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Sabrina (1995) Movie Review

Sabrina (1995) Movie Review
Sabrina is an older movie from the 50's that starred Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart that was remade in 1995.  The newer version starred Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond. Normally, I prefer the original, especially when actors like Bogart and Hepburn are in them.  However, with this particular movie, I actually prefer the '95 version.  Surprisingly, I felt Ford was more believable than Bogart in the part of Linus Larrabee. 

The plot of the two movies is similar, but has some major differences aside from the actors.  In the 50's version, distraught by David's lack of interest, Sabrina attempts suicide, but is discovered by Linus before the deed is done.  In the 90's version, Sabrina loves David, but does not even consider suicide and simply leaves for a fashion internship in Paris.  I prefer the stronger woman who doesn't define herself totally by a man's interest, or lack thereof. 

It is really hard to believe it has already been over 20 years since the Ford & Ormond version was released.  Whether you wish to go back 20 years, or 60 is up to you.  Either way, it is a great romantic movie!

Sabrina, the Movie

 Sabrina (1995)Check PriceThe Larrabees are an extremely wealthy family that consists of two sons and their widowed mother.  Linus is extremely serious and completely devoted to the success of the family business.  David is a playboy and is only interested in spending money and women.  They live in a huge house with pools, tennis courts and plenty of staff, including a chauffeur.

Sabrina Fairchild is the chauffeurs daughter who grew up "above the garage next door" to the Larrabee brothers.   Secretly, she had a huge crush on David, the younger brother all of her life.  Even as a young adult woman, Sabrina is still enamored with David in spite of his playboy, womanizing ways.  

The movie opens with Sabrina, a young woman, climbing a tree to watch David and his latest conquest from afar.  Of course, she wishes she was the one dancing and laughing with David.  He may know who she is, but he is not the least bit interested in Sabrina.

In an attempt to help Sabrina, her father sends her to Paris for a few years to study fashion, to mature and hopefully to get over David.  When Sabrina returns home with a totally new look, she is still smitten with David.  Because of her new haircut, contacts, stylish clothes, and make-up, David doesn't recognize Sabrina and is immediately interested.  He invites her to attend his mother's birthday party that night and she accepts.  Linus, on the other hand, knows Sabrina immediately and is not the least bit happy about his brother's interest in her.

David is engaged to the daughter of the owner of Tyson Electronics, which is currently considering a merger with the Larrabee company.  Linus is not about to let David mess up their business deal by betraying Elizabeth Tyson while playing around with Sabrina.  Linus intentional sets out to distract Sabrina and pursues her romantically himself.

No one expects the outcome of the games these two brothers are playing, especially Sabrina.  It is truly a very sweet love story.

 Sabrina (1995)Check Price

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  1. Really wonderful review of Sabrina. I have never seen the remake, as I was such a fan of the original and most of all of Audrey Hepburn (my all-time favorite actress) that it seemed somehow disloyal to watch a remake. But I DO adore Harrison Ford in anything and I love the storyline, so your review has now gotten me interested in seeing the remake of Sabrina.

    1. I understand exactly what you mean about loyalty to the original! Most often, I end up preferring the original. This one actually surprised me since I am a Bogart fan and I adore Audrey Hepburn (such grace & style). But, I do prefer the develop of the characters in this remake. It made me like the remake better than the original. Be sure to come back and let me know which you prefer after you watch the 1995 version of Sabrina.

  2. I've seen both and think they are both worth watching. I like the re-make because I'll watch anything that Harrison Ford is in. Thanks for another great review.

  3. Oh this is one of my favorite movies as well. I think we may have "pitted" our copy of it from watching it so often. When I want to settle down and relax, this is a movie that gets top rating in my books. As a matter of fact, I think I need to watch it again. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Cynthia, I must have seen this movie 10 times or more. It's one of my faves. I never tire of it. I always laugh at the line given by Harrison Ford's character's secretary after he seems surprised that they packed his suitcase for Paris, "We were up to our elbows in your underwear drawer. It was like touching the Shroud of Turin." lol

    1. roflol Barbara! I love that line too!!! As much as the actual line, I love the look of dumbfounded confusion that only Harrison Ford could pull off. That whole scene, and the expressions on all of the faces, is fabulous and part of the reason why I think this is such a great movie

    2. Cynthia, lol yes have to agree! and when his brother is handing out the business reports and talking numbers how his mother is shocked, her face, and his comment - that movie makes me smile :)

  5. I can't believe I still haven't seen this movie. Now you have me curious. Since I'm at the library, I'll have to see if they have a copy. I appreciate how you compared the two versions. Like you, I typically like the original better than the remake.

  6. I have a vague recollection of watching both of these years ago, and enjoying them, but my sieve-like mind has pretty much forgotten the details. I remember the watching from a tree part, though. My husband also liked these.

  7. Love the original movie! Somehow I missed the remake, I agree regarding remakes, but you have propelled me to seek this one out!


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