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Maximizing Space in a Small Living Room

The New Year normally brings about the urge to tidy up and get organized.

3 Ways to Maximize Space in a Small Living Room
If you're working with a small space or have recently downsized, utilizing every nook and cranny is the secret to effective space management.

Going vertical is a smart and common way to use every bit of space in a tiny room. However, choosing furniture with a dual purpose is often the forgotten alternative.

With small space living becoming more popular, you may be surprised that just about every piece of furniture in a home can double as something else.

Below are three examples where you can choose pieces for your room that aren't just pretty, but are also storage and sleeping solutions.

Furniture Pieces that Maximize Space in a Living Room

1. Chairs that Convert to a Bed

You've heard of the pull-out-couch, but have you heard of the pull-out-chair? They come in multiple styles and colors. A chair that converts to a bed is exactly that, it unfolds and becomes an extra place to sleep. If a sofa bed isn't something you want to include in your small living room, but still require an extra place for guests to sleep, then consider including one or more sleeper chairs. You won't be disappointed when you look at the variety of designs available. The styles range from funky and modern to traditional. Be sure to check them out.

2. End Tables that Double as Storage or Filing Cabinets

Trunk end tables are very attractive. Perhaps you've seen some or have one in your home. They come in multiple designs, sizes and color choices.  The boxy industrial appeal to this look make it ideal in a room where substance in accessories is needed. These pieces tend to be solid and heavier in appearance. Place them on the ends of a sofa, or in a corner as a stand alone piece.

You can also get end tables that double as a filing cabinet. If you're furnishing a small apartment, these end tables are perfect as a place to store your most important and used files. Since they don't take up a lot of space, you can put them anywhere in the home or apartment. Like storage trunk end tables, they can be used in pairs or as stand alone furniture pieces.

3. Coffee Tables that Double as a Desk and Storage

Did you know that a coffee table doesn't just have to be a coffee table? Coffee tables that double as a work surface are called lift tables. The tops lift up and you're able to bring them closer to you and use the surface as a work area for your laptop or papers. Best of all, these tables offer storage as well. Each lift table is unique in design and color and the amount of storage available. Choose the one that best fits your space.

In summary, picture a living room featuring all of the above items. You've accounted for extra sleeping space, extra storage space, a place for files, a desk with storage, and all of it discretely blends into one room.

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  1. We haven't literally downsized. We still live in the home our children grew up in and I don't foresee us moving anything soon. However, we doen't use as much of the house now (obviously) as we did when the children were, well children. My husband and I tend to spend most of our time in a small area off our kitchen. Therefore, having furniture that doubles in use is fabulous! For Christmas this year, he gave me a skinny table that sits between my chair and the wall. It has multilevel shelves which is perfect for my writing supplies and reference books. I use the top for my coffee mug (of course), my ipad, my kindle, my cell phone, my pocket camera, my calendar, and an 8 pocket basket for office supplies. The absolute perfect workspace for me without taking up any additional space in the room and everything is within my reach. You know what that means, No More Clutter around my chair. Now, I've had my eye on that lift table ever since you first put it on your home decor website. He needs that in front of his couch!!! I do love the multi purpose furniture.

    1. Cynthia, that lift table has my interest as well lol. Funny how we tend to gather and spend time in one room, we do as well.

  2. My brother had a lift table coffee table in his last house and they used it all the time. Their favorite was for meals just for the two of them in front of the TV. It was also very handy for storage of things like cards and games for entertainment time, etc.

    1. so handy for meals Pat, we would use it for that as well

  3. We have downsized, but not really. Our apartment is as big as our house was, just it's all on one level. Space wise, we have the same square footage we had before. I still like to find ways to make use of "dead space". Right now I would love to find something that will transform a wall to wall closet into storage shelves. We don't need that much closet space, but being a rental, I don't want anything permanent either. Any ideas Barbara?

    1. Grammie, so I take you're looking to keep the closet as is, not use the hanging rods, and put shelves in without securing them to the walls? Honestly, the way I've gotten around this myself (not installing anything) is by putting dressers in the closet. In fact almost every room has a dresser or two in them. I used the old dressers we no longer wanted to be out in the open and just made sure they were positioned in the closet so that that you could open the drawers. You could also use those shelving units you buy at Ikea. They come in a number of sizes. One of my sons has one in his closet and he uses it all toiletries and supplies. It's not a tall one though, only four shelves. But you can get them taller. Just get one that goes up to the hanging rod. In my sons case, the low storage shelf unit is great because the hanging rod is still useable above it, he hangs shorter items there of course, shirts etc. Hope that helps :)

  4. Thanks for great ideas. I didn't know such end and coffee tables existed. All the ones I have are around fifty years old, and I definitely need storage space. I'll have to explore what's available that would work in my situation.

    1. Barbara, the older furniture can be so nice! I bet your fifty year old table is awesome

  5. One of my favorite pieces of furniture is an antique trunk that I use as a coffee table. I think a lift table would be a great addition to my loft, since I tend to do a lot of my computer work in that space. You always showcase the best ideas, tips, and decorating solutions. Thanks!


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