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How to Prevent a Door Handle From Hitting a Mirrored Closet


Anti-Collision Bumpers for Door Handles into Mirrored Closets

In 2015 I featured this door-stop hinge as a solution for preventing a door handle from crashing into a mirrored closet door. 

We've used the hinge since then; however, over the years, we've discovered that pushing the door too hard leaves marks and slightly gouges the door. 

While repainting all the bedrooms, we opted for a different anti-collision solution.

These two simple items don't require any installation or assembly. 

These Door Bumper Gadgets Are Ideal for Most Lever Style Door Handles Only

Bumpers to protect mirrored closets from doors hitting them

As noted in the above photo, I discovered two gadgets to replace the door hinge stopper I was using.

1. Suction Cup Slide On Silicone Door Bumper:

This bumper slides onto your lever door handle and offers enough distance to stop the handle from crashing into the mirrored closet.

It's a suction cup, so yes, it does suction onto the mirror. If you prefer to always have a door held open, then this is the better option. 

A slight tug will easily break the suction so you can close the door.

Yes, it will leave a slight suction cup mark on your mirror, but honestly, it was barely noticeable. I used it for over a month until I switched to the other non-suction bumper featured in the picture.

Why did I switch? With people opening and closing that door quite often, I didn't want it suctioning off and on the mirror all the time.

Check it out in more detail in the photo featured below:

Lever Door Bumper to Protect Mirrored Closets
Available on Amazon
2. Smaller Silicone Lever Door Bumper to Protect Mirrored Closets (Without a Suction Cup)

This bumper is smaller but works very well.

It's easy to use; simply slide it onto the lever-style door handle using one of the holes. 

Our lever handles aren't waved or curled, so I used the smaller hole to ensure it was snug and wouldn't slip off. 

Despite the smaller bumper, it still fully protects the door from hitting the mirror.

Note: The ones I purchased from Amazon Canada were slightly bigger (one of the circles was .9inches versus .8inches in the Amazon link provided below). 

Check it out in the photo below:

Another Option I Could Have Done, But Opted Against:

You can get longer door stops; you know, the door stop that all walls have to protect door handles from hitting the wall. 

In this case, you would install the door stop on the door itself, and when someone opens the door, the stop will extend passed the door handle and stop against the mirror.

No, I didn't want door stops slamming into the glass. So "no" to this one!

Added Bonus: A Handy Headboard Hack Using the Silicone Suction Cup Bumpers

The headboard on one of our beds always wiggles and bumps the wall. We've adjusted it several times, but it still happens. 

I solved the problem by estimating the distance between the headboard and the wall, then cutting the suction cup bumper to fit and putting it between the wall and the headboard. It acts as a barrier. It's solid! The bed no longer bangs the wall when you turn over!

Tips for the Headboard Hack: 
  • If you do this, be sure to cut them longer, then trim them to fit - make it so you have to force it in a bit
  • Put the suction cup portion on the wall
  • They don't have to be in the same spot on both sides of the bed - walls may not be level, so simply put them where they will best grab the bed and the wall on each side.
Check it out in the photo below:

A Headboard Wall Bumper Hack

Warning: If you have little kids or pets, be cautious with these smaller gadget suggestions. In fact, if I had little kids and/or pets, I would stick with my original suggestion, a door hinge stopper.

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  1. I really like the solution you ultimately chose, which is not only effective but also small and unobtrusive. Your headboard bumper Jack is ingenious!

  2. Oh, I love the slide on bumper suggestion. Anything that protects walls and mirrors (especially mirrors) is wonderful, but I think I would prefer the slide on bumper. Thanks for the recommendations based on your actual experience.

  3. This is not a problem that I have run into personally, but it's good to know that there is a solution and your hack works so well. I'm sure there will be many people that will be happy to hear this solution to a very real problem.


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