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USB Jewelry for Personal, Business or Medical Use

16GB to 32GB of Storage Available

USB Jewelry - Necklaces & Bracelets

USB Jewelry can be used to store personal items such as photos, business documents, or medical information.
They come in multiple designs and styles including necklaces and bracelets.
Go a Little 'James Bond'
Wear incognito Jewelry just for the fun of it, or because you have a need. 
These days we tend to share photos via our cell phones, but that doesn't mean we can't have a necklace conveniently stored with a ton of photos either. 
They're useful when heading to a friend or family's house where you want to share pictures without the hassle of dealing with your cell phones to do it. 
Just pull your necklace apart and load the photos onto their computer. That's it. You're done; no muss no fuss.

How About an Hello Kitty USB Necklace for the Young
8GB to 64GB of Storage

An original gift idea for little girls or even woman who happen to be a fan of Hello Kitty.
She's heading to grandma's for the weekend and you want to send photos that can easily be transferred to Grandma's computer, well isn't this a creative way to do it. Of course you could just store them on a plain rectangular boring USB too, but this way your little one gets to feel involved, and best of all, like a Spy as she pulls apart her necklace.
Maybe Grandma can store some photos back on her necklace to take home to you.
Medical USB

Medical USB Bracelets - A Necessity for Some

This is a terrific way for anyone with serious health issues to store their emergency medical information. 
If a loved one is required to take a lot of medication, the Medical USB Bracelet is a useful data storage device to have in emergencies. 
It's especially valuable for seniors who take a lot of medication and aren't able to provide a list of their meds, or just don't have the memory to recall it.
It's also helpful for family members who often get asked what medications their loved ones are on and don't know.

Choose One for a Child

It's hard enough being a parent, but to have to worry about your child's medical condition each time they leave the house is something no parent should have to face.
Although it's just a bracelet, knowing that their USB has the critical medical info is a practical solution to reduce the worry.
Put your child's medications, allergies, contact info and other data that you feel is pertinent for their safety.
Note: Always be sure to check that the USB piece you select is compatible with your computer device - Windows 8, Windows 7 and so on.

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What Makes Olga Run Book Review

What Makes Olga Run
As a blogger and an eBay seller, I spend a fair bit of time sitting at my computer in my chair. Maybe you do, too. My mind and my body know that this is wrong and I do try to work fitness into my life by getting to the gym at least a couple of times a week and walking daily. That last element becomes difficult but not impossible in the deep cold, snow and ice of our Canadian winters.

At my gym class there is an older woman who puts me to shame. She gets to the gym at least four times a week and sometimes more often than that. When she told me that she was reading a book called What Makes Olga Run? The Mystery of the 90-Something Track Star, and What She Can Teach Us About Living Longer, Happier Lives by Bruce Grierson, I was intrigued.

By chance, the next time I was out shopping I stumbled across it. Because my friend had mentioned it, I opted to take it home. I carried it to my book club, which for whatever reason is populated by women of my age. I guess we could be called middle-aged though I am not sure of the definition of that age group. Most of us have raised families and are empty nesters. A couple still have teenagers at home. Some still work and others are retired. Physically I would say they are an active group of ladies. Whatever our similarities, we are definitely all interested in the process of aging and we took up Olga's story as our next book club assignment.

What Makes Olga Run? is the story of Olga Kotelko, a retired Canadian school teacher who went looking for something active to do. She started with baseball but did not like it when she was almost run down on the baseball diamond. She then found track and field and went on to became a 90-something year old super star.

As the book says on page 2, "Just how good is Olga?" Well, she holds 26 world records. She enters more events than others her age and than others much younger. She often does as many as six throwing events, three sprints and three jumps at one track and field meet. She beats records in her age group by leaps and bounds, pun intended. In 2009, she threw a javelin 20 feet farther than her nearest rival and her 100-meter dash time would have beat competitors two age brackets younger than she was.

Writer Bruce Grierson took up with admitted difficulty the job of following Olga around as she went through her days and as she allowed science to look at and into her body. The question that the book looks into is whether Olga is a superstar because of genetics, because of lifestyle choices or because of a combination of those factors? A subject that intrigues most of us.

The book looks at all of the pieces that we know and think go into healthy living from sleep and diet patterns to personality, exercise and genetics. It is 228 pages of easy-to-read information about Olga and what makes her tick. It closes with a summary called Nine Rules For Living. I will not list them here because I believe you need the explanation that comes with them that is included in the pages of this book. I will admit that I have work to do in numerous areas and I do intend to try to embrace some of the ideas in this book in order to live a bit better. They are not all, by the way, about fitness.

This book comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me, a 50-something year old empty nester though I believe that anyone who cares about their body and how and why we age will enjoy this book. I particularly appreciated the fact that the book was very readable. I think you will, too.

How about it? Are you curious about What Makes Olga Run?

Treasures By Brenda

Quick Link:

Click here to buy your copy of What Makes Olga Run from Amazon.

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Remote Control Helicopters are Great Gifts for Men

Reviewing My Husband's Remote Controlled Helicopter 

Remote Controlled Helicopter photo by Sylvestermouse

Over the years, I have given my husband several remote controlled airplanes, a remote control sailboat, a remote control tug boat, and I vaguely remember a remote controlled car.  Four years ago, I gave him a remote controlled helicopter and he is still flying it today.  I do believe it is his all time favorite.  He even flies it in the house.

It is true.  I wake up in the morning to the hum of the helicopter and I hear it late into the night.

I can be working online and all of the sudden a helicopter hovers over me.  It blows my papers every which way, but what can I say?  After all, I gave him the toy and he does love it!

It will never be said that I gave him a gift he did not want, appreciate or would never use.

Flying the Esky E500 Helicopter Indoors

I'll start here because the first thing the gift recipient wants to do the minute they open a remote control helicopter is to start flying it immediately, which would likely mean right there inside the home.

Flying any remote control aircraft inside the home requires a great deal of experience and real control of the rc aircraft.  It would be very easy to break a few things, so I highly recommend becoming familiar with the actual helicopter outside before bringing it inside to play.

flying a remote control helicopter indoors photo by Sylvestermouse


A Few Things to Remember When Purchasing a RC Aircraft

Let me tell you in advance, when learning to fly a remote controlled helicopter or plane, there will be crashes, repairs and perhaps even a few tears.   (Yes, men do cry over their toys being damaged!)

I will never forget the first radio controlled airplane I gave my husband.  We were so excited!  We loaded up the kids, the dogs, and the plane to go in search of a big, flat area suitable for flying a remote control aircraft.  We settled on our church parking lot.  After all, no other cars were in the parking lot and it was the perfect flat area.

The family jumped out of the car and my husband promptly set up his plane several feet away from us and the car.  Anticipation was great!  We all looked forward to a fabulous air show. 

The remote control airplane took off beautifully and then promptly flew right toward us.   Anything with feet moved out of the way, but our car was left unprotected.  The plane gracefully flew right into the side of our parked car and crashed with a heart-wrenching thud on the asphalt. 

I am not sure if the tears were over the plane or the car, but I do know it was sad.   It is a good thing that replacement parts are usually readily available online.

Recommendations for the Beginner RC Helicopter Pilot

Because you will most likely experience that heart-wrenching first crash, it would be wise to start off small and inexpensive. 

 Blade mCX2 RTF There are definitely skill levels in flying any remote control plane or helicopter.  I purchased my husband the Esky E500 after he had already owned and successfully flown several other remote control aircraft.  I would not recommend the Esky E500 radio control helicopter for the beginner, regardless of what the hobby store owner says.

After consulting with my "professional" pilot husband for his recommendations, I have featured a  helicopter on the right that would be perfect for learning. You can always make your man's day with the more advanced helicopter next year.

The Blade MCX2 RTF Helicopter

  • Factory Assembled and Ready to Fly 
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Everything Included! 
  • Moderately Priced Comparatively Speaking


For Someone with Enough Experience to Fly Indoors


flying a remote control helicopter
Still Flying Inside the House! 
In this photo, you can actually see his RC Sailboat in the background. 
It has become part of our home decor when not sailing


The Esky Big Lama E500

The Esky E500 remote control helicopter is his favorite because he can fly it inside. Therefore, regardless of the weather, my husband can play with his toys. I am sorry to say, I could not find the older, yellow Esky E500 like the one shown in the photos to feature.  Perhaps, with the name and model number, you will be able to find one for yourself.
I have yet to meet a male, young or old, who sees someone flying a remote control helicopter and doesn't want to grab the controls himself.  Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing a rc helicopter for the man on your gift list for that next gift giving occasion.

Helpful hint here though: If it is his first ever remote control aircraft, buy two.  The first one won't last long.

Oh!  And, stand out of the way!!!  You don't want to be whacked upside the head by a renegade rc helicopter.   If you must observe the first flight, perhaps a crash helmet would be the right "ounce of protection."


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Review of a Missouri Covered Bridge

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site

covered bridge photo
I find covered bridges to be a fascinating part of the American past, but I had not read much on their history till my recent visit to Sandy Springs Covered Bridge.

A few of the interesting facts I picked up on this trip include:
  1. Covered bridges date back to 786 B.C. 
  2. Many early American covered bridges were toll bridges 
  3. One advantage of the covered bridges were that they reassured farm animals when they crossed the water..
I also was able to take some photographs of the historic covered bridge at Sandy Creek.

I hope enjoy seeing my photos and reading a few of the tidbits I found out about covered bridges.

photos by mbgphoto

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge - approaching the bridge

Sandy Creek Covered bridge approaching the bridge

The first bridge was built over Sandy Creek in 1872, but in May of 1886 it was washed away by high waters. In August of 1886 the bridge that still stands today was built.
Some other important dates for this covered bridge include:

> 1952-renovation
> 1967-Missouri declares all remaining covered bridges to be historic sites
> 1984-latest reconstruction

Today the bridge is only open to pedestrian traffic.

Inside a Covered Bridge - Howe-truss construction

Howe-truss construction on covered bridge

Here is a photo I took inside the covered bridge. In the early days there would have been posters inside the bridge that were used for advertisements, much like we use billboards today. Today we see writings on the walls and various graffiti.

Covered Bridge from Back Side - other side of the bridge

covered bridge from back side photo by mbg photo

In the 1800's bridges were made of wood and when they were uncovered their life expectancy would be only about ten years due to being exposed to the elements.
Covering the bridge increased the life expectancy and also had several other advantages. The barn type structure of the bridge made animals feel safer when they crossed and the covering helped to strengthen the structure. In addition the bridges could be used for emergency shelter.

History of Covered Bridges - from Sandy Creek Historic Site

history of covered bridges

The above photo of information at the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge Historic Site shows some of the history of covered bridges.

In Missouri the first covered bridges were built in the 1850's. Soon after the Civil War many more covered bridges were built, increasing the total in Missouri to 30 covered bridges. Over the years fire, abandonment and the elements have eliminated all but four of the bridges that are still standing today.

Side view of Missouri Covered Bridge - covered bridge through the trees

covered bridge through the trees

Tolls on the Covered Bridge

rates of covered bridge tolls

3 cents for a foot passenger

This photo shows the tolls that were charged on a covered bridge. Tolls were used to raise money to maintain the bridges, however there were no government regulations like the toll bridges of today. In fact, anyone who built a bridge could set their own tolls at whatever they felt was needed. The prices were quite random.

There also was usually exceptions to the tolls for people attending church on Sundays and for people going to town meetings.

Bridge view from Creek Bed - looking up at the bridge

bridge view from the creek bed

Information for this lens was obtained from posters at the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge Historical Site. All photographs were taken by myself, Mary Beth Granger.

Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site - about 30 minutes south of St. Louis

From St. Louis

Travel south on Hwy. 21 to Goldman Road; turn left. Continue on this road until it ends at Old Lemay Ferry Road; turn right. Continue into the historic site.

Here is a puzzle I created on Zazzle from one of my photographs.
Sandy Creek Covered Bridge Puzzle
Sandy Creek Covered Bridge Puzzle by mbgphoto
Check out more Sandy creek covered bridge Puzzles at Zazzle

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Reviewing Susan Winget Jigsaw Puzzles

Lovely Jigsaw Puzzles To Piece Together

I love to sit down and work on a jigsaw puzzle, especially in the colder months of the year when it is too cold to go outdoors. Some of my favorites are ones that the artist Susan Winget has allowed her art to be used on. 

When the weather is warm, I love to be out in my garden. Naturally, this puzzle with Susan Winget art has caught my eye. I prefer the 500 or 1,000 piece puzzles and this one just really makes me smile!

garden gate puzzle
Susan Winget Garden Gate 500 Piece Puzzle

I just love the entire scene, don't you? Those adorable little bunnies, the watering can and various flowers. This is a jigsaw puzzle that I would love to work and then seal so that I could frame it and hang it on my walls on my back porch sun room.

I don't really know why but I have this thing about old trucks. I just think that they are so cool and perhaps they make me think of a more innocent time in my life when just about every family I knew had a truck to help with the farming. I think that is why this Susan Winget jigsaw puzzle appeals to me so much; it reminds me of being out on my Uncle Joe's farm and riding around in his old truck.

Susan Winget Puzzle
Susan Winget Country Ride 1000 Piece Puzzle

A Family Activity

The wonderful thing about working a puzzle is that it can be a solitary activity or it can be something that the family does together. Children and adults can work the puzzle together and enjoy some quality time while they do it. Some of the best conversations that I have had occurred while working a puzzle with someone that I loved. It might have been a cold and snowy day or a rainy day that we sat down and started to place the pieces together as we talked about our wishes, dreams and memories. Family time just doesn't get better than that!

Susan Winget art usually has a country theme and style and that is probably why I like her work so much. It speaks to my soul and makes me happy. She also does holiday and winter scenes that have been used for jigsaw puzzles. Like this wonderful door that is ready for Christmas. 

Susan Winget Holiday Door Jigsaw Puzzle
Susan Winget Holiday Door 500 Piece Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are both fun to give and receive as a gift, at least I think so. They are not terribly expensive and provide hours of good wholesome family time. There is almost always a table set up in our home with a puzzle in progress. It is amazing how when my adult children come home, they seem to migrate over to the table and place a piece or two.

If you love to work puzzles, I highly recommend the ones by Susan Winget. They are colorful, pleasing to the eye and just enough of a challenge to make them enjoyable to work.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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Review of Inspirational Greeting Cards to Encourage a Terminally Ill Friend

Want to send a greeting to encourage a sick friend when an ordinary get well card just won't do?

In this post I will show you some great inspirational cards you can customize to say exactly what you want to convey. Or, if words fail you when you learn of a friend's diagnosis or prognosis, but you want to share your concern and support, you might want to choose one of these notes that says what you don't know how to put into words yourself.

Inspirational Greeting Cards to Encourage a Terminally Ill Friend
The sun sets for everyone someday.

When you know someone is in constant pain with a chronic or terminal illness for which there is no known cure, a regular get well card just isn't appropriate. In spite of your good intentions, receiving a typical get well message might just remind your friend she probably won't ever get well. What is needed is an inspirational card designed especially for those who probably won't be in good health again, and who, in fact, may be coming to grips with not having much longer to live.

Those chronically or terminally ill need lots of encouragement.

man covering his face with his hands
They often live with pain that is excruciating. They may wonder if they will ever feel good again. Often they are almost housebound because of mobility problems or the inability to drive and be independent. They may feel they are losing control not only of their health, but also of their affairs, especially if they are elderly and others have taken over their financial decisions and even their living arrangements. Many people's families have put pressure on them to leave their beloved homes and move into a new community where they don't have any friends. Why? Because it's more convenient for the family member who expects to be assisting in care giving.

I encouraged my own mom to move close to me when I knew she was approaching her last years. She was still healthy for the first few years she was near me, but she did miss her old friends "at home," and found it difficult in my community to make new friends that were as close as the people she had known for over 50 years. As long as she was able to drive, she did pretty well finding some friends at church and clubs. She also did some volunteer work. But in the last three years, she began to have trouble remembering her commitments and appointments, and she had to stop those activities. Her friends and her sister back home preceded her in death, and the notes and letters that kept her "connected" stopped coming. Then her health began to fail until she finally was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 89 and given only two more months to live. You can read about our relationship during those last years here.

Snail Mail Is Encouragement that Lasts a Long Time

Forgotten Mailbox in Oak Tree, ©B. Radisavljevic
Forgotten Mailbox in Oak Tree
In this day of emails and text messaging, many people have forgotten what it's like to receive real snail mail. It's hard for them to relate to people who were born before there was television -- let alone the Internet or cell phones. Many of those under 30 today aren't used to sending handwritten letters and notes through the mail and want all their connections to be instant. They live life at a fast pace and can't imagine not being constantly connected to others.

But the elderly and the lonely who may not understand the new technology or be able to sit for hours at a computer, or maybe sit very long anywhere, can receive a real boost in morale when they get a real written communication from a friend or family member in the mail. These people are often so lonely that even their junk mail gets read.

When I was a used book seller,  the children who cleaned up their parents' estates often used to call me to look over the book collections that were left behind. I remember one house where there were all sorts of books -- even duplicates, still in the shrink wrap they were delivered in. When I asked about that, I was told that the owner had been a shut-in and had ordered all kinds of stuff mail order just to have someone come to the door. These are the kind of people who look forward to the mail as a possibility of being the high point of the day. How disappointing when it's only junk mail and bills.

Older People Especially Appreciate Encouragement Via Snail Mail

Many people think it's silly to send someone snail mail when email is so much faster. But even when a person is young, a real card with a personal message from a close friend or other loved one can be treasured. The elderly and housebound treasure them even more. My mom had stacks of cards in her closet people had sent her. I found them when she died. I know that every now and then she would look through them and remember those who had cared enough to send them. She also sent a lot of them herself to those she loved.

Emails and text messages by their very nature are not permanent. Paper cards can usually last as long as the recipient wants them to. They can be stored and pulled out when loneliness is overwhelming or when one is feeling so sick or depressed one feels like giving up. They can be read again and again -- even after the sender is gone. They can bring back memories of happier times spent with the people who sent them. They are well worth the money. A beautiful blank note with your personal message of encouragement, or an extra sentence or two when you sign your card cannot only make someone's day, but maybe will also give a lift to many other days.

Those who are sick and shut in often wonder if out of sight means they are out of their loved ones' minds. Sometimes a card with beautiful picture and just the message that you are thinking of them will let them know they are not  forgotten and that they still matter to someone. They might keep such a card where they will see it often.

Above is one such card. Be sure and write something personal at the end in your own handwriting. That is often the part that shows you really care. Here are more "thinking of you" card designs.

An Inspirational Greeting Lets People Know You Are Thinking of Them Even if they Feel Alone and Forgotten

DaySpring Boxed Encouragement Cards
Some people are most encouraged by the words of Scripture. The cards in this set or four designs from DaySpring have messages that could encourage a person in a variety of situations. Click the image to see inside messages. If you prefer similar messages on other styles, just click the "related products" link under the title. The menu at the top lets you see cards for many occasions. You can also access free Ecards there.  This is a good  time to stock up on DaySpring Scripture cards for all occasions.  In the sale section I just saw a very appropriate box of cards to send to people who are going through difficult times. Check out the sale section for of great values on cards with Scriptures for all occasions.  There is a varied selection and it might pay to get those sale prices on cards you use a lot of so that you always have an appropriate card to send.    

The winter holidays are an especially tough time for those who may expect the current one to be their last. Send an inspirational greeting to let them know you are thinking of them. Though they may not feel good enough to really enjoy the holidays, they will want to be near loved ones and make the most of what may be a last holiday celebration. You probably won't be wanting to say " Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" because it might not ring true. So what do you say? Maybe something like this:

Candlelight Reflections Greeting Card

The message inside this card is very appropriate for those who may be in pain or who have suffered a loss like a death in the family. It sends your love. Just click card for purchase information. 

Christmas Snowman Breast Cancer Ribbon

This is appropriate for someone newly diagnosed before the holidays who may be struggling with that diagnosis.  It is blank inside for your own encouraging message. Click card image to to buy. Check out other Breast Cancer Cards at

Inspirational Encouragement Card for the Holidays

I designed this card inspirational holiday encouragement card especially for a friend who was soon to lose  her battle with colon cancer. It would have been equally appropriate for her surviving husband, since she actually died in December of the next year. Just click  the card for purchase information. 

Thanksgiving Card: You Have Been a Blessing Greeting Card

Thanksgiving is another time to remind someone you are thinking of them. The inside of this card says "You have been a blessing to me." Click card image to purchase. 

One thing I've learned from visiting or caring for those who are sick and who rarely see anyone is that they often feel useless -- as though they  no longer matter to anyone. How will the recipient of this card feel if you write a personal note saying how much he or she has meant to you and why. Think far back. I once wrote a letter to the mother of an old high school friend for no reason other than  to thank her for her frequent hospitality when I was younger and how much it meant to many of us in our crowd. By then she was elderly and her nest was empty. I got a wonderful letter back saying how much my letter had meant to her.Blank Customizable Chanukah Greeting Card 2
The card above is perfect for writing your own thoughtful message for Hanukkah. Just click card image for purchase information.

The Terminally Ill Might Appreciate a Well-Chosen Easter Greeting

What could be more encouraging than the promise of resurrection? I will admit that Easter is my very favorite holiday. If Christmas presents us with a babe in the manger, Easter brings us a victorious Lord who has conquered death. It brings hope to every Christian with its promise of eternal life.

Easter Calla Lily Greeting Card

This blank Easter Calla Lily Greeting Card has plenty of space inside for your own personal message of hope and encouragement. See it and  more Christian Easter cards here. 

Here are some other encouraging greeting cards

You should be able to find just the right message among these. For some people, you might want to simply let them know they are in your thoughts. For people of faith, you might get a card with a Bible verse or verse of a hymn you know they love to remind them of God's love and presence in the midst of their pain or their fears.
Encouragement Card with cloudy sky.

This card contains a stanza from one of my favorite poems, "God Works in a Mysterious Way." It would be an encouragement to anyone trying to cope with a difficult or painful situation. I keep many of these on hand. Just click card for purchase information

"Hope is the thing with feathers..."

This Dickinson quote strikes just the right note for anyone fighting a terminal or chronic disease or mourning a loss. Click card to purchaseSee this quote on other designs. 

Scripture Card: CA Poppies Greeting Card

I created this card because I loved the brightness of the poppies. The Scripture quote from Psalm 103: 17&18 is a reminder that even though the poppy is temporary, as are we, the steadfast love of God will last forever. Click image to check price.

Inspirational Comfort Card: Oaks against gray sky Greeting Card

This card based on Psalm 23 mentions 'the valley of the shadow of death" -- a place where many of the terminally ill people find themselves. Sometimes this is the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention in person or in a card. Maybe you think it's easier for all concerned to pretend death may not be approaching and to put a happy  face on the situation to "cheer someone up." Sometimes this has the opposite effect. 

The terminally ill aren't fooled by cards encouraging them to get well soon. They know what's ahead, and sometimes they wish others would acknowledge the battle they are fighting -- wanting to live, but facing the fact they may not live much longer. When others seem to expect them to not mention this or to act as though they are going to get better, they feel they don't have "permission" to talk about the fears they may be facing. It's a gift to let them know you are aware of the emotions they may be feeling and you're not afraid to listen if they speak their hearts. 

I have done this with my mom and two special friends who were getting close to the end of their battles with cancer. None were offended by this. To my best friend, I sent flowers a few weeks before she actually died with a note that I wanted her to be able to enjoy them here. Her husband told me how much that meant to her. Here's a good way to send flowers to those who don't live near you.  Click card image to check price of card or purchase.

Using the Blank Note Card Effectively: What to Say

If writing comes easy for you, but you just don't know what to say to encourage your friend, you might just say that you are sorry he or she is so sick or in so much pain, or that he or she has been diagnosed with the disease. If this is a chronic disease or condition that is not terminal, you might say you hope your friend begins to have more good days soon. (Those with chronic conditions often fluctuate between having good days and bad.)

Let the recipient know you care, that you are there for them, that you are praying, or whatever comes from your heart. If you live close enough to be able to follow up with a visit later, you might want to say something that lets the person know you are willing to listen as he expresses his thoughts about the illness and what changes it might bring.

It doesn't take long to fill a blank note. And your thoughtfulness in taking the time to write will be very much appreciated. Sometimes the pictures on the cards themselves will inspire you and help you find the right words.

A Final Suggestion

I have found that when I shop at Zazzle, it is smart to evaluate my greeting card needs for the next year and order everything I anticipate needing at once. I buy several of my favorite cards or postcards for coming birthdays, holidays, friendship, thinking of you, and other occasions I see ahead, such as graduations. Zazzle has a bulk rate on greeting cards and postcards, so buying more than ten assorted at a time saves money and buying a lot at once also saves on shipping fees. It also means I don't get caught off guard when I need to send a get-well or sympathy card. I always have one that's appropriate.

I have been a fan  of greeting cards all my adult life. I have read them, sent them, bought them for stores and even managed a Hallmark store. Read all about My Life in Greeting Cards.  

How will you encourage terminally ill friends?

I hope I've left you with something useful you can apply as you express your care to friends who deal with lingering illnesses, chronic pain, or getting to the end of life's journey. If you have other ideas, please share them in the comments. Please use the sharing buttons at the end of this post to inspire others to encourage their loved ones with snail mail greeting cards. Why not share this image on Pinterest?

Review of Inspirational Greeting Cards to Encourage a Terminally Ill Friend

    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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    Treasures By Brenda on Review This

    Treasures By Brenda on Review This
    I am thrilled to be a new member of the team on the Review This blog site. I have worked with the group of women who write reviews here for years and look forward to working with them for years to come.

    Who am I?

    I am an empty nester, an eBay seller and a blogger.

    I love Canada and I love having fun. (See photo for proof though know that I will not always be wearing a pretty red moustache.)

    I am a wife and mother of two young men.

    I find many parts of our world fascinating so you never know what I might have in store for you but you can count on me to be regularly writing about the movies, about cooking and anything to do with food and about my travels both locally and in faraway lands. Alternatively, I can be found listing new, used and vintage finds on eBay.

    A few of my online projects include:

    Treasures By Brenda on eBay
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    Sunday, August 23, 2015

    Frigidaire Gallery Series Fridge Review

    Frigidaire Gallery Series
    Our New Frigidaire Fridge & What We Love About It
    We recently had to purchase a brand new fridge. I say "had to", because it wasn't optional; our old one had officially done it's time and was put out to pasture.
    So, like most people, I decided to do some homework before we made a large purchase. The photo to the left is the fridge we decided to go with: The Frigidaire Gallery Series - Model #FGHC2355PF
    Why We Didn't Choose a Fridge with a Bottom Freezer
    Although we really wanted the 'french door model with the freezer on the bottom', there were a number of reasons why it wouldn't work for our kitchen:
    1. Crazy as it sounds, because I'm on the taller side, bending with these less than perfect knees every time I would need something from the freezer was an issue
    2. I find the bottom freezers have more potential for disorganization (I have a lot of people in the house, and supervising how they remove and put things back isn't possible)
    3. I prefer the freezer items to be at eye level (or most of it at eye level)
    4. The location of our fridge in our kitchen wasn't really conducive to having a large freezer drawer pulled out - it would block the flow of traffic
    What Almost Made Us Choose a Fridge with a Bottom
    The Inside of Our New Fridge
    1. The Fridge sections are wonderful! They have double french doors (although some come with one door if you would prefer that)
    2. The wider upper fridge area easily enables you to store food width-wise - very convenient for cakes, trays and other large serving dishes.
    3. They look amazing!
    4. If money wasn't really an object and I were to choose a bottom freezer fridge, 
    So that brings us to Why We Chose the Side by Side (22.7 cu.ft):
    Our previous fridge was a side-by-side, and we're used to it - However, after we compared the bottom freezer to the side-by-side, these are the main reasons we went for it:
    1. The stainless steel finish had to be the 'finger print proof' kind - We did like another manufacturer's product, however the fridge was not treated with a finish to prevent the ugliness of constant finger prints and thus constant wiping of the doors.
    2. The side by side french door model was important to us - Our kitchen size works best with this kind of fridge
    3. We wanted an Ice and Water Dispenser and really liked how easy this one was to use and understand
    4. We love the lighting in the fridge - It's a daylight lighting with a very light blue hue to it - looks modern, and looks great at night when you open the fridge (futuristic)
    A Closer Look Inside of our Fridge at the Lighting
    Ok, so it can't be all sunshine and roses right? 
    There must be something I don't like about it?
    Well, yes there is: The ice maker dispenses the ice very very quickly, so if you get this model, remember to put a larger cup underneath to catch the fast-spewing ice, otherwise some of it will end up on your floor. Other than that, there aren't any other negatives for us.
    We would probably choose a slightly larger style than this one, but other than that, we really liked it.

    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

    Saturday, August 22, 2015

    A Mouse Review for Race your Mouse Day

    Race Car Derby car with mouse cover
    August 28 was chosen by Thomas & Ruth Roy of to be Race Your Mouse (Around the Icons) Day.  They created the day just for fun as a way to entertain yourself while you are waiting for a page to come up on your computer.  This wacky holiday is aimed at your 'computer mouse', but there are a few other fun 'mouse' things we shall review here. 

    The House of Sylvestermouse

    Most people say “Eek!” if they see a 'mouse'. But the resident Mouse-in-the-House of Review This! is a special and much loved lady known as SylvesterMOUSE

    Polar Bear and Penguin Centerpiece felt kit
    Polar Bear & Penguins Felt Centerpiece Kit

    Sylvestermouse created the blog you are enjoying reading ~ Review This!  Our MOUSE is a multi-talented writer who shares  stories, recipes, craft tutorials, and fun facts about fascinating animals.  She's a photographer and a crafter and a wonderful friend to many.  Check out her About Me page for a list of her fantastic and fascinating sites online.  My favorite is the HOUSE OF SYLVESTERMOUSE which includes links and stories about terrific items found in her Zazzle and eBay stores. The charming polar bear and penguins centerpiece kit above is an example of the cute crafts she carries in her eBay Store.

    If you are curious how Sylvestermouse got her name, read her delightful story here. Yes, it involves a real-life mouse! 

    Plush Toy Mouse

    toy plush mouse
    Little Crochet Toy Mouse - Etsy

    Little mouse, cute gift for kids, nursery decor toy.

    This charming mouse will bring good mood, joy, and love to his new home!

    Plush mouse can be found in the Etsy Shop of CozyToysByOreshek


    A Mouse on the Table

    Mouse Hot Pad in handmade crochet
    Mouse Hot Pad in Colorful Crochet

    For a useful and unusual hot pad for your table, how about a hot pad in the shape of a Mouse.  It's sure to invite interesting dinner table conversation. 

    Cute Kitchen Combo Set

    Mouse Kitchen Combo Set of hot pad and potholder
    Crochet Mouse Hot Pad & Matching Potholder

    The mouse hot pad is hand-crocheted in royal blue and red with yellow ears. It measures 10 inches long and 8 inches wide with a 6 inch tail. The hot pad is made double-thick of washable acrylic yarn. The body is blue, the face is red and the ears are yellow. Crocheted dark blue eyes and nose in yarn complete the features. A whimsical, happy-looking mouse for hot dishes on your table will be a novelty conversation piece.

    The mouse hot pad comes with a matching blue and red potholder for your cooking chores. Crocheted of ombre yarn, the color pattern changes throughout. The back and the front have different designs. Potholder measures 6 x 7 inches.

    How Did the Computer Mouse Get It's Name?

    Douglas Engelbart created this special tool in 1968 to help people navigate graphics-filled computer screens.  The first 'mouse' was a small wooden block on wheels with a long cable sticking out of the back, making it look like a tail.  One of Mr. Engelbart's researchers called the tool a mouse ~ and the name stuck!  There are scientific and technical explanations for how this all works, but us ordinary computer-users are just happy that we can roam around our computer screens with a simple motion of the hand.  We'll leave understanding the technology to the experts! 

    Logitech Computer Mouse
    Logitech Computer Mouse

    Today's computer mouse is so sophisticated that you don't even need a 'cord' (tail) anymore as the cordless mouse does the work for us through Wi-Fi. They come in a multitude of shapes, styles and colors for your enjoyment while you work and play online. 

    Check out this review of a Wireless Computer Mouse here on Review This!

    Have a fun 'Mouse' Day

    So, put August 28 on your calendar to celebrate the many mice in our Mouseland Review and acknowledge Race Your Mouse Day!

    Author: Wednesday Elf

    Wednesday Elf can also be found at:

    Crochet-Crafts-Critters Blog 
    Coastal Crochet Crafts Etsy Shop

    Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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