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These Inexpensive Face Washing Wristbands Keep Your Arms Dry

Spa wristbands, AKA face washing wristbands or towel wristbands, solve the annoying problem of water running down your arms while washing or rinsing your face (and dripping onto your bathroom sink or counter). I only recently learned that these handy spa wristbands existed while watching a popular online skincare store owner using them during a “get ready with me” video of her current AM and PM skincare routines. Even though she didn’t talk about them (and doesn’t sell them), the minute I saw them, it was like a lightbulb moment for me!

Here's my product review of the soft, absorbent microfiber face washing wristbands I bought and love.

Ultra Absorbent Face Washing Spa Wristbands Keep Arms & Sleeves Dry!
I chose the white, pastel blue, pastel lavender and pastel pink ("Blue, Purple, Pink") color assortment, but there are 13 assortments to choose from including leopard prints, tie dye prints and adorable embroidered animal appliqués.

While it's true that having water running down your forearms while washing your face or rinsing off a facial masque or other skincare treatment certainly isn't the end of the world, it can be quite annoying. That's especially true if you wear a long-sleeved bathrobe or nightgown while cleansing your face.

I used to try standing farther away from my sink and bending over it at a steeper angle to try to avoid the drips, but the water simply ran down my forearms more slowly and dripped off my elbows onto the bathroom floor instead of into the sink. Not exactly an improvement!

Since discovering these towel wristbands, both my arms and my sleeves stay comfortably dry while I'm washing my face.

Woman splashing water on her face while wearing face washing wristbands
 I can splash water on my face without getting the sleeves of my peignoir wet!

What I Love About These Microfiber Face Washing Spa Wristbands

These deliciously plush microfiber towel wristbands come in sets of 4 pairs and are:

Extremely Absorbent

Microfiber is deservedly popular as a towel material because of its high absorbency. The more plush the material, the more surface area there is to absorb water.

At 3.5"/9 cm wide by 2.4"/6 cm tall, there's enough of the plush microfiber toweling to absorb dripping water before it can get past your wrists.

Delightfully Soft and Silky Microfiber Fleece

Snuggly soft microfiber fleece material feels great against your skin.

Very Stretchy

These wristbands have excellent elasticity and stretch easily to fit most wrists. They go on and off easily and stay put while wearing, providing a snug yet extremely comfortable dam to prevent water from dripping down your forearms.

Wide Selection of Solid Colors, Leopard Prints, Tie Dye and Appliqué Designs

You'll find a choice of 13 pretty color assortments, including not only solids but also colorful leopard prints, vibrant tie dye prints, and adorable appliquéd and embroidered animal faces that teens (and the young at heart) will enjoy.

Easy Care

Although the product page suggests hand washing and I usually do (and then wring them out and allow them to air dry), some Amazon reviewers have said they throw theirs in the washing machine. I haven't found mine to need washing very often.

Surprisingly Affordable

Although the list price for four pairs of spa wristbands is $12.99, they were priced between $9.98 and $11.99 on Amazon, depending on the color and pattern selection, at the time of this review's publication. 

Most were $9.98 per set or just $2.50 per pair, with free Prime shipping and free returns for Amazon Prime members!

Woman washing face while wearing microfiber towel spa wristbands
I have extras of these plush microfiber spa wristbands and my stretch terrycloth spa headbands so I never run out while they are being laundered. I also keep a set in my suitcase for travel.

They Can Do Double Duty as Sweat Wristbands for Sports (or Hot Weather)

The plush, absorbent microfiber material can wick away sweat as well as water effectively, and they feel much nicer against the skin than typical terrycloth sweatbands.

These Spa Wristbands Make Great, Affordable Gifts for Her

They would make a great gift for any woman, teen or young girl on your list. Girls and teens (and playful adults) would especially love the leopard prints, colorful tie dye patterns and cute, fun, kawaii animal appliqué sets with cats, bunnies, teddy bears, etc.

For an even nicer gift idea, consider pairing these face washing wristbands with my favorite stretch terrycloth spa headband wrap with Velcro closure (I've tried a few brands and this one is my favorite).

If you want to splurge, add my favorite VOLO Hero premium microfiber hair towel or some luxury skincare for a gift she's sure to love that will make her feel pretty and pampered!

These Inexpensive Face Washing Wristbands Keep Your Arms Dry by Margaret Schindel

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  1. These microfiber wrist bands may be the solution I have been looking for to keep water from splashing everywhere when washing my face. Thanks, Margaret, for introducing me to this face washing wrist bands.

    1. You are most welcome, Elf! I absolutely love mine.

  2. How awesome! I had no idea that was the purpose of the wristbands. I have seen people wearing them when working out, but never considered their real everyday value. I hate getting my pajama sleeves wet. I bet they would be great when washing dished too. Thank you for the introduction!

  3. You are very welcome, Ms. Mouse! Like you, I hate getting my pajama or nightgown sleeves wet and these soft, absorbent wristbands are so much nicer than the terrycloth type and very absorbent. I just wring them out after washing my face and set them out to air dry. I think you would love them.

  4. These are a great idea, especially love how they can double for use in sport or exercise activities - I think they'd be useful for a number occasions; even a day out with family, to have them on so you can wipe your face if need be - Certainly the intended use for skincare is the obvious, but the other uses make this a handy item to keep in your purse as well (for outings, walks, runs)

    1. Barbara, you’re so right about the versatility of these absorbent wristbands’ and the silky soft plush microfiber material feels so lovely against the skin.

    2. Barbara, you’re so right about the versatility of these absorbent wristbands’ and the silky soft plush microfiber material feels so lovely against the skin.

  5. How interesting! I would have never guessed that was what they were for.

    1. They’re surprisingly useful, Mary Beth! No more dripping forearms or wet sleeves!

  6. Who knew! I've never heard of these either but I can see how practical they are.

    1. I’m always surprised by how much water I wring out of them with my forearms still bone dry!

  7. echoing Brenda... who knew! Great practical gift idea too!

    1. I agree! And probably something the recipient doesn’t have already, so great for those hard-to-buy-for women and girls on your list!

  8. What a great idea and thank you for sharing this with me. I will have to get some of these for sure as I'm always making a mess in the bathroom. I\m so glad to see there is another option to splashing all around the sink! Great find Margaret!

    1. You’re so welcome, Olivia! They make a huge difference and they’re so reasonably priced, too.

  9. Great idea! I really do not like getting my sleeves wet so thank you for this recommendation and sharing your experience. They sound very absorbent and soft against the skin too.

    1. They are, indeed, deliciously soft against the skin. I’m amazed by how much water they are able to absorb every time I wring them out before setting them out to dry!


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