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Pull Out Drawers For Kitchen Cabinets Reviewed

Pull Out Drawers For Cabinets
I have recently been focused on getting my kitchen cabinets better organized.  I have a tall cabinet pantry with deep shelves.  Items or cans stored toward the back of the cabinet pantry are very hard to get out.  I am required to take everything out from in front of whatever I need and then put it back afterwards.  That process is time consuming and rather tiresome.  

I was thinking one day that what I really need are pull out shelves in that cabinet that would allow me to easily access things in the back, plus see what is there.  I went in search of a solution and found the SlidingSusan Pull Out Drawers for Cabinets.  I measured my cabinet and immediately ordered one drawer to try it.

I was very excited when it arrived and my husband offered to install the drawer for me.  I took everything off the shelf and he went to work.  According to him, it was easy to install.  

This drawer makes a world of difference! It is like doubling the size of the cabinet simply because I can easily access everything stored on that shelf.  

Previously, I forgot what I had and would end up buying more as needed for a specific recipe.  Unfortunately, that meant I would end up with a few cans of food that passed their expiry date before I used them.  

After using the first SlidingSusan drawer for a few weeks, I bought two more pull out drawers for additional shelves. They are truly fabulous and save a lot of time when grabbing a can of something from the cabinet.  Plus, I will no longer discover unused cans that have expired because they got pushed toward the back.  The Sliding Susan pull out drawers are expensive, but when I consider how convenient they are, plus how much of a toll they spare on my back and shoulders, I believe they are well worth the cost.


The Sliding Susan Pull Out Drawers for Cabinets

 SlidingSusan Pull Out Cabinet Organizer - Fully Assembled Pull Out Drawers For Kitchen Cabinets - Dovetail and Soft CloseCheck PriceThese drawers come in several different sizes.  It is important to measure the opening and depth of your shelf before you place your order. 

The drawers have 3" sides which do a great job of holding cans in place so they won't slip off and hit the floor.

The slides allow the drawers to fully pull out, plus they have soft closure that helps keep the items secure.  I did put a liner on my drawers to help keep the cans and bottles from sliding around on the shelves.

The drawers arrive completely assembled. We only had to screw the base to the original shelf.  

I love being able to pull out the cabinet drawer and grab whatever I need quickly, without having to take everything out every time I need something.


Additional Tools Needed for Installation 

  • Center Punch (to start the holes in the existing shelf)
  • Drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Wood Glue (my husband used wood glue in the drilled holes to make the screws more permanently secure)



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  1. These pull out drawers look great, Sylvestermouse. My son and daughter-in-law had these installed several years ago when they had their kitchen remodeled and they are so nice, making working in the kitchen a pleasure rather than a chore. I wish I had something similar in my kitchen pantry, but it's a rented apartment, so not feasible.

  2. These look great. A great solution for seeing in the back of deep cabinets everywhere. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. Mouse, these look like a terrific solution for deep pantry shelves! Simply screwing them onto the desired shelves seems easy, indeed. I also appreciate the tall walls to hold cans securely in place when the drawers are pulled out or pushed in. Our shelves are fairly shallow, but if we had deep shelves I would buy these in a heartbeat!

  4. Oh I would love something like this - my mom had pull out drawers throughout the kitchen, and it's very convenient. They look really nice too! I really didn't know that you could do this as an addon - thought they only came with a new installation. Love having the product you referenced to look into this!

  5. What a great idea for making cupboards more user friendly! No more dead corners in the cabinets where things go to die because you only find them when they have expired! I love this idea a whole bunch!


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