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Reviewing the Mueller Premium 1500w Electric Kettle with Speedboil

 I recently purchased the Mueller Premium Electric Kettle because I needed a way to heat water for teas and lunches in my office. There are many brands and types of electric tea kettles. I suppose they all work well but I'm really happy with my Mueller.

My Mueller Electric Kettle - Perfect for Home and Office

With the world gone topsy-turvy, my usual routines have been disrupted for the past 10 months. I have been very fortunate to keep a job during quarantine. It has just shifted from remote work only, to going to the office some days, back to remote only, and back to some days at the office and throws off any chance for routine.

I have almost always packed my own lunch or ordered lunch from our cafeteria. But during these many months, the cafeteria has been closed. I have been extremely hesitant to order fast food during this time. And I've been lazy about walking up and down all of the stairs in order to use the microwave or I don't always remember to bring a lunch.

I finally decided to buy "something" to heat water at my desk so I could have oatmeal, add-water meals/soups, and teas without leaving my office. I half-heartedly looked at electric kettles for weeks before making a purchase.

WOW... such convenience!  I wish I hadn't waited for so long!

The Mueller Premium Electric Kettle with Speedboil

I ordered this "water heater" because it was pretty, it had good reviews, and I liked the glass and lights (again, it was pretty). I also liked that it was 1500w - which is more powerful than some electric kettles I looked at.

This Kettle sits on the corded base. So there is no cord to get into the way while filling the pot or pouring the hot water.

The spout has a filter screen. For just boiled water, I think the screen doesn't matter much. However, my office is in a historical building and we sometimes have flying insects enter the building (those ladybug look-alikes!!). I'm thankful for the screen to keep pests out of my water.

This kettle is easy to use! Push the button to open the secure top. Fill it with water (I have to use a cup to fill it or bring water because our building sink faucets are too low), return the pot to the base, and click the switch on. The light comes on and very small bubbles start to rise from the bottom of the kettle almost immediately.  There is a full and rapid boil in less than 5 minutes. After the boil begins, the switch kicks off automatically so there is no risk of boiling it dry.

I LOVE watching the bubbles and the blue lights. It boils so quickly. I did take a video with my phone even though I am a fairly inept videographer. Unfortunately, my phone mic is very sensitive and the sound was obnoxiously loud.  You can hear the boiling but it is not loud enough to interrupt phone calls or Zoom meetings. And personally, I like the bubbling sound.

This little item has been more convenient than I had expected. I no longer have to walk down the stairs to find a microwave and then decide if I'm going to eat in the public breakroom or carry my hot food back up the stairs. I no longer have to wait for longer breaks between appointments in order to make hot water... I can start this little electric kettle between appointments.

The kettle is much larger than I had expected. I fill it once and use it over several days to a week (depending on how many days I'm working from the office and how many cups of tea I make).

It looks like this Mueller Kettle is available online through many stores: Home Depot, Office Depot, Staples, Walmart, Target, Macy's, and so on. I ordered mine from the Mueller store on Amazon.

My only complaint is the cord. While it is a 3-prong and heavy-duty cord, it is short. Plenty long for a kitchen countertop but not long enough to sit on top of my desk and reach the power strip on the floor. If your desk top area is far away from an outlet, as mine is, be prepared with a surge power strip that accepts 3-prong plugs. 

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Mueller is a European company, with a California address, that appears to focus on Kitchen gadgets. This kettle is the first time I remember hearing of Mueller. While the company advertises as "Austria", my kettle was made in China. Which is not something I'm thrilled about. But this electric kettle seems to be made very well. The cord, glass, and synthetic handle material all have a very sturdy feel. The handle is large and isn't difficult for my hands (sometimes I have trouble with grip and/or lifting). This is the official Mueller website if you'd like to see what else they offer.

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  1. What an absolutely convenient electric 'tea' pot to have and use for an office or even a home office. I can see it also making a really nice gift for someone in similar circumstances.

    Regarding those working from a 'home' office, a few years ago I was living in a condo and my 'home' office was in an upstairs spare room. The kitchen, and thus the coffee pot and microwave were in the 'downstairs' kitchen. It was very inconvenient to have to run up and down the stairs several times a day just to have hot water for tea or soup or other quick snack and drink. This Mueller electric kettle sounds like it would have been perfect for my circumstances back then and for anyone in similar circumstances today. Like my son and my daughter who have had to work completely from home for over 9 months now I will tell them about this helpful product by sharing your review with them. Thanks, Dawn Rae.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful electric kettle! I purchased an electric kettle for our daughter for Christmas this year for all of the reasons you needed one. Like you, I know she will need to carry her own water to work, but having a way to make hot soup, tea, etc. that is safe, seemed extremely important to me. I hope she likes hers as much as you like yours when she has to return to her office. If I had seen your review first, I would have gotten her the cute little bubble show too :) Sadly, her kettle is not clear.

  3. I was considering getting an electric kettle for myself last year. Ultimately, I decided to hold off on that purchase, which would be hard for me to justify, since I work from home and the kitchen faucet and microwave are only a short walk away from any room in our ranch-style house, other than the basement. But I remember looking at and comparing different electric kettle models on Amazon and choosing this one to add to my wish list for future reference, for its large capacity, quick heating, comparatively quiet operation, clear glass carafe, and pretty blue light. If we ever clear out our basement (the foundation was cut into a hill, so the back wall of the basement is above-ground) and start using it for more than just storage, I might eventually be able to justify getting one of these handy electric kettles. 😊

  4. Oh I can relate to short cords....that is one of my pet peeves. Electric kettles are energy efficient and that is a good thing. We don't have one, as we are coffee drinkers, but once in a while we do like a cuppa tea! We are still old school with a stove top kettle. If we need a new one I will consider this brand! Thanks for this review.

  5. I love the clear kettle! That must look nice as well. I did purchase an electric kettle a few years ago - and use it all the time - but honestly, I think I like this one better. Thanks for the heads-up on this one.

  6. This is a perfect fit for the office or home office. I can see why you like the convenience of it and not only for tea but so many other things like the oatmeal.

  7. Our kettle broke on Christmas Day! Luckily we had a spare one we had to find and unpack in order to have our hot drinks! I am so glad we had a second kettle and will now always keep a spare or second one in the home. I do like this kettle, it sounds very efficient. Its lovely that it is clear, it looks smart and would go with most decor be it in the kitchen or home office or even the bedroom. Thank you for a great review!


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