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Mother's Day ~The One Gift She Really Wants

 Many of you may know that in the last two months my life has changed drastically.  Not in a bad way, but in a drastic way none the less.  What happened?  Well my almost 92 year old mother fell, was hospitalized for a month and then it was decided that she could no longer live on her own.

So, our family has shrunk over the years and now it is growing again.  My mother has come to live with us!  There will be some challenges ahead.   Mother's Day is coming up quickly and it will be the first one she is spending in her new "home"!  As always we are looking to make it special.

After 70 some years of Mother's Days under her belt, you would think there is nothing in the world she could truly want.  Right?  

Wrong!  It seems that during her fall, her watch broke!  We have had it to several watch repair places and they all say the same thing - "It's not worth fixing!"  This was a watch that my father had purchased for her on one of their many trips home to Switzerland.  So she really did not want to give it up!  

So this Mother's Day we are on the hunt for a watch!  This may seem like a no-brainer, but, when you have a lady who is used to having a "nice" watch, it's not so easy anymore.  We are hoping that one of our choices will be close enough to her old watch, that she will enjoy the new one as much as the old.

watch image

There are so many new-fangled watches that keep track of steps taken, pulse rates, oxygen levels and so much more and she's not interested in any of that "nonsense"!  Personally I think she could use the extras to make sure she gets some walking in, but that's me and not her!

She wants a replacement for her watch that told her the time and the date!  She wants nothing more and nothing less.  And none of this Plastic or Silicone bands for her!  It has to be a metal bracelet type watch that is big enough for her to read but still looks nice.  Nothing that is heavy and /or bulky!

As you can see there are lots of options available for someone who is looking for a "simple" but elegant watch. Sometimes all the new electronic watches with their multi purpose uses are just not fitting the bill.  In her 92 years she has seen a lot of time pieces go by and the new ones just don't do anything for her at all.  

Simple, straight-forward and useful are her main needs and nothing more.  Truth be known, I think she'd be overwhelmed with the new digital watches/fitness trackers.  She would have to learn how to use that kind of watch!  I could see her jumping out of her skin if it started to vibrate or flash or sound an alarm.  She just doesn't want to do that!  

I get it and I'm so happy to report that while watches have been taken to a whole new level of usefulness, the old trusty analog watches are still there!

Now it's just a matter of choice!  I don't think we will surprise her, rather, we will give her the option of choosing the one she thinks she'd like best!

For all those Mother's out there, may I take the time to wish you all a Happy Mother's Day, may it be a timely one!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you and to your mom, Olivia. I can fully understand why your mom wants a watch like the one your dad gave her. It's more a memory gift than the fact that she might need to know the exact time at any given time. Sweet of you to search out just what would please your mom the most.

    1. Thank you and the same to you too! She will enjoy her new watch I'm sure as she is constantly asking what time it is! I guess it's something that makes her notice time passing by, I don't know! But she will enjoy not having to ask all the time!

  2. Happy Mother's Day--may you and your Mom have a special day.

  3. Trying to replace your mom’s high-end, analog Swiss watch that was a gift from your dad is a tall order! Perhaps the watch repair shops are wrong and it IS worth replacing because of its sentimental value to your mom. If not, then allowing her to choose a replacement herself seems like the best option. You’re a wonderful daughter!

    1. Well I'm sure that she will be pleased with a working watch. The other will be for sentimental reasons only! When she looks at her wrist she will be able to know what time it really is! Thanks for your kind words!

  4. Happy Mother's Day to you and your mother, Olivia. I know how she feels, Fran gave me a watch on our wedding day over 50 years ago. I still have that watch and it is in perfect working order, I would not part with this watch for anything. I hope she finds a worthy replacement.

    1. Yes, special gifts are the ones we really want to hang onto. I hope your timepiece last for many more years to come.

  5. Watches are often extremely important gifts, treasured for a lifetime, as is the case with your mom. I know I have a watch that I would not wish to replace. Actually, like your mom's watch, mine could not be replaced because it is a treasured gift. Since you will be giving her the new watch, I am certain, it will be treasured as well. Plus, she will still get to keep the watch her husband gave her so many years ago, even if it isn't working. At least, it wasn't lost. Also, like your mom, I prefer a watch that is simply an old fashion watch! Truly a great gift suggestion. Please wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day from us as well.

    1. Happy Mother's Day to you too! She has her eye on a simple inexpensive watch and will keep the old one as a treasure that she will still enjoy seeing. But a new watch is a must for her.

  6. I'm so so sorry to read about your mom's fall - it's so hard when our parents get up in their years (and we are too) trying to keep them safe - so nice that she's living with you - I know there are always challenges but what a beautiful way to spend her twilight years, with family. Also sorry to read that your mom's watch, given to her by your dad broke - I agree with your mom on the criteria for a new watch; simple, light, easy to read! Basically an uncomplicated watch - I have no idea what to suggest, primarily because I hate having anything on my wrist - I'll share this and ask for suggestions.

    1. Thank you Barbara, things are very challenging these days, but we are coping and learning how to deal with all the changes both to us and her. Life is a learning game after all and the rules change daily. We are still very blessed!


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