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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review


Mr Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker Review
There is never a shortage of coffee in our house, and there is no doubt about it, we love our coffee.

It seems that about every two or three years we are buying a new coffee maker. The Mr. Coffee 12-cup programmable with rapid Brew is our newest addition to our kitchen.

We have had many different brands of coffee makers over the years and they all seem to certainly fit our needs. This time we decided to go back to Mr. Coffee. I didn't realize it until I opened the box that I bought such a colorful coffee maker.

There is nothing better than waking up to a hot fresh cup of coffee in the morning. I use the programmable setting so that when we wake up the coffee is ready.

Mr. Coffee 12 Programmable Coffee Maker Features:

  • Strong Brew Selector for a bolder cup of coffee. (My favorite)
  • Delay Brew set it ahead and wake up to fresh coffee.
  • The freshness timer monitors how fresh the coffee is from the time it's brewed.
  • Grab-A-Cup Pause when you need a cup before brewing is finished.
  • 2 Hour Auto Shut-Off automatically turns off the coffee maker so you don't have to.
  • Easy View Water Window lets you see the exact water level as you fill, for no overflows.
  • Lift and Clean Filter Basket for fast easy clean-up.
  • Rapid Brew System.
I really like the rapid brew system it brews a pot of coffee 20% faster than previous models. This is a great feature if friends drop over and you need a quick pot of coffee.

It's easy to make less than 12 cups with the easy view water window and adjusting the amount of coffee. The coffee maker requires 12-cup basket-style coffee filters (Not Included).

So far we are pleased with our new Mr. Coffee Maker, and it is reasonably priced so you won't have to take out a loan to buy this one.

If you happen to need a smaller coffee maker this 5-Cup Mr. Coffee Maker is reviewed by my friend, Pat Austin right here on ReviewThisReviews.

Find more Product Reviews Here:

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Monday, January 18, 2021

Reviewing the Mueller Premium 1500w Electric Kettle with Speedboil

 I recently purchased the Mueller Premium Electric Kettle because I needed a way to heat water for teas and lunches in my office. There are many brands and types of electric tea kettles. I suppose they all work well but I'm really happy with my Mueller.

My Mueller Electric Kettle - Perfect for Home and Office

With the world gone topsy-turvy, my usual routines have been disrupted for the past 10 months. I have been very fortunate to keep a job during quarantine. It has just shifted from remote work only, to going to the office some days, back to remote only, and back to some days at the office and throws off any chance for routine.

I have almost always packed my own lunch or ordered lunch from our cafeteria. But during these many months, the cafeteria has been closed. I have been extremely hesitant to order fast food during this time. And I've been lazy about walking up and down all of the stairs in order to use the microwave or I don't always remember to bring a lunch.

I finally decided to buy "something" to heat water at my desk so I could have oatmeal, add-water meals/soups, and teas without leaving my office. I half-heartedly looked at electric kettles for weeks before making a purchase.

WOW... such convenience!  I wish I hadn't waited for so long!

The Mueller Premium Electric Kettle with Speedboil

I ordered this "water heater" because it was pretty, it had good reviews, and I liked the glass and lights (again, it was pretty). I also liked that it was 1500w - which is more powerful than some electric kettles I looked at.

This Kettle sits on the corded base. So there is no cord to get into the way while filling the pot or pouring the hot water.

The spout has a filter screen. For just boiled water, I think the screen doesn't matter much. However, my office is in a historical building and we sometimes have flying insects enter the building (those ladybug look-alikes!!). I'm thankful for the screen to keep pests out of my water.

This kettle is easy to use! Push the button to open the secure top. Fill it with water (I have to use a cup to fill it or bring water because our building sink faucets are too low), return the pot to the base, and click the switch on. The light comes on and very small bubbles start to rise from the bottom of the kettle almost immediately.  There is a full and rapid boil in less than 5 minutes. After the boil begins, the switch kicks off automatically so there is no risk of boiling it dry.

I LOVE watching the bubbles and the blue lights. It boils so quickly. I did take a video with my phone even though I am a fairly inept videographer. Unfortunately, my phone mic is very sensitive and the sound was obnoxiously loud.  You can hear the boiling but it is not loud enough to interrupt phone calls or Zoom meetings. And personally, I like the bubbling sound.

This little item has been more convenient than I had expected. I no longer have to walk down the stairs to find a microwave and then decide if I'm going to eat in the public breakroom or carry my hot food back up the stairs. I no longer have to wait for longer breaks between appointments in order to make hot water... I can start this little electric kettle between appointments.

The kettle is much larger than I had expected. I fill it once and use it over several days to a week (depending on how many days I'm working from the office and how many cups of tea I make).

It looks like this Mueller Kettle is available online through many stores: Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Target, Macy's, and so on. I ordered mine from the Mueller store on Amazon.

My only complaint is the cord. While it is a 3-prong and heavy-duty cord, it is short. Plenty long for a kitchen countertop but not long enough to sit on top of my desk and reach the power strip on the floor. If your desk top area is far away from an outlet, as mine is, be prepared with a surge power strip that accepts 3-prong plugs. 

Related Link:

Mueller is a European company, with a California address, that appears to focus on Kitchen gadgets. This kettle is the first time I remember hearing of Mueller. While the company advertises as "Austria", my kettle was made in China. Which is not something I'm thrilled about. But this electric kettle seems to be made very well. The cord, glass, and synthetic handle material all have a very sturdy feel. The handle is large and isn't difficult for my hands (sometimes I have trouble with grip and/or lifting). This is the official Mueller website if you'd like to see what else they offer.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cafe Bustelo Espresso Style Coffee Reviewed

For Those Who Like A Strong Cup of Coffee

cup of black coffee
Rich dark coffee
If you are a fan of espresso or just like a good flavorful strong cup of coffee, you might be interested in the Cafe Bustelo line of coffees. I recently tried the Espresso style from this company and I really like it! It is bold, it is rich and it satisfied my taste buds!

The advantage to using the k-cup version is that you can opt to have a closer version of espresso depending on how much water you use in the brewing process. If your brewer allows a 4 oz cup of coffee, you will get pretty darn close to a real espresso. Selecting the 8 oz brew will give you a good strong cup of coffee which is a little watered down from what a true cup of espresso would be. I have tried it both ways and loved both. It kind of depends on my mood.

You can trust the Cafe Bustelo brand for an authentic Latin American type of espresso. Back in 1928, Gregorio Bustelo immigrated from Spain to East Harlem, New York. He was quite taken with the type of coffee found in many of the Latin American cities that he visited; especially in Havana, Cuba. He began to save his money to get his own roaster and eventually became a very prominent name in the Latin coffee community. As they say, the rest is history.

I tried the k-cup version of this coffee and I love it. You also have the option to purchase ground coffee if you prefer brewing your coffee in a pot. My guess would be that with the ground version you will be able to achieve a truly good shot of espresso especially if you have an espresso machine.

So, if you are a fan of good strong coffee; I highly recommend trying Cafe Bustelo Espresso style coffee. It is now one of my favorite brands to choose for my morning cup of coffee.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Double Black Diamond K-Cups Reviewed

Darkest Roast Coffee From Green Mountain

cup of black coffee
Cup of Dark Coffee image from
Starting a k-cup in my brewer is one of the first things that I do in the morning. My husband accidentally purchased the Double Black Diamond k-cups recently when I had asked him to get me the usual dark roast that I keep in our cupboard. (I'm guessing he didn't have his glasses on, saw a D in the title and threw it in the cart.)

I will admit that I was a little upset but decided I would give this blend a try. It was a dark roast after all and that is what I prefer. My first cup seemed just a tad strong but I quickly became used to it. Now, I'm actually glad for his mistake because I really like the flavor. The packaging states that it is the darkest roast that they make. I chuckled at their claim on the box that says on a scale of one to ten this one rates an eleven.

The coffee is also an Extra Bold which is a term that is often confused with the roast profile of a coffee. It has nothing to do with the roast which could be light, medium or dark. The roast is determined by how long the beans are roasted in the machine for that purpose. The longer the beans are roasted the darker the beans become. The term extra bold actually has to do with how much coffee is in the k-cup. They don't specifically say how much more coffee is in the cup but often the standard is as much as 25% more. Depending on one's taste buds that could result in a richer body or a better flavor.

I personally like a strong flavor to my cup of coffee; often a light roast almost tastes watered down to me. So, I enjoy the dark roast of Double Black Diamond and since it is extra bold (with more coffee) a k-cup gives me a nice strong cup to start my day.

One might think that because you are brewing the darkest roast with a little more coffee that it would just be exploding with caffeine. Actually the amount of caffeine in any cup of coffee (light, medium or dark) is pretty darned close to the same. Oh there might be a minimal difference but not much. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee actually has more to do with how the grounds were measured out to make a cup or pot and not by the roast. The roasting process doesn't alter the amount of caffeine much at all.

To me it is about flavor. I like a lot of flavor to my coffee and that is why I am glad that my husband made a mistake when he brought home a box of Double Black Diamond K-cups instead of my usual choice.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mom's New Nescafe Coffee Machine

Mom's New Nescafe Coffee Machine - the Dolce Gusto
Today I'm going to review the Dolce Gusto coffee maker that is my mom's new Nescafe Coffee Machine.   Now as you all know I'm a confirmed tea drinker, but I do also enjoy a nice coffee or a hot chocolate and this machine delivers with both.

My mom was given the Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee maker by my brother and sister-in-law and was looking forward to seeing what I thought of her hot chocolate when I stayed (mom always makes me a hot chocolate at night when I'm at her house).   The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Chocoletto was delicious!

Mom's Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker

I've seen that this coffee maker comes in sophisticated black and glamorous silver, but my mom was given a rather racy looking red which is very attention seeking in her kitchen!   The actual machine is one that takes capsules which are very popular at the moment.

Not only does the Dolce Gusto coffee maker make coffee and hot chocolate it can also make iced tea which is apparently delicious, although I didn't get around to trying that one myself.   Let's have a look at the coffee machine and see how it works.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine - Easy to use in four simple steps

As you can see this is a sleek looking machine which is what you expect from Nescafe, but let's look at each part and talk about how they all work together to bring you whatever elixir you crave!

  1. You can see that the water is kept at the back of the machine - this is just room temperature water filled from the tap or from your purifier whichever you prefer.   A bonus with this machine is that if you forget to check if you have enough water before starting it up (lack of caffiene can cause concentration problems after all!) the machine will stop midway and allow you to add water.
  2. Here you can see where you add the pods or coffee capsules (I'm never quite sure which term to use!)  For the hot chocolate, chai latte and other specialty coffees there are two capsules required a 'coffee' one and a 'milk' one.   Nescafe make the coffee ones black and the milk ones white to make it easy to grab one of each from the box.
  3. Depending on what drink you're making it will tell you how many levels to 'dial up' on the machine - the green lights indicate the level on the Dolce Gusto machine.   When I say tell you, it doesn't actually speak but rather is shown on the capsule lid!  My niece told my mum to go up an extra level and we enjoyed it just as much doing that so I would just use their instructions as a guideline as opposed to written in stone.
  4. The final part of the Dolce Gusto coffee maker is the switch which you put to the hot or cold side depending on what you're making because this gem of a machine makes iced drinks too!   Apparently the iced tea is delicious, but I didn't try it myself as mom had a peach flavored one which I wasn't too keen on.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Capsules
Let's look at the fuel of the machine, the coffee capsules or coffee pods whatever you want to call them.  They are available in a wide range of flavors and as you've seen above the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee machine allows you to make both hot and iced drinks.

Looking on Amazon I can see a range of flavors that my mom hasn't even mentioned so I'm excited about my next trip to stay with her.........or maybe I'll just have to get one of these machines myself and call it Lou's New Nescafe Coffee Machine!

I can thoroughly recommend the Chocoletto and the Chai Tea Latte and on my next visit I want to try the Mocha because combining chocolate and coffee is just like manna from heaven in my mind!  My daughter was looking over my shoulder as I checked out what capsules were available and has decided that her Nan will just have to get some Dolce Gusto Nesquik capsules!

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Don Francisco Coffee Review

My Review of Don Francisco Coffee

Don Francisco Coffee Review

To me, Don Francisco Gourmet Coffee is the best grocery store coffee and it's reasonably priced! (If you know where to buy it.)

In my quest to find the best coffee on the planet, I have tried so many kinds of coffee! I love the coffee houses and their pricey coffee, but who can go there all the time? And even to make it at home can be quite expensive if you go for really good coffee. 

So I have tried many different ones, even belonging to coffee clubs where they ship you different coffees to try every month. I have quite a few favorites too, but no one compares to Don Francisco Gourmet coffee in my book. To get some right now, click here

Don Francisco coffee reminds me of the film, Out of Africa, where Meryl Streep (as Karen Blixen, the Baroness who moved to Africa) started a coffee plantation. You can almost see the elephants pounding across the African Savannah, or a lion peaking out from behind a tree while it stalks a wildebeest. 

And you can almost feel the African music pounding through your bones from a group camping out on the plains playing drums and dancing. But that's just my vision. Maybe you've got your own. The thing with a good cup of coffee is that your dreams can take you anywhere, to any lovely scene in any exotic country you desire. 

Don Francisco coffee comes in lots and lots of types, from different areas too, like Kona to Colombia to the rain forests of South America. And it comes flavored in a beautiful array of tastes. 

It also is available in whole bean to grind it just before you make it, or already ground if you can't get a hold of a coffee grinder.But I really do recommend that you get a coffee grinder and try whole bean coffee. You won't want to go back, I assure you! 

Also I think the best way to make coffee is with a coffee press. To read about my favorite way to make coffee, see my page about the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press.

So the first Don Francisco coffee I tried was Vanilla Nut flavored and then I was totally hooked on it! Then I had to try other flavors and wow! 

Next came the Caramel Creme (yum!) and hthe Cinnamon Hazelnut and all the unflavored ones. All of them are wonderful. In fact, I've tried every single flavor of Don Francisco coffee and I love every single one of them! 

Well, I have to be honest and say I have not tried the Decaf, because well, I just don't understand the point of coffee without caffeine...(but I am sure it is delicious or Don Francisco would not put their name on it)

Get Don Francisco Coffee On Sale

If you are searching for a Don Francisco coffee coupon, no worries! It's priced so reasonably at Amazon you don't need a coupon! They have it at a great price year round! I love that, as I used to buy it only on sale and freeze it to save money. 

Then one time I needed a whole bunch of coffee for a party and didn't have enough. I went online and searched for a Don Francisco coffee coupon and instead it popped up with a link to Amazon. 

Wow, I never thought of checking Amazon for my favorite coffee! And there it was, cheaper than it is on sale at my regular grocer, even with a coupon! So now I can buy it any time at Amazon; it's like it's on sale every day! And of course if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free! Or if you buy $49 worth of coffee it will be free too! 

Don Francisco Coffee
So Many Coffee Flavors, So Little Time...

The Many Flavors of Don Francisco Coffee:

Vanilla Nut
Butterscotch Toffee
Cinnamon Hazelnut
Caramel Creme
Colombia Supremo
French Roast
Hawaiian Hazelnut
Kona Blend

If you like to make your coffee in K cups, those are available too. Just click here.

*All of the products below can be purchased at by clicking on the photo.

Don Francisco Family Reserve
Kona Blend Whole Bean Coffee 

From the mountain slopes of Kona, Hawaii, comes a blend that will remind you of Paradise every morning. I can close my eyes and feel the Hawaiian breeze in my hair. The secret is the volcanic soil. Yum !

Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Coffee, Whole Bean

If you love vanilla coffee, Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Coffee will blow your mind; it's VERY vanilla. In fact, it's so strong I mix it with unflavored coffee unless it's for dessert. All the Don Francisco flavored coffees are the strongest ones I've ever tried. No flavoring syrup is ever needed with their coffee. So if you like plain Colombian or a different flavor, just click the photo to see all the flavors.

Ground Don Francisco Vanilla Nut Coffee

If you can't do the whole bean coffee experience, this is a close second. As is the whole bean, this coffee is VERY vanilla. For mornings when you are rushed, this is a shortcut you can take that will still give you fantastic vanilla coffee. 

Braun KSM2-WH Aromatic Coffee Grinder, White

My favorite grinder, and mine has lasted since the 1980's so you know it's a good appliance! Braun stands behind their product and parts are still available if yours ever needs fixing. It is very strong and fast so be sure you watch through the top to get it the right grind texture for your liking.

Enjoy Your Coffee! And for some sweet treats to go with it, visit Food, Decor, Kids Blog

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Bubba Tumbler Review: Saves Money and the Environment

In 2014, I purchased a Bubba brand Envy Tumbler in an attempt to save money, avoid coffee spills, and reduce the amount of unnecessary plastic cups being sent to the landfill each day.  I had no way of knowing how much money and stress that one rugged, insulated tumbler really would save. If you are looking for a durable travel mug for hot or cold drinks, Bubba brand is for you.

The Durability of Bubba Envy Tumblers

As I mentioned, I purchased my Bubba brand tumbler years ago.  I've used that one single cup for my iced coffee nearly every day since.  I am only just now looking to replace it because I drove off with it on my Jeep bumper a few months ago.  As I turned out of my parking lot, I heard a "clunk" and saw iced coffee and ice skittering across the road.  With the intent of removing a potential plastic shard road hazard, I stopped and retrieved my Bubba Envy Tumbler.  Stunned, I found that my Bubba was intact and was only slightly loose at the top mold seam connecting the double walls. I've used it every day since that mishap and am only now looking to order a replacement.

If that isn't a testimonial for durability, I don't know what is.

Financial Savings of a Bubba Tumbler

When I purchased that first Tumbler, I began making my own iced coffee at home instead of stopping at a local coffee shop each day. I had realized that if I spent a mere $5 at that coffee shop each day, for 365 days a year, I was spending $1,825 a year. I invested less than $20 for the first Bubba. With the exception for travel and when I'm away from home, I have made my own coffee to fill it. 

If you saved over a thousand dollars in a year, what could you do with that extra money? 

Bubba Envy Insulated Tumbler

Travel Mugs: Environmental and Emotional Savings 

Commercial iced coffee is served in plastic cups with lids and straws.  I cringe when I think about having added one of those cups each day into the landfill before I began using my reusable travel tumbler. 

If you are clumsy as I am, you'll understand when I mention the level of stress that those plastic cups caused me.  The lids would pop off and the coffee would splash onto my clothes. And wow, have you ever knocked over one of those cups and watched helplessly as the lid pops off and the coffee washes across your desk like a miniature tidal wave? I have. But not since I have begun using this wonderful version of an adult sippie cup.

With a straw inserted, the Bubba Envy Tumbler isn't absolutely leak-proof. But only dribbles escape from the straw and straw opening, which is much better than the alternative mess.

Whether you drink hot coffee, iced coffee, or other drinks you will find a Bubba brand mug to suit your needs.  And it is a bonus that in the long run you will save money and help protect the environment. 

Visit ReviewThisReviews for more product reviews

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Koffee Kingdom Site Review

coffee maker
What can be more fun for a coffee lover like me than a site devoted entirely to coffee? Frankly, it's coffee everything. From bean roasts to cute-shaded sugar cubes, Koffee Kingdom has it all.

Yes, I will admit that I'm addicted to coffee. But for me, it has to be a good cup of coffee. Some things I knew about what makes a good cup for me, but I wasn't sure why. So I read a great article on this site: Coffee Bean Roasts and How They Effect Flavor. Now I know to choose the right roast to get the best cup of coffee for my tastes.

Coffee Makers: Keurig is King

coffee makerWhat I also discovered is why I want to have a fresh cup of coffee every time. Sure I knew about Keurig Coffee Makers, but didn't know why I would want to get one of those until I read a review about these machines.

In the article Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker, there is a list of all the benefits. Frankly, that sold me more than anything else. The idea of getting a fresh cup of coffee every time is just part of the appeal. No waiting for a pot to finish dripping, no wasting the extra coffee in a pot, and no handling filters and coffee beans all the time.

Coffee Home Decor As Well

tin sign
Drinking good coffee is one thing, but enjoying a little coffee atmosphere in my home decor is also a treat. And don't you know the site Koffee Kingdom has some of that, too. My little breakfast nook has coffee-themed wall decals, but I was looking for just a bit more to carry the theme. Tin coffee signs looked like a good addition. I found some cute ways to add to my decor.

There are plenty of other options as well, including wall clocks with a coffee theme, serving trays that add a little coffee humor, even fun mugs. Well, honestly, do we ever have enough mugs to enjoy our favorite brew? I don't so I love to find new ones.

Koffee Kingdom for Enjoyment

So my analysis of the site Koffee Kingdom is that it's got it all. The kind of information I need to make a perfect cup of coffee, great additions to my coffee world, and some fun ideas for gift giving as well.

Is the site worth checking out? My answer is yes. If you enjoy coffee like me, you will enjoy Koffee Kingdom. Then let me know what you think, too. 

Posted by: BuckHawk

About This Contributor

BuckHawk decribes herself as "Basically a lazy person who prefers the easy things in life." So that's what she writes about. Easy home decorating, easy recipes, easy entertaining. But, she is also a lover of animals, gardening and crafting. You'll find her writing all over the Web, but with Review This Reviews! she has the opportunity to write about all of her loves.

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review of an Easy to Use One Cup Coffee Maker

The Benefits of a One Cup Coffee Maker

My Mom finally took the plunge and treated herself to a Keurig Coffee Maker. As most of us know by now, the convenience rests in making one cup of coffee quick and straightforward.
Since Dad passed, and Mom doesn't need (or want) a regular-sized coffee maker, she's been talking about getting a Keurig. Well, she finally took the plunge, and sitting on her counter is this pretty coffee brewing system.
Quite frankly, I wasn't sure if I would like it; the main reason is that I had tried another brand
of one-cup coffee makers several years ago and didn't like it. I found it complicated. However, in regards to this particular make and model, I do like it...and yes, it's easy to use.
It's different than the type of coffee maker that would work for my family, though - I have too many family members, and a one-cup brewing system just wouldn't cut it.

Who Would Benefit From a Keurig:

  • Empty Nesters - absolutely ideal for just a couple!
  • Widowers - my Mom is in this category, and this set-up couldn't be any better
  • Kids in Residence - University students in Dorms! A convenient item to have in their rooms
  • The Cottage - Since the number of people varies at the cottage when it's quiet, and you don't have many visitors, this is a terrific alternative coffee maker.
  • RV's - If you're on the road, the ease and speed of getting a cup of coffee is ideal.
  • Nanny's Room/Grandma's In-House Suite - For those fortunate enough to have either a Nanny or a parent living with them, this machine could easily be placed on a shelf in their bedroom.

So here's the ultimate question: would I invest in a one-cup coffee maker, a Keurig...YES, I sure would! My favorite coffee brand is Maxwell House, and you can get Maxwell House packets for this machine - I had two cups this morning! Most of all, it's the speed and convenience that make it a worthwhile investment.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Coffee Emergency!

coffee kettle on open fire
Photo Credit
How far would you go for a cup of hot coffee?  This weekend, when my electricity was out, the thing that bothered me most was the inability to use my coffee maker to brew a pot of the elixir of life.  Seriously, I live for my early morning java. 

As for me, I drove nearly 60 miles for my cuppa joe yesterday at the crack of dawn.  Might sound kind of extreme, but I’m not lukewarm when it comes to coffee.  Freshly brewed coffee is essential to starting my day off right. 

I wasn’t prepared for a coffee emergency the past couple of days, but I will be next time.  As an avid camper, I always have canisters of propane on hand.  If I had already stocked the Coleman Propane Coffee Maker in the pantry, I would have been all set.  In 15 minutes I would have been savoring a latte brewski.  It’s just not right to weather a storm without one.

Check out this award-winning review of the Coleman Coffee Maker by kristalulabelle84.  I’m not sure how I have survived without this no-more-coffee-emergencies appliance.  Though I appreciate a rustic, woodsy lifestyle, there are limits to roughing it.  Why deprive yourself of the one little luxury that can make or break your next adventure (whether on the road or at home)? 

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