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Jeffrey Archer's False Impression Book Review

Jeffrey Archer's False Impression Book ReviewI started reading both the new book about Megan and Harry and the new book about the former U.S. president before I settled in with another Jeffrey Archer book, False Impression. I found the royal book a bit pretentious, the presidential book interesting but not quite what I wanted to read at the moment and the Archer book, a conspiracy thriller, riveting. Therefore, I am able to offer you a book review today of False Impression. Which book would you have chosen?

Anyway, it turns out that the difficult year of 2020 has had a very real impact on my reading choices. I seem to want well-crafted page turners, which give me a break from the simple, everyday routine of a life that is home bound. I work online, run essential errands, take plenty of walks and, like so many that are privileged to be able to stay home to stay safe, I do not do much else or see family or friends. A book to escape with has proven essential and Jeffrey Archer has fit the bill. 

I spent a large part of the spring and summer with his mammoth seven book series the Clifton Chronicles so this is the eighth Archer book I have read this year. When recently I could not settle in with any of my own book choices, my husband magically produced Jeffrey Archer's False Impression. I expect my husband was remembering how much I enjoyed the previous Archer books and that he picked this one because it includes a good look into the art world, which I do enjoy learning about.


The story? Well, start with a woman murdered in England the night before 9/11. Add in a brilliant art expert currently working for a crooked banker who is obsessed with owning various masterpieces at any price with his current choice being Van Gogh's Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear. Finally, add the banker's unlikely secretary, an honors graduate, and a handsome FBI agent.

The trip follows these characters around numerous bends that takes us on a trip that includes the cities of  New York, London, Bucharest and Tokyo until the Van Gogh painting finally has a new owner.


I could not put False Impression down. I read it for hours in the middle of night. I read it when I woke up in the morning. I gave my husband a good laugh when hours later I was still reading. Not surprising really given how much I enjoyed the previous Archer books but definitely surprising given that I am usually up bright and early every morning preparing eBay parcels and working online

Yes, this book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by me. It does a good job of sharing a bit about the twin towers, art history, English aristocracy and it includes a nasty villain, a female assassin and the FBI. The story keeps you wanting to know what happens next and it does so until the end of the book. I particularly enjoyed the armchair travel, the art and art history and the occasional humor, which mainly arose between the two main characters.

You should know that the book does include the tragic events of 9/11 and that the main character works in the North Tower. 


Well, this is when normally I say "but don't take my word for it" and give you a few stellar quotes from other online reviews but it turns out that this book received mixed reviews from the professionals so I cannot do that. However, Artis-Ann of The Yorkshire Times did like the book saying "she realizes and admits that you can enjoy the most erudite (knowledge filled) compositions alongside a jolly good yarn which doesn’t require very much concentration. After all, each to his own and the world would be a poorer place if we all liked the same thing." She also said that "she enjoys the temporary escapism that books offer and their variety and that this is another example." I think she summed it up nicely. 

Amazon readers liked False Impression with 88 percent of them giving the book a 4 or 5 star rating and Goodreads readers gave it a score of 3.81.

If you're looking for an easy to read in the form of an entertaining book with art, art history and travel, you should add False Impression to your list. You can see all of the versions available on Amazon by clicking right here.

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  1. Although I immensely enjoy the genre which includes mystery, suspense and thriller, I don't believe I have ever read any books by Jeffrey Archer. I shall have to remedy that after reading your review of False Impression and learning how much you enjoy this author. Very good book review, Brenda. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Elf. He's quite prolific so you won't have any trouble finding a book by Jeffrey Archer though I can't vouch for them all, LOL!

  2. Thanks for a very interesting review. Sounds like a book I'd like.

  3. This sounds like a captivating book! Like you, I would have chosen the fiction book that would take me away from current news events. 9/11 was indeed a horrific terrorist attack and not easy reading, but that is true for a lot of history. By the way, I rarely pay much attention to Amazon reviews. I find they are often critical and Wrong. I've found that people just like to complain and sadly, Amazon gives them a platform to do that.

  4. Brenda, this is a new author to me as well. I will have to look for this book and some others for sure. I love murder/mysteries/thrillers, so this fits right up my alley. I just finished The Gold Finch by Donna Tartt, also about the art world. Funny how that happens as it would not be a book I would generally pick up! So I will add this Archer novel to my must read list! Thanks!

  5. My husband is a fan of Archer’s novels, and this one sounds like a fascinating story he would likely enjoy! I’ll be sharing your review with him.

  6. This sounds like a book you cannot put down! I totally agree in these times it is great to have a book to escape for a while.Love that it takes us around New York, London, Bucharest and Tokyo. The story sounds fascinating and I think this is one to add to my list :) Thank you for a great book review!

  7. I wonder if my mother would like this book - sounds like something that would be up her alley - honestly it sounds like it would make a terrific movie as well. I always appreciated the book reviews here on reviewthisreviews. I wouldn't know about half of these books if I didn't check here - since I don't read fiction, or this genre, I get a lot of guidance especially for gifts for the avid fiction readers in my family.


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