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Your Back Will Love This Practical Laundry Bag Backpack

Carrying laundry to and from the basement laundry room in our old house has always been a bit nerve-wracking, thanks to the narrow, steep basement steps that wouldn’t meet today’s building codes. I can’t navigate them safely without holding onto the handrail (which is only on one side). So, when I was perusing Amazon and accidentally happened upon a laundry bag backpack, I got quite excited.

Today, I’m sharing my review of this spacious, practical laundry bag backpack that turned out to be the perfect solution to my clothes-toting challenge.

Lightweight, comfortable laundry bag backpack great for college students!

Whether you have a large family, hate doing laundry or know a busy college student who makes trips to the washer and dryer only when they're running out of clean clothes, toting around large loads of laundry can be a real pain in the back, especially for those of us who already suffer from back pain. Fortunately, the smart folks at √Ézhido have made toting multiple loads' worth of dirty or clean clothes back and forth to the laundry room or laundromat a lot easier on the back with their extra-large laundry bag backpack.

Here's what I love about it.

Hands-Free, Comfortable, Back-Sparing Design

Because it's a backpack, my hands are free to hold onto the banister as I lug my tops, pants, underwear, socks, etc. up and down the stairs to the washer and dryer. There is also much less strain on my back, thanks to the lightweight fabric and the weight load of the contents being balanced behind me and distributed evenly between the comfortable, thick, foam padded straps. 

As a result, I can easily carry multiple loads' worth of apparel to and from the laundry room in one trip, something I could never manage with a conventional laundry bag or basket.

Extra-Large Capacity

Excluding the gray, drawstring-top extension gusset (which folds down into the bag when not needed those dimensions increase to 39.4"L x 15.1"W x 15.1"H with a 115-liter (4.06-cubic foot) capacity, easily enough space to accommodate three to four loads' worth of clothing.

There is also a 15” x 11.2” outer pocket to hold laundry detergent and other items, which is especially useful if you are going to and from a laundromat. I have also used it to keep delicate, hand-washable items separate.

partially filled laundry bag backpack
Even filled with two loads' worth of clothing, the bag is just half full.

Perfect for Bedding and Oversized Items

Because of its generous capacity, this laundry bag backpack can be used to carry large quilts and comforters, king-size bedding, pillows, down coats and others large, bulky items that can be unwieldy.

Adjustable Size

Just as the extension gusset at the top accommodates extra-large loads, the webbing strap can be folded over the top and securely latched to make the bag more compact when carrying smaller loads. The length of the shoulder straps can also be adjusted to fit the wearer and balance the weight optimally.

Man wearing laundry bag backpack
You can gauge the size of this extra-large laundry bag backpack on my 6' tall husband. The gray webbing strap can be folded over the top and securely latched on the other side to make the bag more compact for smaller loads. You can also see the large outer pocket for detergent, delicates, etc.

Sturdy Fabric and Durable Construction

The main body and padded straps of this laundry backpack are made of sturdy, rip-resistant 600-denier oxford cloth fabric. All points of wear have reinforced stitching, and the durable webbing straps and secure locking catches are also made for heavy-duty wear and tear over the years.

laundry backpack with foam padded straps
You can see the reinforced stitching and sturdy webbing on all the straps as well as the loop for hanging on a hook or doorknob or to carry the bag by hand for smaller loads.

Convenient Carry Handle / Hanging Loop

The sturdy loop made of heavy-duty webbing can be used to hang this laundry hamper backpack from a doorknob or hook or even carry it if your load is light.

Wide Opening

The wide opening at the top makes both filling and unloading this laundry bag extremely easy.

Wide opening in laundry backpack
You can see how easy it is to fill and unload the bag, thanks to the wide top opening (the gray extension gusset is opened up here to accommodate up to 3–4 loads).

Compact Folded Size

When not in use, this laundry bag backpack folds down to a very compact size for storage.

laundry bag backpack folded to compact size

Wide Choice of Colors

At the time of this review's publication, this laundry bag backpack comes in a choice of 13 colors: Teal (the one I chose), Army Green, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Khaki (a pale tan, like chinos), Light Purple (a plum color), Orange, Pink, Purple (a grape color), Red (a deep crimson), Yellow and Charcoal Grey. The wide selection of colors is especially nice if you plan to give these as gifts.

Very Affordable

At the time of this review's publication, the price of this extra-large, heavy-duty laundry bag backpack on Amazon is on sale for less than $22 ($20.49 TO $21.49, depending on the color), regularly $22.99-$26.59, making it an affordable and effective solution to a frustrating problem.

Makes a Great, Practical Gift

The manufacturer emphasizes the usefulness of this product for college students, and I agree that these would make wonderful graduation gifts for high school seniors or anytime gifts for college students.

I also think they would be terrific gifts for anyone who uses a laundromat, has their laundry room on a different floor from the bedrooms or just does a lot of large loads on a regular basis.

Your Back Will Love This Practical Laundry Bag Backpack by Margaret Schindel

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  1. Interesting item. Never knew there was such a thing. :) I can see how handy it would be for carrying dirty laundry safely down basement steps without the risk of falling as with carrying a basket. And I can see it being especially helpful for college students hauling their laundry to the dorm laundry room or offsite to a laundromat. A very practical product.

    1. Thanks so much, Ms. Elf! It really does spare both my arms and my back and. more importantly, helps me safely transport loads of laundry up and down our basement steps.

  2. I can see how this would quickly become a necessity for carrying laundry up & down stairs, for college students, or for the trip to the laundromat. Freeing your hands to use rails, open doors, etc is extremely important. Whatever helps avoid accidents and makes work easier is always a welcome item.

    1. You’re so right, Ms. Mouse! I always used to dread my trips up and down our steep, narrow basement steps with a large laundry basket or bag (I tried both). And being able to easily and comfortably (and safely!) carry either one or multiple loads of laundry to and from our laundry room is a blessing.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful idea for college students and people who need to carry their laundry down stairs. What a unique solution.

    1. Thanks, Mary Beth! It really is a terrific solution even if you just want to carry large or multiple loads of laundry to a laundry room on the same floor without straining your arms or back.

  4. What a fantastic idea for multiple situations - great way for college kids to haul laundry around, or as you say in a home where going down the stairs could be an issue - remaining handsfree is absolutely essential for some of use, versus carrying something down steps with our hands unable to secure us on a railing - also a great item for those in apartments with laundry rooms who need to haul the laundry, keeps it private too.

    1. I agree completely about the importance/benefits of hands-free carrying. Barb. And you make a great point about keeping your washing from prying eyes in a shared laundry room, whether in an apartment building or a dorm!

  5. Oh this would have helped me so much when we were in our home. Hanging onto everything and still trying to have a hand free for the railing was a nightmare for me. Glad to see that someone has figured out a good solution to a very tricky problem. As always Margaret you come up with the most wonderful ideas to help me out!


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