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Twin Flush Extension Cords for Furniture Up Against a Wall

Twin Flush Extension Cords for Behind Furniture

I recently purchased a 12FT Flush Twin Extension Cord to go behind a bed against a wall. This means that we can have the bed right up against or very close to the wall instead of having the bed stick out because of the cord, and worse, a gap where things can fall behind!

A link to the cord, available on Amazon, has been provided below.

What is a Twin Flush Extension Cord?

It's exactly what it says; a cord that fits flush to the wall so furniture can be up against it and comes with two extension cords attached going two directions - left and right.

The design of this extension cord is excellent. With the slim flush profile and two 6ft extension cords branching out from the middle splitter, it easily tucks away behind any furniture and gives you a six-foot cord both ways. In our case, we're using it behind our son's bed. But hey, it would be an excellent extension for a couch up against a wall with a plug behind it and an end table on each side.

Works Great For Any Furniture Up Against a Wall That Has a Plug Behind

However, whether it's a dresser, table, TV, bed, couch, nightstand, or any other furniture, this cord flushes against the wall and extends to two sides. 

It has three polarized two-prong outlets on each adapter, so now I have six outlets at my disposal. So in simple terms, on each side of the bed, three plugs are available, all from one convenient cord.

Safety Features of This Cord

Safety is a top priority for me, especially regarding electrical appliances. I'm pleased to say that this extension cord has safety covers for each outlet. These covers effectively prevent dust and foreign objects from entering. Knowing potential electrical hazards are eliminated, I can confidently close the tamper guard when outlets are not in use.

It works seamlessly with most common household small appliances and consumer electronics, making it incredibly versatile. Our son has a lamp, a cell phone charger, and a table fan plugged into his without an issue.

This extension cord is safety-certified and ETL-listed, giving me peace of mind regarding its reliability. According to the details from the manufacturer, it has a maximum amp rating of 13. Additionally, the included ten-year warranty and product support add an extra layer of confidence.

Five Stars From Me - I Would Repurchase It, And Probably Will.

Its sleek design, impressive capacity, safety features, and universal compatibility make it a standout product.

I personally recommend it to anyone seeking a flush twin extension cord.

Five stars from me.

You Can Find the Cord Here, Via Amazon


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  1. Barbara, this is perfect. It seems in every house I've lived in I've had a problem with reaching a wall outlet located right behind a bed and/or a couch and needing access to electrical applications on both sides. Thanks for discovering this nifty solution.

    1. it really is a fantastic solution - I'm not sure why, but most of the plugs in this house are behind big furniture - this works perfect to solve the problem

  2. Very cool! We have several flush wall outlet extenders that allow for more things to be plugged in (on the sides of the extender), but I've never seen a flush extension cord. That would be much better than trying to reach behind the bed or furniture to plug something in.

    1. I thought to myself, "self", something like this must exist - so I searched amazon and sure enough, yep - it exists lol - fantastic solution for behind the couch and dressers where you need cords for two end tables on each side

  3. My husband installed one of these in our bedroom as well. Such a convenient solution to a common problem!

  4. This is perfect for behind my nightstand. Why is it they always put the plug behind the nightstand! I am getting this for sure as my husband needs outlets on his side of the bed too! This is an excellent solution for us, thanks so much!

  5. This product is invaluable. When family visits they inevitably want to plug their phones in beside the bed.

  6. Barbra, I could use a few of these. Brenda Marie Fluharty

  7. These are something that I have been looking for and never thought were available. Thanks for finding a solution to one of my many problems. I appreciate you Barbara for your great ideas and sharing them with me.

  8. I do like the sound of this! It sounds very useful indeed and such a great solution. I was pleased to read how safe it is which if course is vital where electricity is concerned. Thank you for your review and recommendation!


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