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Free AI Voice Generator For Content Creators - My Two Fave Choices

Free AI Voice Generator For Content Creators - My Two Fave Choices

Most of my writing associates know that I write riddle and activity books

Expanding my social media imprint has been my most recent list of things to accomplish.

I remember thinking, "Why would I ever need voiceover for online work?" Well, of course, surprise, surprise, I need it.


Essentially, I found these two Free ways to do VoiceOvers:

1. Recording Your Voice On Your Cell Phone: Then Upload it To the Graphic Program You're Using

  • I downloaded an APP on my iPhone called "Voice Memos." I presume it's available for Android phones, but I'm not totally sure
  • I recorded my voice reading one of my riddles
  • I shared, via email, my downloaded file to my own email
  • I accessed my email on my laptop/computer and downloaded my Voice Recording to my laptop/computer. (Note: Those of you who have your phones and laptops/computers synced can skip "the emailing it to your laptop part")
  • With my downloaded Voice, I could upload my recorded voice to the program I'm using to create my animated riddles and all my graphic designs; Canva.
Here's One of My Video Creations for my YouTube Account for StumpedRiddles Using MY Voice:

2. A Free VoiceOver Program, ElevenLabs: My Personal Opinion is ...Wow, I Love It! 
FREE Plan Features: 
1) 10,000 Characters per month (~10 min audio)
2) Generate speech in 29 languages using thousands of unique voices
3) Translate content with automatic dubbing
4) Create custom, synthetic voices

  • This program is free, with paid further subscription options. 
  • It's not one of those frustrating services you must upgrade at some point. Stay at the Free Level if it works for you.
  • As of this date, there is a limit on the free VoiceOver character/word usage each month, but it's enough for me
  • Your free usage numbers restart for the next month - Awesome!
  • I won't go over "how to use the program" because once you jump in, you'll be able to spend some time and learn the ropes
  • There's a massive database of voices to choose from!
  • Under the Tab "Voices" in the side panel, there are two headings at the top center of that page - VoiceLab and Voice Library
  • Click on Voice Library to review all the voices you have available to choose from and add your favorites to your "Speech" tab
  • The speech tab (on the left side panel) is where you input your words and have them read by the AI VoiceOver selection you've made
  • Once you are satisfied, hit the little arrow at the bottom right of your screen to download your VoiceOver to your laptop or computer.
Here's One of  My YouTube Video Creations Using Several ElevenLab Voices:


There's a section in ElevenLabs that allows you to add your voice: You get paid when/if it's used. I don't know how that works, but I'm considering trying it.

Of all the Free AI VoiceOver programs I researched, was the easiest and the "free-est" to use.

Subscribe to my StumpedRiddles YouTube Channel and watch me in action as I build more content.

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  1. WOW, AI is getting used everywhere these days. Quite fascinating. Happy to hear this voice generator it is a workable addition to your creator talents. I'll have to tell my media interested teenage grandson about this. He will love it.

    1. There are so many programs available for VoiceOver, but what I found was that the "Free" portions left you with little choice but to switch to a paid version - and nope, I wasn't prepared to do that at this time

  2. Barbara, this is so interesting! I used to do professional voiceover work when I was younger (I also wrote and sang an ad jingle for the company I worked for when I was in my twenties), so the ElevenLabs opportunity is especially interesting to me. Thanks so much for sharIng!

    1. Wow, you would be a candidate for this; you have a great deal of professional experience tucked under your belt! No doubt about that! I'm not sure about having my 'voice' out there for mass use - was thinking about the security part of things - but honestly, if I'm recording my voice for my own work then I imagine it's a similar concern - BUT, I don't know much about this aspect at all on Elevenlabs - I have more reading and investigating to do - if you decide to look into it, don't hesitate to do an article on it, or pop me a message :)

  3. Mary Beth GrangerMay 5, 2024 at 11:13 AM

    This is so interesting. Amazing what can be accomplished with

    1. We're barely able to keep up with the world's changes! lol

  4. How very cool! Okay, I have a question because I would actually like to use this for a video myself. Does the voice follow your speech cadence, or does it set it's own? I do like the clarity of the voices. Very easy to understand. Most of us don't have that smooth, even delivery when we speak. I know I tend to speak with feeling and emotion.

    1. If you're asking about the video where I put my voice in, that's just a voice app on my phone that recorded exactly how I spoke - then uploaded to Canva in the project I was working on - I haven't actually checked inside of Canva if I could make adjustments on the Audio but without checking now, I would say I probably could adjust the tone and speed maybe? The voices on Elevenlabs do give you the ability to adjust the voices - the settings are, Stability, Low or High Similarity, or Exaggeration - it's really easy to change the settings too.,

    2. Oh, I see! I clearly just "read over" the part that said the AI READS your input. Silly me! Thank you!

  5. Wow! it is amazing what AI can do now! How wonderful you can and have used it in your work. Thank you for your interesting review, it is all fascinating.


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