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Reviewing Oats Overnight Flavor and Subscription

I am not a fan of subscription boxes. And I didn't think I was a fan of making oats in the fridge overnight for breakfast. Yet, here I am recommending Oats Over Night. Why? I am finding that the flavors are fantastic and having Oats Over Night brand meals at my fingertips has been very helpful. And I am very sure that the Oats Over Night meal is far healthier than the daily drive-thru choices I've been making. Did I mention that the Oats Over Night flavors are delicious?

oats overnight

My first few attempts at making overnight oats were failures. I made them with packets of my favorite brand of instant oats and I used milk. I also tried it with oats that are meant to be cooked when I was going on a camping trip and the oats would be soaking in a jar, in a cooler, for a longer period of time. All of my attempts produced slimy, pasty results. Yuck. Maybe it was the milk. Maybe it was the instant oats. I don't know. But it was just gross.

I was very hesitant to try the Oats Over Night brand. They seem a bit pricey and I didn't want to pay that much for yucky goo. But I have to do something. I've gotten to the point that I'm using a lot of drive-thru meals or joining my co-workers for the pick-up "gas station food".  Those options are too many calories and frankly, turn out to be more expensive than that Oats Over Night. I finally gave in and ordered a box and I'm so glad I did.

Oats Over Night Brand

The brains behind Oats Over Night thought that DIY oats were great but the flavor was inconsistent from serving to serving. Brian began experimenting to get consistent flavors, delicious flavors, and a short prep time. After many failures, and oats that didn't taste good, Brian landed on what they consider "The best oatmeal in the world". I can't say that I disagree.

To learn more, go to their official Oats Over Night site

On the site you will instantly notice the reduced price, free shipping, and free shaker bottle for the first subscription. The reduced price made it easier for me to convince myself to give it a try. You choose the number of oatmeal packets you want (16 for example) then choose the combination of flavors you want to order.  That will remain your monthly subscription (minus the "first order offers") but it is super easy to change the flavors that you want to arrive each month.

As a subscriber you are able to choose flavors that aren't yet offered to the non-subscribers. You also receive samples of products in development. Usually, that is a new flavor. This month, the sample of the product in development is a protein coffee. 

I have read reviews that it is super easy to cancel your subscription. And/or put your subscription on pause until a certain date. I cannot testify to that as I have had no desire to cancel or pause. 

Oats Over Night Flavors

The flavors of these oats are amazing. I expected the flavors to be similar to the flavored instant oatmeal varieties at the store (which - the apples and cinnamon is one that I liked very much by the way). The flavors of Oats Over Night are so much fresher and without that "artificial flavoring" taste that I dislike so much. Clearly, the bits of fruit are dehydrated or have been freeze dried. The Bananas Foster flavor is one of my favorites so far. And there are actually chunks of banana in it. Which is great in my opinion, not-so-great if you aren't a fan of bananas. 

Another of my favorites is the Banana Bread (do you see a theme here?). The flavor is very much as though I added a slice of Banana Bread to a bowl of milk. Speaking of milk... I have problems when I drink dairy. So I use unsweetened Almond Milk for my Oats Overnight. 

There are many flavors to choose from and I am excited to try them all. 

As far as nutritional values, I will let you do  your research. It will depend which flavor you choose and which milk you use. I will say that these packets reportedly have 20g of protein.

Preparing Oats Over Night

While you can make Oats Over Night in the microwave and eat it without the wait, the idea is to have a grab-and-go meal.  The prep is super easy. Add 8 oz. of your milk choice (mine is unsweetened Almond Milk) to the shaker bottle. There is a line indicating 8 ozs. so there is no need for measuring. Then you empty the packet of Oats Over Night, screw on the shake bottle lid (make sure the pour spout is closed), give it a shake and let it sit in the fridge until morning. 

I am finding that I still REALLY like sausage and egg sandwiches for breakfast. So I've been prepping the Oats Over Night in the morning and placing it in the fridge at work. No more missing lunches because I'm too busy. And no more having my really boring (good - but boring) apples and cinnamon instant oatmeal. 

I will say that the main complaint I see about the Oats Over Night grab-n-go meals are that they are chunky for straws and too runny for spoons. It's very easy to adjust the milk to oats ratio to get a consistency closer to what you like. While I do use regular straws when I forget mine, I find that the wider and washable "smoothie" straws are perfect.

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  1. As I was reading your review, I was thinking I would like to try the Oats Overnight, but I don't have a consistent breakfast time. Frankly, I rarely eat breakfast. However, I always eat something mid-day. When I read that enjoy taking them to work for lunch, I thought: Okay, that's cool! I can do that! I do love oats, but I have never found any premade oats packets with fruit that I liked. Seems you have found the perfect solution all the way around for me! Thanks

  2. Interesting, and handy for people on the go, I imagine. My only concern is having to eat/drink it cold. I like oatmeal, but it has to be as hot cereal. But for people with busy lifestyles, Oats Overnight sound like a good plan.

  3. Mary Beth GrangerMay 6, 2024 at 9:50 AM

    Thanks for a thorough and helpful review. I love my oatmeal each morning. I always add fresh berries and nuts but then I'm home all the time. If I were on the go this would be a good solution.

  4. This sounds like a delicious and nutritious on-the-go meal, Dawn. Thanks for your recommendation and review!

  5. I love to eat porridge oats for breakfast, but have never tried overnight oats like these. It does sound a good idea especially for people on the go.

  6. I've never heard of this, wowza. This sounds like a delicious breakfast item. I think one of my sons could get into this.


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