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Reviewing Sam's Pizza Crust Recipe

Pizza crust from scratch is easier than I thought.
Over the years I have tried to make homemade pizzas. And over the years I have repeatedly failed. But today I made homemade pizza, just the way I like it, using a pizza crust recipe from Sam's Place. My little pizzas turned out great and I can't wait to bake some more.

Sam's Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

Sam's Place is a blog site with a collection of recipes. Sam's recipes are generally easy and tasty. He writes about his passion for "preserving family recipes and creating new ones". I visit his blog regularly and see that he shares quick and easy recipes. 

When I decided to try to make pizzas at home again, I went directly to his blog. I found his dough recipe here. I only needed yeast, oil, water, flour, and salt. 

I spread the dough out on the pizza stone - baking stones are great! I pressed the dough into a thin crust with my fingers. I didn't worry that they weren't round. On each pizza, I added sauce, mushrooms, cheese, and  coarsely ground black pepper. Yes, that is one of my little pizzas in the photo above.

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

Why I Tried Making Pizzas Again

Recently I was watching a cooking show on television. Lidia was making little pizzas for the grill. She gave me a craving for pizza. Grocery store pizzas are okay, but not my favorite. Pizzas delivered from a local restaurant are divine but expensive. And I never end up eating the entire pizza. Even if I try eating all the leftovers, I either forget or I grow tired of eating pizza and inevitably I end up wasting food.

In the past I have tried making my own pizzas. I don't remember making any pizza that tasted better than the cheapie pre-made pizzas in the freezer section. Frankly, I eventually gave up.

But after watching that television show with the grilled pizzas and remembering Sam's easy dough recipe, I gave it a try. I dug out my baking stone and started up my KitchenAid mixer. Also, I have had good luck using SAF instant yeast. Previously, I failed when baking anything with yeast. But between using the SAF yeast and the fact that my water comes out of my tap at just over 100 degrees, I have been successful making breads. And now I'm successful with making homemade pizza crust.

Imagine making your own pizzas, personal sized or extra large, thin or thick crust, just exactly the way you like them!

The second pizza I made today. Doesn't it look tasty?

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Cynthia reviewed the Kitchen Aid Pizza Wheel. She recommends it because it is "strong, durable, and ergonomical". Take a peek at her review for more details. I need one of these.

I bought my KitchenAid mixer two years ago. I had always thought it was an extra and over-priced gadget that I didn't need. But since I have it, I LOVE IT!  This is a purchase I've never regretted. 

Heather has been a KitchenAid Artisian mixer fan longer than I have. In fact, her review helped convince me to get one of my own. Heather's article also includes information about the annual timing of sales on these mixers. Get that important information here

Sam also has a Fresh Tomato Spinach pizza recipe. I'll try that next. 

Because Lidia's Kitchen show is what started this recent pizza craving, I'm including a link to her Grilled Pizza recipe. Yum! 

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  1. Yum, Dawn Rae. I haven't even had breakfast yet, but now am hungry for homemade pizza. Haven't tried making my own in years, but your review today has reawakened my interest. Love the idea of that pizza stone. Looks like it would do a much better job than a cheap aluminum pizza pan. Thanks for all your tips here.

    1. I have had my pizza stone for decades. It was from Pampered Chef. But that company doesn't make them as thick as mine is anymore (not that I can find, anyway). I LOVE the pizza stone. It is great for french fries, fish sticks, and any baking that you want to turn out crispy on the outside. It is very heavy so eventually it'll be hard to lift in and out of the oven. But right now, I still love it and depend on it.

  2. Oh we make home made pizza almost weekly. My other half always says that he could live on pizza and pizza alone. So many different ways to make it and toppings that change the flavor from one week to the next. It's a staple in our home and I know Sam's pizza dough recipe works well too!

  3. I love homemade pizza, but I have yet to try Sam's pizza dough recipe. Clearly, it is easier than most and I need to just do it. I complain every time we have a store bought pizza. It doesn't cook evenly and ends of tasting like burned cardboard. I have yet to find a brand that is really good. I also agree with you about the delivered pizza. It is always good, but I hate the bill! Thank you for reminding me of Sam's recipe. I will seek out the SAF instant yeast you recommended too! That is not the brand I normally use, but I'm game, especially if it makes such a big difference.

    1. I'm not completely sure if the SAF yeast was the trick or my "warm" water setting here in this apartment. Maybe a combination of both.... but I know I will continue to buy SAF.

  4. mmm, sounds so good. I love homemade pizza as well. I don't think I've ever tried making the dough myself though, only pie dough. We used to make pizza all the time, then stopped for a while and recently started making them again. Thanks for the tip on Sam's recipe. I'll save that.

  5. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pizza Dawn. I agree store bought is okay and ordering out is costly. I love making my own pizza, I credit my grandmother for my pizza skills. She made her pizza almost weekly and I was always there when she made it. I just made some last week and used the Rapid Raise Yeast. It came out so good this time. Thanks you so much for the shout out. Now I'm going home tonight to make more pizza!!

  6. Well, now I am feeling inspired to make my own Sam's pizzas. Sam always has the best recipes on his blog. I love how you frequently spotlight others in your reviews. You have a generous spirit and your pizza looks totally yummy. Delicious reviews are my favorites. Nicely done!

  7. I've had the same experience as you w Pizza dough - can't wait to try Sam's recipe!


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