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Great Suggestions for Mother's Day in Long Term Care

Mom's love to be pampered at least one day a year and we call that day Mother's Day!  But if your mom is in long term care and has restrictions because of age and infirmity, you need to get creative!   Creativity needs to be tempered with Wisdom and Insights.   Not everyone ages the same way and things in their lives are subject to change.  If you are not sure, ask the floor nurse or the PSW (Personal Support Worker) if your ideas are in line with her care. 

gifts for mom

The first and most important gift you can give is some of your time.  A visit doesn't have to last long, but it has to happen.  If it can't be on Mother's Day, them find a day soon after or even before and spend some time with her!

Bring pictures of family and friends and have a great chat about these people and how they are doing.  What is happening in their families and any other interesting events.  If they have dementia it might just bring back some nice memories for them. You may even find yourself having a good laugh at something that happened in the past!

Here is a small list of things that everyone can use and it would make Mom's day just a little more special.

  • Scented Body Wash while many places like to be scent free, these are so subtle that they won't be offensive to other residents.
  • New Slippers, even if Mom is in a wheelchair she might like a new pair of slippers that would give her some choice in what's on her feet!
  • A Blanket Hoodie, When Mom is wheelchair bound, sometimes a chill is in the air, then this lovely Blanket Hoodie will keep her feeling warm and toasty!
  • Paper Pop Up Cards, mom probably got flowers in her earlier years, but now that might be too much trouble for her or the staff, so problem fixed with these lovely Pop Up Cards!  No water required!
  • Digital Calendar Alarm Clock, even when mom doesn't know where she is, she will know what day it is and what time it is too!  These make great gifts for those with memory loss.
  • Blanket Throw for Bed, I love sending my mother greetings so she knows I'm thinking about her and this Blanket Throw fits that bill perfectly!
  • Window Suncatcher, most Long Term Care homes make sure that every room has a view, a lovely suncatcher in the window would be a lovely reminder of you!
  • Solar Garden Cat Figurine, not just for the garden, but also for the window sill.  I know my mom still misses her cat, but this would be a nice reminder and it doesn't need to be fed either!
  • Decorative Angel, something to remind her of you.  Available in many different colors you can match the decor in her room or choose her favorite color.
  • Ceramic Jewelry Dish, this one can be used for anything (I don't recommend jewelry for Nursing Homes, (too difficult to keep track of that stuff).  But put some chocolates in there for mom to share with the PSW's or the nurse/doctor on the floor!

This is just a small list of the things that could make Mother's Day in the Nursing home just a little bit brighter and I'm sure any one of them will bring a smile to a face that you love.  Making memories is an ongoing task for all of us and this is one you won't forget either.

Oh, just a reminder for you, Mother's Day is on May 12 this year!

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  1. This is a very helpful list, Olivia. I will share it with my daughter who is close to having her mother-in-law go to a nursing home.

  2. What a great list of gift suggestions for Mothers in long term care! I wouldn't have thought of most of them, but I can certainly see why they would be excellent gifts for someone in the limited space of long term care. I really like the idea of the hoodie & slippers/socks. I, myself, don't like the sudden chill when doors open or sitting too close to an air conditioner vent.

  3. Olivia, what a terrific list of thoughtful gift suggestions for a mom with restrictions due to age/infirmity! Much appreciated.

  4. Mary Beth GrangerMay 3, 2024 at 9:42 AM

    These are some great and timely suggestions.

  5. Olivia, great suggestions. I'm such a creature of habit in that I tend to give throw blankets, pillows, or slippers - however the items you listed here are an ideal alternative. I had such trouble trying to determine what my MIL would like when she was alive, in care. Sigh, such a hard part of life.

  6. These are lovely, thoughtful suggestions from the heart. Thank you so much for these very useful gift ideas.


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