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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Reviewing Ten Tips For A Beautiful Garden On A Budget

Weigelia in flower

Gardening is an amazing, absorbing hobby and one that I love. However, 
especially these days, it can get very expensive. 

There are now so many things you can buy for the garden and plants have become more expensive to buy. We may not all always have lots of cash to spend on the garden and this should not deplete our enjoyment of this wonderful hobby and enjoyment of any outdoor space we have.  

Gardening on a small budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing a lovely garden or a creative approach to gardening, in fact sometimes quite the opposite. Here are some inexpensive or free garden ideas we can implement to save money where we can so that your garden does not need to suffer if you are on a tight budget.

If you do have more to spend you can spend on really lovely items. Many gardeners do these garden tricks without being on a tight budget to save money !  

Purple large flower clematis

1. Grow From Seed And Take Cuttings.

Growing your own salads, vegetables, annuals, and perennials from seeds is cost-effective and truly rewarding. We can use egg boxes to grow your seeds in rather than buying seed trays. 

Rather than buying them part grown from the garden centre or buying salad from the shop  start growing from seed. You can use old margarine or yoghurt pots and really any clean washed container really to start the seeds. 

If you grow Bamboo you can harvest the canes and use them to make your own plant supports and tripods which saves money on buying them. 

 Take cuttings of plants you love in your own garden and ask friends, family and neighbours if you can take cuttings of plants you admire in their gardens. You can use these to increase your supply of plants for free. I love taking cuttings and seeing them grow. Do take more cuttings than you need as some may not take. 

 If you are very successful and do not need all the cuttings you can see if any friends, family or neighbours would consider a swap with you.  

 You could also try to sell the cuttings at a car boot sale or use an honesty box outside  your home to sell the excess cuttings. 


Purple geraniums

2. Repurpose.

 Get thinking creatively about materials you already have around the house and garden. Think before you throw anything away if it can be used in the garden in a creative or useful way. 

Reuse old equipment as planters, for example old sinks can be reused in the garden as a planter, an old plastic dog bed can become a small pond. You are only limited by your imagination!

3. Buy Second Hand Tools And Share Equipment

 Look for second-hand gardening tools or discuss tool sharing with your friends, family or neighbours. Some of our best spades and forks have been found at car boot sales and even at an Antique shop.

You may only need some expensive tools a couple of times a year, so makes sense if you can club together to buy together and share or alternatively see if you can rent any tools. 

Get a sharpening stone to keep tools in good order and last longer. Also oil tools that require it to make them last longer. 


4.Look for Free And Discounted Plants

Keep an eye out for free or discounted plants.

I am always searching for the section in garden centres where they put the old last season plants that did not sell or ones that look shabby. I call them my  "rescue" plant section and usually with a little care and watering you can being them back to life and have paid a fraction of the cost.  

 Sometimes neighbours or local gardening groups share excess plants.

golden rubekia and blue flowers

5. Paint Your Fence

 We have just done this to give the garden a different look. Painting protects it from the weather which is always good and smartens up an old fence. 

You can either go for black or brown or a dark green to blend or make your fence a bold feature by painting it a bright colour.

All it takes is a pot of paint and a little work.

We went for black Cuprinol fence paint this time as we have found it to be durable and gives a good coverage and colour.  

The plants really stand out against it and the black colour helps to make the garden feel bigger as the dark colour recedes. 

clematis montana pink flower on black fence

6. Mulch Pots And Containers. 

Highlight your containers and pots by adding a decorative mulch. It is surprising what a difference this can make to a container. As it is a small space you can look to buy decorative mulches like pebbles, slate, shells or black river rocks

Mulch helps conserve moisture in the soil and suppresses weeds, while also giving your display a beautiful finish. As you will not use much in a container you can use a good quality decorative mulch which will give a dramatic impact.

7. Make Your Own Bird Bath

I advocate for every garden to have a bird bath as it is one of the single most important things for garden birds for water and bathing. If you can afford one of the beautiful iron or decorative ones then that is great. 

However if money is tight you can make your own bird bath. You will need a terracotta or stone pot, a saucer, and glue suitable for outside work. Simply turn the pot upside down, glue the saucer to the bottom of the pot, wait until the glue has dried and then fill it with fresh clean water. The birds will love you for it. 

Alternatively simply use old  plastic or terracotta saucers, or even an upturned bin lid and fill with water. Place them in a safe area for birds and watch them enjoy a place to drink and bathe.

8. Make Your Own Plant Labels. 

Reuse ice cream or lollipop sticks or any similar product to label your plants in containers, seeds or in the garden. They may not last as long as more expensive or beautiful bought plant labels,  but they are useful as a temporary measure for seeds and you can replace them when they wear out. 

Personally I strike a balance using free or cheap plant labels for seeds and more expensive but durable metal plant labels for more permanent plants

9.Lighting In The Garden

Sorting  our gardens with  lighting makes them a useable and lovely space to be in the evenings.

However employing an electrician to fix up outdoor electrical lighting can be very expensive. An alternative is to use Solar-powered lights which are more cost-effective, portable and require no installation costs.

10. Protect Your Pots.

Instead of buying expensive terracotta feet to raise pots off the ground to improve drainage, prevent waterlogging and frost damage,  try using old bricks you may have and placing pots on those. 


Even though gardening is one of my main hobbies and interests, I employ most of these money saving tips. It means that I then have money to spend on other things for the garden that I may need or want!

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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Reviewing Renovating Old Pine Furniture Project


Two Pine chairs one sanded, one painted grey

This review covers an easy DIY project to renovate old unremarkable furniture into something to grace our homes and fit with existing decor. 

In our case we wanted a new dining table and chairs but the only ones we could find to fit our space and circular were very expensive. We did however find a lovely circular table and four chairs that were perfect for our needs and very comfortable at a very good price, but the issue was that they were a quite horrible orange pine colour.

I am not usually an advocate of painting wood. If it is beautiful oak, mahogony, rosewood or reclaimed wood I will not paint it. 

However orange pine with a shiny finish is just not to us all that beautiful and did not fit in with the rest of our decor ideas for the dining room. 

I am not deterred by a minor issue like this and we really liked the style and comfort of this dining set. So we bought the dining set and went about cleaning, sanding and painting. 

Here I will tell you what we did with the chairs. 

Step One Sanding Down Pine Chair

First it was important to sand down the wood. It had a shiny surface to it and I did not think even the best paint would go on well over such a shiny surface. 

With some furniture paints they declare that you do not need to sand down first so it is always best to  check the instructions and perhaps do a patch test to make sure if you need to sand or not. 

So we sanded it with a fine sandpaper until all the shiny orange paint was no more! 

It is important to do this step carefully and take your time as skimping on this preparation will affect the whole project.

I don't have a workshop or anywhere to do this kind of work so for me it was a case of clearing a room and laying down dust sheets and working on the floor. Of course a work table or ideally a workshop would be wonderful but this project is perfectly possible with none of this.  

Pine chair sanded and masked ready to paint

Step Two Cleaning The Chair

Next I cleaned the whole chair including the seat cushion and back.

The wood was cleaned with sugar soap and the chair with an upholstery cleaner. There is no real skill to this, all this took was time and following the cleaning instructions.

Then we left it all to dry.

Close up of design on chair sanded

Step Three Masking Tape 

With a project like this it is important to use masking tape to mask off all the areas that you do not want to paint. I do find this step rather boring but it is necessary. 

It is worth spending a little time over this as it is a lot more difficult to remove paint from where you do not want it than to simply mask it off beforehand and does make the painting process easier. 

Step Four Painting The Wood

After laying down sheets I set about painting the whole chair. 

It needed to be done in two steps so that I could reach the whole wooden parts of the chair. So involved the chair standing up and laying down to reach it all. 

As I had two chairs on the go at the same time this was possible to do without wasting time. 

We chose a light grey colour. It did take two coats to cover the wood. I would always recommend two coats. A darker colour may have covered the wood more thoroughly with one coat but I always think two coats gives better coverage and longevity.

Two pine chairs one sanded and one painted grey

Furniture Paint. 

We used Rust Oleum Satin Finish Furniture Paint. It says on the tin it is a superior satin silky finish in slate grey.

I found that this paint went on very well and smoothly. I found it a really good paint to use.  It did not have an overpowering smell and did not give me a headache as many paints do. It went on well although was a little drippy, so it was essential to have sheets down. It is necessary to stir it well before starting to paint. 

The clean up is so easy as it is water based so it is just a case of wiping off most of the excess paint then washing in water. 

If I had a workspace I might have used a Rustoleum furniture spray paint which may have speeded things up. However I was doing this project in winter in our dining room so a spray paint would not have been a good idea in these circumstances. 

Any good furniture paint can be used, just choose the finish, application method and colour you like. I tend to go for water based and low odour for ease of use in the home and clean up afterwards. 

Tin of furniture paint

Due to the space and how intricate some of the work was I used a small paintbrush and I think this was a good idea so that there was more precision.

After the first coat the finish did not look all that good but I always expect this. 

I left it to dry thoroughly then applied a second coat and this is where the magic happens as the pine disappeared and the beautiful slate grey colour saturated the wood. I an no expert but I think the finish, even in the more difficult intricate parts is pretty good. 

Close up of painted chair

Finished Pine chair painted grey project

The four chairs took me two days to do at a fairly relaxed pace with lots of coffee breaks! It is a straightforward project that anyone could do really. All it takes is time and patience and a few basic painting skills. 

The Supplies You Need For This Furniture Project

Furniture Paint or Rustoleum paint 


A small paintbrush

Masking Tape

Old sheets, dust sheets or anything you have to protect the floor

We think it was a worthwhile project and we now have a lovely dining set at a fraction of the price. 

If we ever get fed up of the colour  or go for a different scheme, it will be very easy to change with a light sanding and a coat of new paint.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

A Review Of Tower Fans A Powerful Cooling Solution


Black Tower Fan Showing Controls

When it is hot weather a lovely cooling breeze is the perfect solution. However we cannot always be out by the beach when the weather is uncomfortably warm  and when we are working or sleeping especially, a cooling tower fan is invaluable.

For perimenopause and menopause many of us have to deal with hot flushes and night heat at any time of year and a cooling breeze can be very welcome. 

We bought our tower fan a little while ago. It is a Pro Breeze  and we are very happy with it. 

We wanted to buy a good cooling fan so that we are not caught out in the height of summer. We do not have air conditioning in our older home and it would be very expensive to retro fit it, so our best solution is a good fan.  

I often get too hot even in the winter and as our bedroom and main living room is west facing getting the afternoon and evening sun, it can be really very uncomfortably warm for us there. 

We find that our Tower fan provides a great lovely breeze that really helps to cool us and we do find it much better than our round fan.


Black Tall Tower Fan


Places To Use A Tower Fan 

In the Bedroom is perfect as it is especially on the lower speeds, really quiet. I can sleep through it easily and I am a light sleeper. 

It really does help us to sleep more comfortably and drop off to sleep quicker rather than trying to find a cool spot in the bed. We love it being a tower fan and we feel the breeze rather than our round floor fan which never really reached us. 

In the Living Room and Dining Room it is good to keep the whole room and everyone in it at a comfortable temperature and is quiet enough that you can talk, play games or watch tv when it is on.

In the Office, which for me is again west facing, it helps to provide a gentle breeze keeping me cool and calm which if course helps me to work better. Again it is quiet enough if you need to do a phone call or zoom meeting. Especially in the summer when working at a computer, I find it feels hotter because of the tech, so this for me is now essential. 

Key Features To Consider When Buying a Tower Fan  

Here I can tell you what we appreciate about our Pro Breeze Tower Fan and they are points to bear in mind when choosing any tower fan. 

  • We are impressed with the powerful cooling performance and choice of it being static or oscillation. We usually have it on oscillation so that the cool breeze of circulated around the room. 

  • Fan Speeds and Wind Modes. It is best to have a fan with different speeds and wind options. We can choose from several fan speeds: eco, one, two and three and three wind modes. We find this flexibility very useful.

  • A Remote Control means convenience. The wireless remote control allows us to adjust settings from across the room. We can easily change the airspeed, wind mode, and timer functions. This is especially good when you are already in bed or engrossed in a film and want to change the speed or wind mode. So I would recommend a remote control.

Black Remote Control for Tower fan

  • Built-In Timer. A timer function is very useful indeed. We can time it to work for an hour, two hours, four and eight hours. I often set it to one hour as we drop off to sleep and this is often enough. This helps to save energy costs rather than having it on all night which we don't really need most of the time. When it is hotter or if we have a heatwave, I will set it for longer. 

  • The control panel lights light up when pressed but go off after a short time. This is a great feature as if you are using the tower fan to sleep there are no lights to disturb. I feel this is an important feature. 

  • Design Features. Our Pro Breeze Tower fan is Black and fits in to any of the rooms in our home. It is very slim and tall, yet completely stable on its base which is an important safety feature. So it does not take up very much space in any room. I think it looks fairly stylish for a fan and not out of place. You do need to make sure you have a recommended amount of  space around it for safety reasons so it is important to check that for each machine.

  • Portability. Our Tower fan is portable and the weight is no problem for me to carry alone from room to room. So if it is likely to be moved from room to room weight and carry function is important. However I did find it more awkward to carry upstairs, the weight was Ok but it was just awkward with being tall. However we wanted a tall fan so accept this.  It has a big carry handle which makes it easy to move. It is not heavy and I can easily carry it alone. 

  • Power Source. Ours has an electric cord and must be plugged into a mains plug point. It does not run on batteries so you do need to be reasonably close to a plug but it does have a long cord so this is not an issue. These are relevant things to check.

Close up Of Tower Fan Control Panel

Good Points Of The Tower Fan We Own.

  • It is slim and tall and does not take up much space.
  • It is tall so circulates air at a better height.
  • Our Pro Breeze Tower Fan was simple and easy to assemble and fix the base and then the tower on to the base which only took a few minutes. 
  • We have found it to be energy efficient.
  • It has different speeds and wind modes to suit any situation and the desired cooling effect is excellent. 
  • The timer function is invaluable. 
  • We feel it is a safer option than fans with moving blades.
  • It has a big carry handle and is not heavy to move around.
  • Control panel lights go off after a short while to enable restful sleep. 

Dreo Tower Fan  

Honeywell HYF260 Quiet Set Tower Fan

Tower Fan, 22" Bladeless Fan with Remote

All in all a Tower fan is a great solution for warm and hot days in your living room, bedroom or study and at any time of year if going through peri menopause or menopause and coping with hot flushes, all without spending too much money or taking up much space in your home.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Reviewing Wellbeing Benefits Of Nature Reserves

Wetland nature reserve view of lake and reeds through trees

 Life can be busy and stressful and I find it is necessary to take time out whenever I can to connect with nature. Being in a nature reserve like the one near us is really grounding and brings a sense of peace and serenity.

 Nature reserves, more than any other place for me are a beautiful experience. The scenery is stunning and peaceful, I love the changing seasons and wildlife and being both an observer and a part of nature. Often quiet and free from traffic noise with only the lovely sounds of bird calls and wind in the trees it is a chance to clear my mind, rejuvinate and relax.

 There are many significant benefits for our mental and physical health by spending time each week, or as often as we can in this environment

Wetlands nature reserves water and reeds and close up tree

 Emotional Wellbeing And Mindfulness 

 As soon as we enter the nature reserve I feel a sense of relaxation, of letting go. We generally do not take any tech with us except for a mobile phone which is for use only in an emergency. Otherwise we do not look at it. Spending this time in a natural setting reduces stress and raises our spirits. I think the combination of exercise, fresh air and relaxing, peaceful scenery all helps to calm and clear the mind and improve mood. 

 In addition the beauty and wonder of being connected to nature that is something greater than ourselves gives us a deep appreciation for life and there is always at least one unexpected surprise or amazement on each nature walk that make us us feel a sense of wonderment being alive and inspired. On our last walk we saw a gorgeous woodpecker, heard the bitterns booming and found a rare orchid which the wardens had fenced off to protect it for example.

Physical Health Benefits Of Walking In A Nature Reserve.

 When we visit the nature reserves we walk for miles, much farther than when we walk around our town for exercise. We try to walk for an hour a day but when we go to a nature reserve we easily walk two or three hours without even thinking about it. 

Walking can be done at a gentle pace or a good hike. You can in our reserve stay on the wide main flat paths which are good for people who like or need a steady safe walk or are using a mobility aid or vehicle. There are also more narrow sloping winding paths or more challenging routes through the reserve. It can easily be a steady low impact exercise to a good workout. 

This is beneficial for us on many levels such as heart health, muscular strength, and improving general fitness levels. The fresh air free from traffic is great for our lungs and bodies and all our senses are stimulated and relaxed at the same time.

 Conservation Of Nature Reserves

 The nature reserve we visit is a result of human intervention. The wetland area used to be where heavy chemical industry was with awful pollution and toxic waste. When the industry was closed down the authorities wanted to use the space for waste disposal.

Only due to the proactive local people and nature conservation groups having a vision of a beautiful natural rescource for nature and people was the area gradually converted over years into a gorgeous nature reserve. Even before it was finished birds and mammals started to move in!

It is now so rich in birds, mammals, trees, wetland and flowers and a wonderful resource for people to enjoy and learn about nature. 

 Many people go there for exercise, photography and to learn about wild flora and fauna. They run childrens outdoor classes so the next generation can learn and hopefully preserve our beautiful wetlands. to hopefully inspire a love of wildlife and the protection and maintenance of these amazing natural resources.

Pursuing Hobbies And Interests

Someone once asked me at the Nature reserve, are you here for the walking, wildlife, flowers or photography?

 It struck me then that people can gain so much in this environment. 

As I took notice some people were clearly serious walkers and took this environment to walk a certain distance or time, gain fitness and enjoy the scenery.

 Others were taking it more sedately, chatting with each other, pointing out beautiful scenes, showing children the wonders of nature. Sitting on the various benches and walking gently with each other taking in the lovely views and having a peaceful lovely time.

Then I noticed the photographers, some with serious pieces of kit, tripods and top of the range camera and zoom lenses to bridge cameras and mobile phones all taking notice of the world around them from the open scenes to a single flower, bird photography to the waves of the river.    

The artists were set up in quiet places sketching out scenery and birds, often to me seeming in deep concentration.

The nature lovers were watching, listening, often with binoculars very quiet, very still, occasionally consulting books or phones for information loving every minute.

Many people of course combine several or many of these interests and we all enjoyed a lovely mug of hot tea or coffee in the centre at some point during our visit there, where we chatted with each other or sat in quiet revery. 
I realised that one setting is enjoyed in so many respectful ways and nature gives to each of us in a way that we need it, in ways we individually appreciate it. How beautiful is that!

Fostering A Sense Of Community

 We can visit the nature reserve and be quiet and alone, yet even then be a apart of something special. However if anyone wishes there is also the opportunity to be involved in many levels from casual chatting in the observation centres, joining of walks to full on volunteering.

 Group walks and guided walks to learn about the wildlife are available where you can chat to others who are also interested in nature. More structured classes are held over several weeks or regular walks on certain days where a more regular set of people attend.

You can also do regular volunteering work in the centre or giving talks, raising awareness or helping in the gardens, whatever suits your time available and skillset. In all these ways a common aim of loving and preserving nature providing opportunity for social interaction either casual or committed, can lead to a sense of community and belonging that is sometimes lacking in this modern world and fosters a sense of wellbeing.

 Whether you are alone or in a family or friendship group, young or older we can all benefit from seeing and hearing beautiful wildlife, breathing fresh air, exercise, learning about nature, maybe pursing a hobby like painting or photography  and sharing each others company when we want to. 

The connection with people may be a brief chat about a bird sighting, the shared excitement of seeing a beautiful bird or a precious rare flower, a group of people you get to know on a deeper level via set walks or classes or a belonging as a volunteer, it all helps.

Nature Reserves For General Wellbeing

So in this way walking in a nature reserve can have a range of benefits and opportunities for our mental, emotional and physical health with a sense of belonging and community that can lead to a better quality of life overall. 

We are so appreciative of our wonderful special nature reserve resource and would not be with out it and will protect it as long as we live.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Reviewing the Beautiful and Cheerful Daffodil.

Yellow Daffodils In The Garden

Daffodils are abundant in my garden right now and I love to see their beautiful vibrant colours  and gently swaying trumpet shaped heads bringing sunshine to a cold day.

Daffodils are native in Europe and North Africa and although the name Daffodil is most commonly used, the botanical  name is Narcissus and they are part of the Amaryllidaceae family. 

Regarding the name there is also a link with the Greek myth of Narcissus. The story goes that he was renowned to be very beautiful  and he fell in love with his own reflection, so much so that he pined away until he died and turned into the flower narcissi or daffodil. 

Tall Yellow Daffodils

Daffodils In The Garden 

Even though it has been very cold here ever since they flowered, their appearance symbolising  rebirth and new beginnings gives me hope and joy. Although it has not been a particularly harsh winter this year, it has been very cold, damp, grey and very rainy so it is lovely to see some colour and brightness in the garden which certainly lifts the spirits for warmer weather and Spring. 

Most of mine are golden yellow colours but some are white and some are fragrant which is lovely. There are also orange flowers and combinations of yellow and white or orange and yellow. 

 Daffodils are very versatile in planting schemes for the garden. I like to plant little Tete a Tete daffodil in pots and troughs where their delicate looking blooms can be easily seen. The bigger daffodils are planted in the borders of the garden. Daffodils can also be naturalised in grass. 

 As we have a lot of daffodils, some can be spared to be used as cut flowers and brought inside to place in a vase. This is lovely to bring Spring into the house. They look lovely in a vase by themselves or mix very well with other flowers perhaps white, purple or blues being my preferences. 

 Daffodils come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from the tiny to the large and different colours from yellow gold, white and orange.  Many have the classic strong trumpet shaped flower head and others have multi petaled varieties.


Looking After And Planting Daffodils 

Daffodils are bulbs and hardy perennials. This is lovely as they come back every year once planted. 

While planting bulbs in borders can be a little tedious, once it is done you will have daffodils every year with little effort involved.

Planting Daffodils

We can plant daffodil bulbs in the autumn/fall around September to November time. This gives them time to establish roots before winter cold sets in. Before planting check to make sure that the bulbs are  clean and firm, discard any that are mouldy or very soft as these may be too old or diseased. It is best to buy and plant bulbs in the same season so that they do not get hence to get any mould or go soft. 

Daffodils prefer full sun or partial shade and they do appreciate a well-drained soil so it is ideal to plant in an area that will get a decent amount of sunshine. We have an area of heavy shade and I never plant daffodils there as they will not do well. Other flowers fair better there. All my daffodils planted in the soil are in sunny spots and I move the ones in pots into sunny places as soon as I see shoots coming up.

I put a grit and compost mix in my containers for the bulbs. For planting in the garden we do have heavy clay soil which although I have improved over years is still less than ideal but the bigger ones have managed to thrive in it. So if you have a sunny spot but perhaps less than ideal soil give it a try with a small number of the bigger bulbs to see if they can be successful.  

Bulbs should be planted  approximately 6 inches or 15 centimetres deep below the soil surface. For this you can simple dig a hole with a trowel or use a bulb planter. Having done a lot of this I would advise if you are planting a lot, to invest in a bulb planter to make the job easier and quicker.  


When planting in the soil space bulbs about four to six inches apart, it will not be too long before  you will have daffodil clumps.

If planting in a container you can space them much closer together, just ensure that none of the bulbs are touching each other.

It might be a good idea to protect the bulbs from squirrels and rodents who may try to steal them! A wire mesh over the top of containers usually deters most of them.

Water them immediately after planting. Do also water them in dry spells,  but they do not usually require any special feed or much other attention.


Care Of Daffodils

All that you need to do is enjoy the blooms then allow them to die down naturally. The flowers will fade and at that point you can cut off the flower and its stem down to the base and then allow the leaves to die down naturally. Some people just cut off the heads of the daffodils and that is fine too, I just prefer to take the whole stem down as I think it looks better. 

 Some people tie up the leaves, I believe so they look neater as the plant fades, but there is no need to do that and I prefer to allow them to die down naturally which is also a lot less work.

If you have naturalised in grass, you must wait to cut the grass until the leaves have completely died down as they are feeding the bulb for flowers next year. Do it too early and you will have no or limited flowering next year. 

I always like to have daffodils in pots and troughs so that when they are blooming I can display them where we can see them and even up on tables. Then as they fade we move the pots to an unnoticed area of the garden. Then I can plant annual seeds in the pots and bring them out again when those flowers bloom, thus not wasting the space in the containers. 

A Word Of Warning About Daffodils.

 While daffodils are beautiful flowers and so cheerful, they do contain toxins and are not edible in any of its parts. I do tend to wear gloves when planting them and handling the bulbs a lot.

 It is important to teach children not to eat them. If you are concerned then it is easy to plant bulbs in a pot and put them high up out of reach of small children. 

My parents always had daffodils in the garden and I was trained to respect the plants in the garden and only to eat what my parents said was safe and never came to any harm.

Daffodils Inspiring Artists

Daffodils have long inspired poets and artists and you can see why.  The most famous example of poetry  is probably the ode to daffodils is William Wordsworth’s poem “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud,” where he describes the wonder of happening across a field of stunning golden daffodils dancing in the breeze.

In terms of art, the one that springs to mind immediately is Van Gough's  "Daffodils". The painting is in oils with vibrant colours and thick brush strokes and is hanging in the Norton Simons Museum in Pasadena California.

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