repurchase It, And Probably Will.

Its sleek design, impressive capacity, safety features, and universal compatibility make it a standout product.

I personally recommend it to anyone seeking a flush twin extension cord.

Five stars from me.

You Can Find the Cord Here, Via Amazon


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The Haunting of Josie – a Book Review

Murder, ghosts, and the most dangerous seduction of all....

A 1994 novel by Kay Hooper

Kay Hooper wrote in a note to her readers in the front of this book that she always did love mystery, romance, and just a touch of the supernatural.  

In The Haunting of Josie she gives us Josie Douglas, who rents an isolated house called Westbrook. Josie has taken a year off from teaching to solve a mystery that has cast a shadow over much of her life.  As the story evolves, we learn about the mystery, but also find a bit of romance with the property's owner, Marc Westbrook, and that touch of the supernatural in the form of a special cat named Pendragon and a restless spirit who has an important message to pass on.


As Josie is unloading her car to move into her rental house, she meets first a large & friendly black cat with a name tag reading 'Pendragon'. A short time later she meets the owner of the house who is living in the cottage at the back of the property. 

Josie is instantly startled by her immediate positive impression of Marc Westbrook.  It must have something to do with the fact that he is “drop-dead gorgeous”. 

Marc explains that the house is named 'Westbrook' because an ancestor built the house back in the thirties and it's been in the family ever since.  As Marc & Josie get acquainted, she learns that the house  had not been lived in for a long time, since the death of his uncle, Luke Westbrook, 50 years ago, a well-known mystery writer who supposedly committed suicide. The house has recently been renovated and updated. 

On Josie's second night in the house, as she is walking from her bedroom to the bath, she is shocked by finding a man standing in the hallway. Her first thought was for how he could have possibly entered the locked house. Her next thought was that he wasn't really there; that he didn't look substantial at all. Pendragon also appeared to see this 'spirit' who reached out a hand to her, then vanished! 

With Marc's help with background on his 'uncle', a mysterious brass key that keeps appearing in different places, and enigmatic hints from the cat, Pendragon, they eventually figure out through strange coincidences that the ghostly visitor has a message that will explain this 'Haunting of Josie'. 


I have been a reading fan of author Kay Hooper for many years and own most of her books. Therefore, I know that 'Pendragon' appears several more times in a series of books by Hooper known as The Bishop Files. He is a very unique and special cat indeed. 

It was charming and a great deal of fun to discover Pendragon in this early novel by Kay Hooper, author of more than 60 books in both the Romance genre and the Mystery and Paranormal genres. And The Haunting of Josie was a fascinating way to discover Hooper's writing talents in both the romantic and the mystery, with a touch of the paranormal. Most definitely well worth reading! 

*Book Review of The Haunting of Josie, written by Wednesday Elf

+Images from Amazon and Pixabay

 The Haunting of Josie: A NovelCheck Price The Haunting of Josie - AudiobookCheck Price


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Father's Day Gift Bags Reviewed

dad gift bags
Most often the gifts I give to my father, or that my children gave to their dad, are very hard to wrap in wrapping paper.  Gift bags make that wrapping job easy, plus they save time and eliminate the need for tape, which I may not have on-hand.

Both my father and my husband love flashlights, tools, books, clothing items, and many other non-square shaped items that are hard to wrap.  Unless they happen to come in a box, they require a search for a box in order to wrap them.  When there is no box available, I have been known to just wrap paper around them, but that makes for a rather ugly gift.  Many years ago, I started using gift bags for those types of gifts. 

Not only do the gift bags make a pretty gift presentation, they have ribbon or fabric handles that make them easy to carry.  Plus, they often have a thoughtful message printed on the bag, which eliminates the need for a separate card.  Of course, you can still give a card, it simply is not necessary.  

Gift bags have become as essential as the gift in our home.  We save them and reuse them.  That is something you can't easily do with wrapping paper. 


Father's Day Gift Bags

There are so many Father's Day gift bags to choose from that it can be a daunting task to choose just one.  Your dad will appreciate the gift and you will appreciate the easy gift wrapping option.

Some of the gift bags come with tissue paper, while others are just the bags.  Be sure to read the descriptions of the listing and order tissue paper separately if needed.  

 SUNCOLOR 13" Large Father's Day Gift Bag With Tissue PaperCheck Price Bomiloho 16pcs Father's Day Gift BagsCheck Price MAYPLUSS 13" Large Gift Bag with Card & Tissue PaperCheck Price


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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Do You Eat Enough Fruit & Veg Every Day?

Do you eat enough fruit and veg everyday?

Let's review whether or not you eat enough fruit and veg every day. The latest research seems to have discarded the 5 + 2 that we were told we needed to eat - five vegetables and two fruit every day.  It suggests that we should be eating 9 fruits and vegetables every single day.  Now a lot of people would struggle to get that amount of fruit and vegetables in their day so what can we do?

The number one thing I would suggest is to make sure that you are adding fruit and vegetables to your breakfast.  I know that years ago I would have a breakfast that didn't contain any fruit or veg and then I basically had to fit my fruit and vegetable intake into the rest of the day, back then I rarely had an afternoon snack and my morning snack would be something like a sausage roll or a chocolate muffin.  Lunch would sometimes contain fruit and/or vegetables, but not always.  A favorite was a cheese, tomato and cucumber sandwich, but I would also sometimes have a ham and cheese or a tuna and mayo sandwich - aka no fruit or veg.  This meant that I had to try and get my (at the time) 7 serves of fruit and veg with my dinner which really didn't happen.  Now we have to make that 9 servings - "Houston we have a problem".

If you add some fruit and vegetables to your breakfast you start your day off making it a lot easier to hit your fruit and vegetables target.

I usually have three servings of fruit and vegetables before I even go to work these days so how do I do this?

I drink a Green Gut Glow drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and this counts as one serve of fruit and vegetables as it contains a scoop of Be Well Superfood Greens.

Next, I add fruit and vegetables to my breakfast whether I'm having an egg-based breakfast, oats-based breakfast, pancake or waffle-based breakfast, smoothie-based breakfast or salad-based breakfast.

Yes, I put salad-based breakfast in there, not something that is traditional my husband and I had a breakfast salad on holiday a few years ago and we absolutely loved it.

Let's go into more detail on these breakfast ideas:

By the way, it's also important to get plenty of protein in your breakfast as well.  So what do you eat for breakfast?

By the way, if you want more tips for healthy living be sure to check out my Facebook Group - Healthy Tips to Feel & Look Your Best.

how to get enough fruit and veg everyday

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Strange Sally Diamond by Liz Nugent ~ A Book Review

 Strange Sally Diamond is set to be the talk of the book world when it is published on July 18, 2023!

I love to read and I'm generally drawn to Historical Fiction and Cozy Mysteries.  But once in a while I like to stretch my boundaries and search for something completely new!  

Strange Sally Diamond caught my eye as a book that might interest me mainly because of the title.  We just found out that one of our grandchildren is on the Autism Spectrum, she can be a little strange sometimes and I thought I might learn something when reading this book.  Well, I did learn something for sure, but nothing that I had expected!  This book was a real eye-opener for me.

Well, it has nothing at all to do with Autism per se, but rather what happens when someone is so damaged early in life (by circumstances imposed on them) and how the human spirit helps (or hinders) the very fragile psyche of the individual in the outer world.

Strange Sally Diamond is that girl.  She has a horrific childhood that she cannot remember.  At the tender age of 7 she is adopted by the very people who "found" her.  So damaged was her mind, that no one was considered capable of caring for this youngster.  So the psychologist and the medical doctor (The Diamonds) who were working with her, were granted guardianship of this young girl and adopted her.

Sally is a reclusive person, by nature of where she has come from and what she has been through, and encouraged to be so by her "new family".  Much media attention followed her for many years after she was first rescued.  In order to help her the Diamonds decide to live in the country away from media attention while Sally grows up.

She has a loving relationship (in her mind) with her new mom and dad as they don't make too many demands on her personally.   She is home schooled and doesn't have too many friends.  Sally's problems begin when she tries to incinerate her father after his death in their home. He left instructions for her and she followed them to the letter!   Media frenzy ensues as Sally is arrested for this "crime" and she's no longer protected by the confines of the family home.  She only has a couple of really good family friends who have been with her from the time of her arrival on the family 's farm.  

Stepping out into the world for the first time Sally must learn to navigate a world she does not know or understand and really has not been a part of for most of her life.  Her new mom and dad had sheltered her completely.  After mom's death, dad kept her even more isolated from the "outside world".  But then he died too.......

The twists and turns in this book are enough to keep you turning the pages.  What is "normal"  and how do you help someone who is NOT part of that very narrow definition?

Sally has some help, but she also has a lot to learn both about the present, the past and the future.

You can pre-oder this book through Amazon and it will be published July 18 of this year.  It is a page turner and if you enjoy mind bending books, this one will keep you totally captivated.

I'm going back to re-read it once again, it is that good.  Mark your calendar or pre-order the choice is yours, but you will not regret reading this book!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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