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Sunday, March 3, 2024

A 5-Star Rollercoaster of Intense Hilarity and Heart Based on True Financial Folly

A 5-Star Rollercoaster of Intense Hilarity and Heart Based on True Financial Folly

Dumb Money unfolds the true tale of the GameStop short squeeze led by Keith Gill, aka Roaring Kitty. Gill, an everyday investor with a YouTube channel and Reddit presence, takes center stage. 

The film demystifies short selling, where investors bet against a company's success, offering a gripping glimpse into the volatile world of stock market maneuvers.

With a brilliant ensemble cast and a razor-sharp script inspired by actual events, this is a gripping film, so I'm giving it a personal five-star rating.

A Hilarious (and Intense) Exploration of Real-Life Financial Folly:

"Dumb Money" draws inspiration from the true story of a motley crew of amateur investors who stumbled upon a golden opportunity in the volatile world of stocks. 

Led by the charismatic cast, the group dives headfirst into the chaos of Wall Street, armed with little more than dreams and misguided ambition.

An intense comedy of errors ensues as the characters navigate the complexities of the stock market, making decisions that range from absurd to downright ludicrous. 

The film cleverly satirizes the unpredictable nature of financial markets while delivering punchline after punchline with impeccable comedic timing.

Heartfelt Moments Amidst the Laughter, Rooted in Reality:

While "Dumb Money" is undoubtedly a riotous comedy, it also surprises audiences with moments of unexpected depth and sincerity rooted in the reality of actual events. The film explores themes of friendship, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams against all odds. Beneath the laughter, viewers find a relatable story of individuals navigating the ups and downs of life, both in and out of the stock market.

Visually Appealing and Energetic, Inspired by Actual Events:

The film's vibrant cinematography and energetic pacing contribute to its overall appeal. The director's keen eye for visual storytelling complements the script, creating a lively and immersive experience.

From the frenetic chaos of trading to the quieter, introspective moments, "Dumb Money" captivates audiences with its dynamic presentation inspired by the true events that unfolded.


In the realm of comedy, "Dumb Money" stands tall as a testament to the brilliance that arises when a stellar cast, a witty script, and skilled direction converge, all rooted in the reality of true financial folly.

 This 5-star gem delivers shocking humor and surprises with its heartwarming moments and resonant themes. "Dumb Money" is a must-watch for anyone seeking a rollercoaster that effortlessly balances humor and heart, offering a true-to-life glimpse into the unpredictable world of financial endeavors. 

Strap in for a wild ride that leaves you both in stitches and on the edge of your seat, proving that sometimes the best investments are the ones that make you shockingly laugh, especially when they're based on true stories.

I couldn't believe this was a true story! But yep, sure was. I personally loved this one!

★★★★★ Five Stars

You can find this movie on Amazon Prime.

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Friday, March 1, 2024

Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once - Netflix Series Reviewed

Fool Me Once
My husband and I recently watched the Netflix series, "Fool Me Once".  We both would recommend it, even though there were times when I thought the title should have been "fools rush in".  

The main character, Maya Stern, seems to have the attitude that she is invincible, superior and the authority in any room or situation.  Frankly, she was not always very admirable.  Her rash decisions to constantly confront everyone made her seem more out of control than considered or intelligent, especially when her actions could influence her teenage niece and her teammates.  

At one point, we almost turned it off, but there was just enough suspense and mystery to the plot to keep us watching.  

I wasn't sure what I thought of the investigator, Sami Kierce, at first, but in the end he turned out to be one of my favorite actors in the series, simply because of his acting skill.  We also really liked 'Corey the Whistle' who was truly committed to revealing the truth and he seemed to genuinely care.


Fool Me Once Synopsis

Fool Me Once

Video Currently on Netflix

There is a lot happening in Maya Stern's life all at the same time.

She is a helicopter pilot that has recently been expelled from the military because she fired on an unverified civilian truck while trying to protect troops on the ground. 

Her beloved sister has been murdered and Maya feels there is more behind her death than just a home invasion.  Of course, Maya must investigate her sister's death. 

Then, her husband is shot in front of her while they are walking in the park and she has to endure police questioning.  Plus, her sanity is in question when she sees her husband visit their daughter on a recently acquired nanny cam.  Instead of calling the police, Maya confronts the nanny who responds by pepper-spraying her in the face and stealing the video card.  Now, the evidence that her husband may still be alive is gone.

Maya is not liked by her husband's wealthy family and her mother-in-law is equally confrontational and derogatory.  Sparks fly every time the two of them are together, or even talk on the phone.  

I'll close by telling you the same thing I told my parents, watch it to the end! The end makes all the rest worth it.

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Harlan Coben's Fool Me Once (2024) - Netflix Series Reviewed by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Monday, February 26, 2024

Hallmark Movie Review Always Amore

Always Amore sound familiar? Was this little gem of a Hallmark movie missed? Perhaps because the movie premiered on the Movies & Mysteries Hallmark channel it may have been overlooked between Winter, Valentine's Day and Spring themed movies. The movie is now repeating on the Hallmark Channel and is the perfect gem of a happy holiday movie for winter days, winter nights and inclimate weather.

Hallmark Movie Reviews banner

Family restaurants are a traditional staple of the Hallmark stories and this film features a family Italian restaurant which needs a little SOS. 

Tyler plays the restaurant 'fixer' who comes in to save the struggling restaurant. Autumn plays the widow who along with her mother-in-law are having financial issues with the family Italian restaurant of her late husband. Patty McCormack plays mother-in-law Nonna with a witty twinkle in her eye as restaurant protector, legacy protector and eventual alley of the fixer.

A team Hallmark actors Autumn Reeser and Tyler Hynes lead Always Amore and their chemistry is evident at their first meeting. Add a chef competition, a love of baking, restaurant woes and restaurant success amongst the Hallmark romance and love is in the Hallmark air. As always the chemistry between the lead actors is a Hallmark must for success and as these two actors excel the storyline benefits.

Light hearted and delightful, Always Amore with the traditional Hallmark storyline will not disappoint Hallmark fans. You may also recognize on the credits one of the executive producers of Always Amore is Giada De Laurentiis from the culinary world. Is that why the food looks so authentic!?!

Always Amore is a recommended watch or rewatch when the movie is in rotation. Bon Appetit!

Don't miss Autumn Reeser in the Wedding Veil series or Tyler Hynes (at 15 plus Hallmark movies)  in Winter In Vail or Three Wise Men And A Baby.

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Sunday, February 25, 2024

Unlocking the Secrets of 'Hypnotic': A Mind-Bending Movie with Ben Affleck

A Psychological Thriller Movie

In the realm of suspense and psychological thrillers, 'Hypnotic' is a gripping and mind-bending experience that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. I enjoyed this movie and was quite shocked by the story's twist.

Starring the talented Ben Affleck, this film takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the mysterious world of hypnosis, leaving viewers questioning reality and second-guessing their perceptions.

Plot Overview of "Hypnotic" - A Psychological Thriller:

At first glance, 'Hypnotic' seems like a straightforward narrative following the life of a skilled hypnotist, played by Affleck. 

As the story unfolds, we are introduced to hypnosis's intricate and sometimes eerie practice, where the boundaries between dreams and reality blur. 

Affleck's character, Dr. Michael Welles, becomes entangled in a series of events that challenge his professional expertise and sanity.

Exploring Hypnosis:

The movie delves into the mesmerizing world of hypnosis, showcasing its potential to unlock hidden memories, alleviate pain, and manipulate behavior. As Dr. Welles navigates through his patients' subconscious minds, the audience is drawn into a web of uncertainty where nothing is as it seems.

A Stellar Performance:

Ben Affleck's portrayal of Dr. Michael Welles adds depth and authenticity to the film. His nuanced performance captures the complexity of a character grappling with both personal and professional challenges. Affleck keeps us invested in the story, making 'Hypnotic' compelling.

The Unveiling of a Twist:

One of the most intriguing aspects of 'Hypnotic' is the promise of a twist that adds an extra layer of complexity to the narrative. 

Without giving away any spoilers, it's safe to say that the film takes unexpected turns, leaving audiences questioning their own perceptions and assumptions. 

The twist is so brilliantly woven into the story's fabric that it elevates the viewing experience.

Mind-Bending Exploration:

As the plot unfolds, 'Hypnotic' challenges the audience to question the nature of reality and the power of the mind. The film plays with the boundaries between dreams and waking life, keeping viewers guessing until the final moments.

'Hypnotic' offers a tantalizing blend of suspense, psychological intrigue, and an unforgettable twist. 

Ben Affleck's stellar performance, combined with the exploration of hypnosis, makes this movie a must-watch for fans of mind-bending thrillers. 

Prepare yourself for a journey into the unknown, where reality is slippery, and the mind holds secrets that may reshape the entire narrative. Dive into 'Hypnotic' and experience the magic of a film that keeps you guessing until the very end.

Hypnotic is Available on Prime.

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Sunday, February 18, 2024

The Inspiring Journey of Jose Hernandez in 'A Million Miles Away' - Five Star Movie Review

The Inspiring Journey of Jose Hernandez in 'A Million Miles Away - Five Star Movie Review

Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the extraordinary true story of NASA flight engineer Jose Hernandez, vividly portrayed in the movie "A Million Miles Away.

If you're looking for a good movie, you'll want to relax and enjoy this one. This movie has earned a five-star review from me.

This cinematic journey takes us from the fields of California to the stars above, showcasing the resilience, determination, and dreams of an individual who defied the odds to reach new heights.

Jose Hernandez's Journey Depicted In A Million Miles Away: 

The movie chronicles the life of Jose Hernandez, a determined young man with a dream of reaching the stars. Born to migrant farmworker parents, Jose faced numerous challenges in pursuing his goal. The film navigates through his childhood, education, and the pivotal moments that ultimately led him to become a NASA flight engineer.

The Cast and Characters: 

The film features a stellar cast, delivering a compelling performance as Jose Hernandez. The ensemble cast brings to life the people who played significant roles in Jose's journey, providing a rich and immersive viewing experience.

NASA's Challenges and Triumphs: 

"A Million Miles Away" doesn't just focus on Jose's personal journey but also sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals pursuing careers in the aerospace industry. From educational barriers to cultural diversity, the film tackles important issues while celebrating the triumphs of those who dared to dream big.

Educational and Inspirational Themes: 

This biographical drama isn't just a tale of one man's achievements but serves as an educational tool, inspiring audiences to overcome obstacles and pursue their passions. 

The movie encourages viewers to reach for the stars, reminding us that seemingly impossible dreams can become a reality with determination and hard work. I was completely inspired after viewing this movie.

As you immerse yourself in this cinematic portrayal of real-life triumphs, be prepared to be moved, motivated, and reminded that sometimes the most extraordinary journeys begin with a dream.

★★★★★ Five Stars!

You can find this movie here on Amazon Prime.

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Monday, February 12, 2024

Top 5 Valentine's Day Hallmark Movies Reviewed

Hallmark and Valentine's Day do seem like a well matched pair! While romance and comedy remains the theme of Hallmark movies and of course a fan cannot forget the  the catch phrase "It's complicated" and a mug of the requisite hot cocoa in movies all year long (Hallmark fans do have a sense of humor too!)

Valentine's Day does bring an extra dose of romance, chocolate and love is in the air at Hallmark. While Hallmark premiers movies all year there are always a few movies each season that stand out as perennial favorites. This year and in no specific order are older Hallmark movies which will be sprinkled throughout the Valentines' Day season of movies. The top 5 Valentine's Day Hallmark movies are ...

valentines day hallmark movies

Love, Romance, Chocolate with Lacey Chabert and Will Kemp

Cannot have Valentine's Day without a little or in this movie alot of chocolate! European villages, royalty and the annual chocolate competition and chocolatiers fill the small screen as the chemistry develops between village visiting Chabert and Village chocolatier Kemp.

Very Very Valentine with Danica McKellar and Cameron Mathieson

This is a charming movie with believable chemistry as the characters are best friends - or are they?
Flower shop owner plus the best friend who pines for the flower shop owner, masquerade ball and flower contest keep the backstory interesting as the flower shop owner McKellar preps for Valentine's Day.

My Secret Valentine with Lacey Chabert and Andrew Walker

The future of the family winery is at stake with Chabert trying to save the families legacy. Walker portrays a smooth sales representative in hopes of convincing the family to sell and so the clash between the characters begin. The chalkboard enters as the third character (wink) as the board becomes the conversation link. The chemistry between the actors make this rom com a must see in the Valentine's Day rotation.

And of course it is always Christmas at Hallmark! Enjoy the 2023 Christmas movie reviews here in case you missed any during the holidays.

Vineyard Series with Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny

The Vineyard series is a threefer with three movies in the popular series: Autumn In The Vineyard, Summer In The Vineyard and Valentine In The Vineyard. The movies center around two feuding families in gorgeous wine country and the inevitable sparks between the younger generations of Cook and Penny. As the movies progress so does the relationship between the characters and their trials and tribulations with fulfilling their vineyard dreams. The third installation is the Valentine In The Vineyard - no spoiler alert - the relationship between the characters builds with each movie and Valentine's Day does make an appearance.

The series is based on the St. Helena Vineyard books and filmed in gorgeous British Columbia.

 Cooking With Love with Ali Liebert and Brett Dalton

TV producer meets temperamental and uncooperative chef as he lands ever so temperamentally in her cooking show which needs a fill in chef. Fill in chef is not happy and the back and forth begins. Cute and funny rom com filled with Kimberly Sustad is a strong second female lead and adds favorably to the mix. Liebert also starred in the A Gift To Remember and its' sequel which are Hallmark fan favorite films to watch and re watch.

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Friday, February 9, 2024

Love's Sweet Recipe (2021) Movie Review

Loves Sweet Recipe
I can certainly understand how anyone who enjoys cooking would think of everything in terms of being a "recipe".

We hear phrases like "recipe for happiness" or "recipe for life", therefore it makes sense for a happily married chef to write a book on his "recipe for love".  

The husband/father in this movie is deceased, but he has left behind his book, "The Rule Book of Love" filled with idioms, quotes and memories.  His wife and daughter cherish this book and the love expressed within it's pages.  It becomes the inspiration for the changes in the restaurant, as well as Courtney's life.

I was not familiar with the actors in "Love's Sweet Recipe", so when I spotted this movie in the lineup on the Great American Pure Flix channel, I was pretty excited to "meet" two new people.  Turns out, I liked both Megan Hutchings and Damon Runyan.

This is a really cute story with delightful characters.  I highly recommend it for those romantics at heart who believe in a recipe for love.

"Love's Sweet Recipe" Movie Synopsis

Courtney Preston (Megan Hutchings) is a chef that is temporarily helping her mother run her father's restaurant.  Her plan is to return to her own career in New York as soon as she can get the restaurant back on solid ground financially.  Of course, her mother would love for Courtney to permanently move back home and take over the restaurant.  But, that is not the life Courtney has planned for herself.

The other main character, Jake Turner (Damon Runyan), was a pro baseball player.  However, after he is injured and can no longer pitch, he decides to pursue his love for baking and go to culinary school.  When he graduates, he returns to his hometown and the girl he once admired from afar.  When he proposes a business arrangement to work in her restaurant and do the baking, Courtney only briefly hesitates to take him up on his offer.  After all, she really does need the help and Jake needs a place to bake. 

Of course with a title like "Love's Sweet Recipe", you pretty much know what to expect, but it is still a sweet recipe for an enjoyable movie.


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Love's Sweet Recipe (2021) Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Friday, January 26, 2024

Murder on the Orient Express Starring David Suchet Reviewed

David Suchet - Poirot
I recently watched Murder on the Orient Express starring David Suchet and I was reminded of how fabulous Suchet is as Hercule Poirot.  Frankly, in my opinion, he is by far the very best Hercule Poirot ever!  It is as if David Suchet was born to be Hercule Poirot.  He brings the character to life by giving him a face, a "personality" with quirks, mannerisms and recognizable traits.  David Suchet is to Hercule Poirot what Jeremy Brett was to Sherlock Holmes: Absolute Perfection!

Murder on the Orient Express is an excellent story that makes you question what your really think and how your really feel.  Would you prefer justice or the legal system?  Exactly what is justice and who should make that call?  If necessary, could you be the executioner? Definitely a movie worth watching, especially the 2010 version starring David Suchet.

It has been years since I watched the Suchet version of the movie and I wondered how I could ever think anyone else did that character, or Agatha Christie's novel, justice.  Because the plot is so spellbinding, unless a director or writer completely rewrites Christie's work, then the movie is going to be captivating.

Back in 2017, I reviewed the "Murder on the Orient Express" version starring Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot.  In that review, I commented that the actors made that movie.  It is true!  With actors like Michelle Pfeiffer, Willem Defoe and Johnny Depp, how could it not be a hit and fun to watch.  However, the story really doesn't need all the "tinsel" to be rated among the best, but I'm sure they made a big difference at the box office. 

If you only have the time and desire to watch one version of Murder on the Orient Express, I recommend the version that stars David Suchet as Hercule Poirot. 


Murder on the Orient Express

 Click Here to Watch Murder on the Orient Express
Episode 3 of Season 12
Check Price
The greatest detective in the world, Hercule Poirot, is fortunate to secure a seat aboard the Orient Express.  The train is sold out, but a friend, who happens to be the director of the train line, assures Poirot he will be able to accommodate him.  After much maneuvering and manipulating the passenger list, his friend is able to find a place for him.  However, this is one train Poirot may wish he had never boarded.  

Early on in the trip, Poirot is approached by a passenger who believes he is in danger.  He offers Poirot a large sum of money to protect him, but there is something Hercule doesn't like about the man, so he refuses the job.  When the man is murdered, it falls to Poirot to solve the crime.  

Who killed Samuel Ratchett and why was he targeted?  As Poirot studies the crime, he recalls seeing a picture of Ratchett in the newspapers.  As Hercule's "little grey cells" work, it all comes together.

This is a must-see movie for those who love a great mystery, especially one that challenges you to evaluate your perception of justice.


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Murder on the Orient Express Starring David Suchet Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Monday, January 22, 2024

Hallmark Movie Review A Scottish Love Scheme

Hallmark begins the year with an original movie A Scottish Love Scheme set in Scotland. Viewers whom are not fans of romance with a dash of cold, ice and snow will enjoy a change of scenery for this winter premiere. Two moms will attempt their best Hallmark magic to help their son and daughter find romance in Scotland as they navigate midlife.

Scotland scene

Old Family Friends & Romance

Erica Durance and Jordan Young play Lily and Logan who are two old family friends who reconnect in Scotland after Lily's divorce and career reorganization (which seems to very much resemble a traditional and sterotypcal midlife crisis.) While a Hallmark type  "crisis" is a theme of most  Hallmark movies, this movie adds the Hallmark touch to love, midlife crisis and career relocation (all in a night's work for Hallmark!) The movie was filmed in Scotland and the lush greenery and scenery does not disappoint.

Midlife Crisis In Scotland

Divorce, midlife crisis and two committed mom's are the drivers of the why and how Lily and Logan meet in Scotland. Mom's who believe they know best for their children for future romance and put a plan into action. The Mom's are a definite key part of the charm of the plot; hence Scheme in the title. They are cute, amusing and have a definite twinkle in their eyes as they attempt matchmaking.

Admittedly the Mom's, supporting actors and even the scenery are more consistently entertaining than the main actors. All of which combines to leave this Hallmark movie lacking a smidge in the Hallmark romance area.

Hallmark movie Christmas fans will recognize Erica Durance from Hallmark movies such as 2023's Ms. Christmas Comes To Town, We Need A Little Christmas and Open By Christmas.

Fans of River City will recognize Jordan Young. He is the actor who plays Alex Murdoch in the long running Scottish television series River City.

More Hallmark Movies featuring Scotland

Review A Merry Scottish Christmas by The Savvy Age

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Friday, January 12, 2024

Fall Into Winter (2023) - Great American Family Movie Review

Fall Into Winter Movie Review
I was initially drawn to this movie because of the name, Fall Into Winter.  In our area, I feel like we did literally fall into winter.  One day we were admiring beautiful red & gold leaves and the next we were looking at grey skies and bare tree limbs.  

It didn't really happen overnight, but it sure felt like it!  I keep wondering, where did our fall season go?

The second thing that drew me to the movie, "Fall Into Winter", was the actress, Lori Loughlin.  I have always liked her and her characters.  Thanks to her role as Abigail Stanton in When Calls the Heart, I'm used to seeing her in the kitchen, which is the setting for "Fall Into Winter".  She co-owns a candy shop and makes all of the candy.

Last but by no means least, I wanted to watch this movie because it is a Great American Family Movie.  I have come to rely on the Great American Family Channel to provide me with wonderful movies that do not include explicit content, violent or gory scenes, or foul language.  I find them quite uplifting, peaceful and easy to watch.

Fall Into Winter Synopsis

Kerry Murphy (Lori Loughlin) doesn't like change.  She is quite content co-owning the family candy shop with her brother.  However, when her brother, Jake, informs her that his wife has taken a job in London, England and he is selling his half of the candy shop, she is very distressed.  That distress is increased tenfold when he tells her that he has sold his share of the shop to his high school friend, Brooks McLeod.  According to her brother, Brooks is a very successful businessman who will surely be able to help the shop.

Kerry isn't as much interested in profit as she is in the community.  She has "lived in the same house, in the same town, and had the same job" her whole life.  She doesn't want to make drastic changes, raise prices, or view people as just customers.  She enjoys treating everyone like family.

Brooks and Kerry clash now as much as they did in high school, although Brooks doesn't really understand why Kerry has always had a problem with him.  As business partners, it is necessary for them to work out their problems, past and present, to have a successful partnership.


Fall Into Winter is predictable, but still a fun movie to watch.  Even though they had differences of opinion, they both worked toward finding areas of agreement and understanding for one another.


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Fall Into Winter (2023) - Great American Family Movie Review by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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Monday, January 8, 2024

Top 5 Winter Hallmark Movies Reviewed

It's January at the Hallmark Channel and after a generous helping of  Hallmark Christmas movie in November and December - now what! January brings the coldest and snowy weather in many parts and a perfect time to enjoy the infamous Hallmark hot cocoa and Hallmark movies with a winter theme.

Of course Hallmark will debut a few new winter movies and Valentine's Day movies every year, but sprinkled in between will be a few Hallmark winter favorites from prior years. 

winter hallmark movies

Add a little snow, romance, comedy and colder temps and bookmark the Top 5 Winter Hallmark Movies to watch for this winter.

Winter In Vail 2020

Bring on the Hallmark A team of Lacey Chabert and Tyler Hynes along with a gorgeous winter setting and believable chemistry to keep Winter In Vail on the Hallmark repeat list. Big town girl with a life crisis lands in small town town that needs help to survive and well, you know the rest. Great rom com chemistry, snowy charming village and of course Strudel make this a movie worth repeat viewing annually.

Love On Ice 2017

Starring Hallmark A team actor Andrew Walker and Julie Berman this film definitely give an Ice Castles vibe (Ice Castles is a favorite ice skating movie from 1978!. Ice skating and romance fans streaming alert)

Walker plays a young  ice skating coach who lands at a local rink to train the next ice skating talent by the stereotypical ice skating parent. And who might also be at the rink... a former very promising ice skater who retired early and you might just guess the storyline from there. The main characters of coach, promising star, overbearing parent and former promising skater turned local teacher all work with a chemistry between all four. A must see when this movie repeats.

Frozen In Love 2018

It's hockey time again in the land of Hallmark winter movies. Niall Matter and Rachael Leigh Cook share the storyline of small town bookstore owner assigned the bad boy of hockey for community service hours. This duo loves to tease each other, poke fun at their different lives and succeed in making a very enjoyable film that celebrates how opposites attract. Totally Hallmark and totally fun.

A Christmas Detour 2015

One of the all time favorite Hallmark Christmas movies must also make an appearance on the winter Hallmark movie list. Starring Candace Cameron Bure and Paul Greene two of the A team actors who combine romantic chemistry on an unexpected cross country trip and after snowy weather grounds their plane. The two strangers pair with a married couple (Sarah Strange and David Lewis)and the four try to make it across country in the snowy hours before Christmas. 

The chemistry between the wanna be couple, the married couple and all 4 together make this a fun loving frolicking Hallmark movie with madcap rom com romance along with the way. Always a must see repeat during the holiday season and anytime of the year.

Taking A Shot At Love 2021

Ice skating teacher is called upon to assist the recovery of an ice hockey player is the backstory, but the real gem of this movie is the chemistry. Alexa Penavag and Luke Macfarlane have a great rom com chemistry which helps propel the storyline along with alot of smiles and winks and of course the budding romance. Always worth a rewatch during the winter Hallmark season.

Hallmark Now offers streaming 24/7 and its' never too early or late in the year to revisit Hallmark Christmas movies.

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Friday, December 22, 2023

A Brush With Christmas (2022) - Great American Family Movie Review

A Brush With Christmas Movie Review
If you are looking for an easy Christmas movie to sit back and watch, I recommend "A Brush With Christmas".  It doesn't require intense concentration or a great deal of emotional investment, it is simply pure entertainment that provides a welcome distraction from the holiday stresses in your own life.

This is the first movie I have seen starring Jillian Murray or Joseph Cannata, and I found them both adorably endearing.  Murray is the perfect choice to play the part of a sweet, devoted & self-sacrificing daughter and Joseph Cannata makes an excellent concerned friend/boyfriend who tries to be helpful.


I watched "A Brush With Christmas" on  My husband gave me an early Christmas gift this year as soon as we discovered the site.  We signed up to the streaming service and he gave me a 1 year subscription.  It was the perfect gift for me!  Great American Pure Flix is dedicated to offering "the best in quality faith, family, and hometown-values entertainment".  I have already watched several movies on PureFlix and I love it!   

A Brush With Christmas Synopsis

Charlotte (Jillian Murray) is an artist, a painter to be more precise, but she works alongside her mother in the restaurant that was her father's dream.  She loves the family legacy and embraces being head chef, but her heart is really in painting.  

It is not unusual for an artist to work to pay the bills and "create" in their off time.  However, Charlotte's mother requires more of Charlotte in the restaurant than a normal job would demand.  That responsibility is even greater during the holidays when business is booming.

Charlotte is torn between the restaurant and her own desire to paint a Christmas picture to submit for the local art festival.  Time is limited, which makes it impossible for her to do both things well.  Under additional pressure from her mother, Charlotte makes the difficult decision to literally trash her half finished Christmas picture and focus on the extra seasonal demands at the restaurant.


Wyatt Graham (Joseph Cannata) is very successful and well known in the art world, but he is taking a much needed break from his job.  While business offers him a way to use his artistic ability, computer generated art is not as fulfilling for him as holding a pencil and drawing.  He is happy to be visiting his friend, David, who just moved to Bayside and he hopes to spend time back with his "drawing board".  

When David enters him in the city Christmas art festival, Wyatt is pretty excited to gather supplies and start creating, but finding the subject to draw proves to be a little more challenging.  Plus, he finds himself distracted by a lovely local artist.


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A Brush With Christmas (2022) - Great American Family Movie Review by:
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Monday, December 11, 2023

Hallmark Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up Review

Hallmark Christmas movie Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up has premiered with Hallmark A team stars Lacey Chabert and Wes Brown. This movie is a sequel to the 2022 movie Haul Out The Holly wth the same cast and location. As in the original movie, the chemistry between the stars and cast remains strong as this Hallmark movie changes up the traditional Hallmark movie formula.

Review of Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up a Hallmark Christmas movie.

The holiday competition in the Home Owners Assocation (HOA) remain the storyline which is shaken up by new homeowners with a passion for winning holiday contests. Game on.

What Is Missing From Haul Out The Holly: Lit Up?

The Hallmark romance recipe... which may or may not be necessarily a welcome change of pace. In the first movie, Haul Out The Holly, the couple met and fell in the love the Hallmark way. In this movie the couple has already been established and spend much of the movie apart so while the chemistry exists it is long distance.

Positive, negative or neutral the long distance between the main characters/couple allows many more characters as an ensemble into the movie. The supporting characters are entertaining and I had memories of Clark Griswold movies in a small screen arena.


If mindless, silly, slapstick comedy with a holiday theme is the goal then Haul Up The Holly: Lit Up will be amusing. Madcap, fun, enteraining, Hallmark but not Hallmark is the holiday feeling for this movie. Reminiscent of physical slapstick comedy between neighbors, families, the main characters with a holiday theme.

While I actually found Hallmark changing it up a little during the holiday season a nice change of pace (carried off by a strong cast with chemistry); however, Hallmark traditionalists will most likely prefer the original Haul Up The Holly movie.

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