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The One For Me by Rachel Hanna - Book Review

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Having recently read the review of Book One in the South Carolina Sunsets series (The Beach House by Rachel Hanna ~ reviewed by contributor Mbg Photo [Mary Beth Granger] ), I became interested in reading the series myself. While looking for this book, I came across Book One in Rachel Hanna’s January Cove series (The One For Me) and now am ‘hooked’ on not only the author, but this series. It is perfect for fans of women’s fiction about clean contemporary small town romance and stories about Southerners. While Hanna’s Sunset Series takes place in South Carolina, this January Cove series takes place in Georgia. Having lived in Georgia for close to 20 years, this setting particularly appeals to me. 

Synopsis of The One For Me

Twenty years ago, when Jenna Davis was in high school, she met and fell in love with Kyle Parker, popular jock & class clown, and just knew that he would be in her heart forever. Kyle felt the same way. They were together throughout high school and into their college years. The problem was that Jenna’s mother, a very forcefully opinionated woman, insisted that her daughter be the best and have the best; meaning top grades in school, a proper profession, and a perfect marriage to someone who was ‘going places’ and would take excellent care of her daughter. Jenna’s mother disapproved of Kyle, who was being raised by a single mother with five children and was struggling to make ends meet. It didn’t matter that Kyle was a good person; Jenna’s mother only saw him as someone not a ‘proper’ fit for her daughter. 

Jenna was dominated by her mother and her father sided with his wife. Thus, she ended up studying a business course in college her mother insisted on, instead of the art courses she wanted (and had talent for), and ended up marrying a young man who was in medical school - highly approved by Jenna’s mother. When she broke up with Kyle, he was devastated, as Jenna was his ‘soul mate’ and he loved her dearly.

Twenty years later, Jenna has returned to a town near January Cove where she grew up. Newly divorced, with a 5-year-old daughter and an ex-husband who has refused to give her alimony or child support, despite the fact that he is now a doctor and can well afford it, Jenna is struggling to keep the house she can no longer afford. When the house goes into foreclosure, a local real estate investor bids on and buys the property. As you might have guessed, that investor turns out to be Kyle. 

Kyle cannot believe his eyes when he discovers the house he has just purchased in foreclosure is owned by Jenna. The romance that was there when they were in their teens has not diminished, but can Kyle forgive her for leaving him or will he fall for her all over again. 

Jenna knows she made a terrible mistake all those years ago. Will hearts break or mend in this sweet beach romance? 


As much as I wanted to read Rachel Hanna’s South Carolina Sunsets Series because Mary Beth’s review spiked my interest, and because I know South Carolina well, now that I have begun this delightful January Cove series, I need to read each of the ten books in this series first. Never fear; the Sunset Series is on my list for the next round of reading! 

*Book Review of The One For Me written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Mary Beth GrangerMay 18, 2024 at 9:57 AM

    Great review Pat. I too have read this book and I’m looking forward to the rest of the series

  2. This author’s work sounds similar to that of Jan Moran, an author I really enjoy. Thank you so much for the recommendation. I’m sure I will enjoy reading Rachel Hanna’s series as well!

  3. This sounds like a series I would also enjoy reading. Like you, I love to read books that take place in states were I have visited or live. I like the familiarity of traditions, food, patterns of speech and even cultural influences. Of course, I always love a clean romance. Thanks for the series recommendation.

  4. It's so handy for people looking for books to come over to this site and read all the first hand reviews - this one sounds ideal for a light fun read, and quite captivating too

  5. Oh I love a nice cozzy story that stirs my heart strings. This sounds like that to me. I will put this one on my list of books to read soon. Boy, that list just keeps growing! i need another pair of eyes to read twice as much as before. Thanks Pat Austin for this review.


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