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How to Plan for a Move


How to Plan for a Move
How to Plan for a Move - Reviewed
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Moving is a daunting and stressful task. I've read that moving is one of the most stressful things that you'll ever do. So, if you’re going to be moving here are some helpful tips and tricks that I’ve learned from doing this several times myself. I’m by no means a professional mover; these ideas are based on my own experiences.

 Moving from one end of town to the other is stressful enough. When you move away from your home to another town it’s really tough. There are many more things to consider.

There are so many things to consider, where do you start?

My best advice is to start by making a list of things that you'll need to do. In other words, begin to make a plan. These things don’t need to be in any specific order right now, just start to write things down. 

Following are some things that you’ll need to consider:

  • If you're hiring a moving company make sure to read and understand all of their policies. Look for online reviews and make sure they are reputable. 
  • A new school for your children, this was always number one on our list. Especially if you're moving to another city. When we moved from Pennsylvania to Western New York this was a high priority for us. You'll need to get all of their school records transferred to the new school.
  • New Doctor and Dentist for you and your children. You'll need to transfer all medical records.
  • Change your address and forward mail to the new address.
  • Finding a new neighborhood, everybody wants to live in a nice area. Find a local realtor in the new city to help with this.
  • New bank or credit union for checking and banking.

Moving companies will do everything including packing for you. packing is something we always did ourselves. Most people don't want strangers packing their belongings.

Things you'll need are boxes, packaging material, such as bubble wrap, or kraft paper and tape. My preferred packaging material is bubble wrap and it is expensive. 

Packaging Material Tip:

To save some money, check with small to mid-sized manufacturers in your area. Most times these places receive materials with packaging such as bubble wrap and often throw it away. Most times all you have to do is ask and you can get it for free.

Double Wall 18x18x28Double Wall 18x18x28" Heavy-Duty BoxesCheck the Price

For dishes and breakable items, you'll want to use these double-wall corrugated boxes. The double-wall gives you added protection for anything that's breakable.

Wrap dishes in paper or bubble wrap and place them on end, not flat and stacked. Cups and glasses should be standing up.

Make sure that you fill all empty spaces with paper or bubble wrap so dishes, cups, and glasses can't move.

These boxes are expensive so, you only want to use them for kitchen breakables and other breakables such as lamps, vases, and pictures.


Small Moving Boxes - 16x10x10 - Cardboard BoxSmall Moving Boxes - 16x10x10 - Cardboard BoxCheck the Price

These are the perfect size boxes for heavy items. Such as books, tools, CD's, silverware, canned goods.

The idea here is that the box is small so it will fill up fast and the box won't be too heavy to handle. The last thing you want to do is overload a box.

You can also use these boxes for pots and pans since they are not breakable items.

For blankets, sheets, pillows, and clothing look for wardrobe boxes 20 x 20 x 34 with a bar for hanging clothing. These are much larger but the items are light. These boxes are also expensive. You hang your clothing and then pack pillows and blankets on the bottom.

Moving within your current area is one thing but if you're moving to another city or state it takes a little more planning. If you're planning a move I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful.

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  1. Lots of good moving advice here, Sam. After having moved some 18 times (and lived in 9 different states) in the past 50 years, I fully understand why making a list is helpful. There are also all those extra little things that need doing, such as cancelling utilities in one place and signing up for the new ones after the move. Thanks for all the good moving tips, Sam.

    1. Wow! Pat you certainly have a lot of moves under your belt. Yes, there are always so many little things to do that I haven't mentioned.

  2. Oh Sam, moving is something I dread to even think about. Stress, yes for sure! When we moved, we took on the task ourselves and were young enough to do it all. Today, if I had to move again, I would be hiring someone for sure. You gave some really good advice and anyone would be really smart to follow your hints. Thanks!

    1. I know Olivia, the stress of moving is something I dread also. Even if you hire a mover there are still so many things to do.

  3. Great comprehensive list and definitely wardrobe boxes for bedding and pillows :)

    1. Thanks Tracey, I always find the list very helpful if I have everything on it that we need to do.

  4. Moving is one of my least favorite things to do! While I enjoy the part of looking at homes and selecting one, I hate the actual move. We always end up moving some items in a u-haul ourselves, even when we use movers for most of our stuff. I have a pieces that were my grandmothers and I don't want them broken or messed up in any way, so we do that ourselves. My brother recently moved across the country and his moving company was a horror. First, they didn't deliver to their home due to snow. They left everything in a storage unit for my brother to move to his home by himself. Not everything was there either. Months later, the moving company found some of their belongings, but not everything. I learned from his experience that choosing the right moving company makes all the difference in the world!

    Thank you for your list of tips! I will refer back to it when we move. If we move, I'll need all the help I can get :) And yes, I am a huge list person, lol!

    1. That's a great idea to move cherished items yourself Cynthia. What a nightmare for your brother, that is bout the worst moving experience that I've heard of. I hope they were able to recover some of their losses.

  5. I’ve moved twice from one part of Manhattan to another, and once interstate, from New York City to Boston. Two of the three moves were nightmares, for different reasons. I really wish I had had these incredibly helpful tips back then to make things go more smoothly! Thanks so much for sharing your experience-based advice, Sam.

  6. Thanks Margaret, I'm certainly no expert, but have moved enough times to learn a few things so I thought I would share them.

  7. Sam, moving is the worst. As a Realtor in my hayday, I was surrounded by it! I use to think, "glad I'm not the one moving." We should have moved a long time ago, but when we were younger (hubby and I) we moved a lot. Once we got to this house, we were so exhausted, that we've stayed for nearly 30 years. As a realtor I know better, and that we should have moved upwards by now - but darn, I'm too lazy! However, we could be on the move in a few years - thank you for these excellent tips.

  8. We will be facing this in a couple of years I think. We have not moved much but when we have it always seems quite stressful! We have been here a long time so we will need a plan and to start early. I will be keeping your article as a guide. Thank you !


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