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Velvet Hangers for Clothes Reviewed

For decades I used plastic hangers because I hated the creases made across the shoulder of my blouses when I used wire hangers. However, I recently started changing out my expensive plastic hangers and replacing them with thin velvet hangers. 

Velvet Hangers for Clothes Reviewed

I absolutely love the velvet hangers!

I'll be the first to admit that I am really surprised by how much of a difference the velvet hangers make in my closet.  When I first purchased them, I wanted to see if they would really keep my blouses and sleeveless tops on the hangers.  For years, I have fought the battle of having my blouses slide and fall off the plastic hangers simply because plastic hangers are smooth and slippery.  

What I did not expect was to end up with more room on my closet clothes rod.  

Black Velvet Hangers for Clothes

 Premium Velvet Heavy duty-50 Non Slip Black Suit Clothes Hanger Hook Swivel 360-Ultra Thin, 50 PackCheck PriceSince we have extreme weather during the winters and the summers, I have a lot of seasonal clothes.  During the winter months, I rarely wear anything lightweight or sleeveless.  However, during the hot summer months, you won't catch me wearing sweatshirts.  Unfortunately, that means I have what seems like too many clothes for one person and those clothes take up a lot of room in the closet.  At least six months out of the year, I have sleeveless shirts and lightweight blouses that are not touched.  They just hang there taking up space.  Likewise, the sweatshirts, heavy sweaters and jackets just take up space during the summer.  

I have two rods in my closet for my clothes.  One is above the other.  The lower rod doesn't give me as much grief simply because I can easily reach it and if a second sweater starts to come off the hanger when I am removing one beside it, I can usually catch it before it hits the floor.  However, that is definitely not true for the blouses and tops that hang on the upper rod.  

Before I started using the velvet hangers, I couldn't get dressed without having a second blouse come off the hanger next to the one I was trying to remove.  That was extremely annoying since I was already having to reach up over my head to get a shirt.

By the way, dress slacks don't slip off velvet hangers either!  Just make sure you purchase the ones shown here with the lower pants rod across the bottom of the hanger.

My Introduction to Velvet Hangers

 Home-it 50 Pack Shirt and dress Clothes Hangers Black Velvet Hangers - Ultra Thin No Slip neck (hook) swivelCheck PriceLast summer I needed a few new hangers.  I went to my favorite online shopping place to buy a package of plastic hangers.  When I looked down the page at the "related items", I saw the velvet hangers and I was intrigued.  After reading a few reviews from women stating their clothes didn't fall of these hangers, I bought my first set of velvet hangers.  What a difference those hangers made in my closet!  I no longer have to fight blouses, shirts and tops on all sides just to remove one to wear.  I call that more than awesome!

When winter arrived and I started fighting my sweaters just trying to remove one, I thought to myself, oh no I won't!  I promptly purchased a set of 50 velvet hangers.  Each time I take something out of my closet now to wear, I hang it on a velvet hanger, after it has been laundered, instead of the original plastic hanger.  My closet is being transformed a little at a time.

Now, nothing slips from the hangers and another fabulous unexpected benefit, there is more room on my rods!  Yes, that is right!!!  The velvet hangers are a lot thinner than the plastic hangers and it really does make a difference.  Even though they are thinner (like a wire hanger) they do not make that horrific crease across the shoulders of my blouses.

My battle of the slipping garments has now ended and I will never go back to plastic. 

 Home-it Premium Velvet Hangers 50 Pack - BlackCheck Price Home-it 50 Pack Shirt & Dress Clothes HangersCheck Price Home-it Premium Velvet Hangers 50 Pack - IvoryCheck Price Home-it 50 Pack Shirt & dress Clothes HangersCheck Price



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  1. Oh I so agree with you. I gave up on wire and plastic hangers about a year or two ago. I would never go back either. I haven't had to pick up a blouse or dress on my closet floor for a while either. They are so nice and we need to learn how to be nice to ourselves, especially when we get older and the floor is so much further away. Kidding aside, I really love my velvet hangers and I'm sure you will too!

  2. Cynthia, I switched to the premium velvet hangers you recommend years ago and agree with you completely about their superiority! Now the only plastic hangers I keep are some heavy-duty ones for coats and a few for air-drying laundry that needs to dry on a hanger vs. on my drying rack.

  3. Mouse, I worked for a bit in the clothing section of a local store where delicate blouses and pretty dresses were hung on round display racks. When I was first assigned the task of placing new merchandise on hangers, I thought the velvet hangers I was told to use were for the purpose of display. As I went about my daily tasks, which included rearranging and straightening up displays after customers looked through them, I realized that the velvet hangers were necessary or else a great many of the new blouses and dresses would have ended up on the floor. Plus, the little notches on the hangers are perfect for the tops with the thin straps which would simply slide right off a plastic or wire hanger. So, in addition to being a handy and helpful addition to one's home closet, velvet hangers are used by clothing stores for keeping the merchandise on display instead of on the floor. :)

    1. One more Plus.... the swivel hook is perfect for being able to arrange your clothing all facing the same direction without having to re-hang something you ended up hanging the opposite way.

  4. Well you're convincing me consider these! I have a house filled with all plastic hangers, but I can understand how much better these will work. Makes sense.

  5. I have never heard of these! I will have to try them. I HATE that crease across the shoulder the lump I call the "shoulder boob" that some hangers create. I started buying some really big and thick plastic hangers that create less of a shoulder crease. But these velvet hangers sound as though they are even better.


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