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Friday, August 2, 2019

Justice League Movie Reviewed

Justice League Movie Review

The Justice League is literally the DC Comics superhero team that includes Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Flash.  Together, they protect the earth from evil and invading forces.

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman have been well known superheros all of my life.  However, until the Justice League was created, they worked as individuals.  I can easily remember many discussions between myself and my brothers when I was a child over whether Superman or Batman was better.  There was never a question of IF we liked them both.  

Until recent years, Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman were not well known to anyone who didn't actually read the DC Comics.  However, with the movies and TV series that have been released over the last few years, we are all now familiar with Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman

The Awesome Team of Superheroes in the Justice League
Information Below Based on Current Justice League Movies. They do not always follow the DC Comics Characters & their history, but all characters are based on the DC Comics

  Justice League Movie Actor - Ben Affleck
     Character's Real Identity - Bruce Wayne
     Origin - Earth Human
     Earth Home City - Gotham
     Powers - Weapons, Specially Made Vehicles, Martial Arts Training, & Genius
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Wealthy philanthropist           
           • Mortal Human
           • Wears his Armored Bat Suit to protect his real identity             
           • Committed to fighting criminals after witnessing his parents murders

     Justice League Movie Actor - Henry Cavill
     Character's Real Identity - Clark Kent  (Krypton Name was Kal-El)
     Origin - Krypton
     Earth Home City - Metropolis
     Powers - Superhuman Strength, Flies, Impenetrable Skin, X-ray vision, heat vision (projects high intensity heat),
                     Superhuman Hearing, Breath with powerful blows, freezing ability, can hold breath in space & under water
     Additional Points of Interest
           • Sent to Earth by Real Parents right before Krypton was destroyed
           • Found/Adopted by Jonathan & Martha Kent
           • Wears his Superman "S" suit with cape to protect his real identity
           • Works at the Daily Star/Daily Planet as a Newspaper Journalist
(name changed on radio series)          
           • Co-worker/Girlfriend/Wife is Lois Lane
           • Kryptonite weakens his strengths
           • Best Selling Comic Superhero of All Times

Wonder Woman:
     Justice League Movie Actor -  Gal Gadot
     Character's Real Identity - Diana Prince
     Origin - Themyscira (Amazonian City - Paradise Island)
     Powers - Superhuman Strength & Powers, Flies on Earth & in Space, Trained Warrior, Wields the Lasso of Truth
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Daughter of Zeus          
           • Immortal as a demigod

           • Protector of World (not just Earth)            
           • Wears an Amazon uniform made for her by her mother,
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons 
 Justice LeagueCheck PriceThe Flash:
     Justice League Movie Actor -  Ezra Miller
     Character's Real Identity - Barry Allen
     Origin - Earth Human
     Powers -  Extremely Fast Running (in a flash)
     Additional Points of Interest

           • University Student          
           • Struck by Lightening during a Radiation charged Thunderstorm

           • Wears a Burgundy/Red Suit with a Helmet Mask
           • The Fastest Man on Earth

     Justice League Movie Actor - Jason Momoa
     Character's Real Identity - Arthur Curry
     Origin - Half Earth Human & Half Atlantean (from underwater City of Atlantis)
     Powers - Aquatic Abilities, Extremely Strong, Trained to Wield a Trident, Enhanced Hearing
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Proper Heir to the Throne of Atlantis (mother was princess)         
           • Superhero on Land & Sea

           • Breathes Underwater and on Land           
           • Swims & Jumps like a Dolphin or Whale

     Justice League Movie Actor - Ray Fisher
     Character's Real Identity - Victor Stone
     Origin - Earth Human
     Powers -  Naturally Interfaces with Internet & Computers, Flies,
     Additional Points of Interest

           • Cybernetic Reconstruction after near-fatal accident when a mother box exploded in father's lab       
           • Infused with Mother Box power   
           • Former Athlete

           • Permanent Robotic Parts (half human & half robot)           
           • Both Parents are/were Scientists 


Justice League Movie Synopsis

 Justice League
(DVD, Blu-ray Or Prime Video)
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With Steppenwolf and his legion of Parademons scouring the earth for 3 "Mother Boxes" of power, the Justice League unites in order to prevent Steppenwolf from obtaining the ultimate power.  

Each Superheroe's specialty is needed at some point in this battle, therefore they must all work together as one cohesive unit.  That will prove to be challenging at times due to pre-existing conflicts, but they are all committed to protecting the world.

Before the entire Justice League comes face to face with him, Steppenwolf had already obtained 2 of the Mother Boxes.  He defeated the Amazons in Themyscira to capture the first Mother Box.  Then, he defeated the Atlantean guards for the second.

While it might seem certain that the Justice League could defeat Steppenwolf, the reality is far from obvious.  After all, he and his army of parademons are strong and vast.  The Justice League must take an extreme action to even feel strong enough to face him and that action could certainly have consequences. 

If you have seen Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and you look carefully at the artwork above, you will get a hint at what extreme action must be taken, but I am not going to tell you.

My Personal Opinion

In spite of negative reviews, I really enjoyed Justice League!  I find myself wondering what critics really had against this movie, DC Comics, or Warner Bros.  The actors were tremendous!  The storyline might seem somewhat familiar, but seriously, how often do we really see a movie with a unique story?

One of my favorite scenes is when Aquaman gets up close and personal with Wonder Woman's lasso of truth.  I find myself laughing again as I recall it.

I'm glad I didn't let those negative reviews keep me from watching the Justice League.  Otherwise, I would have missed a really great movie filled with wonderful actors.  I hope you won't let them influence your decision either.   

 Justice LeagueCheck Price

Marathon Watch Order of Justice League Movies

Recommended Movies For Batman's Background - These movies star Christian Bale, not Ben Affleck
  • Batman Begins (2005)
  • The Dark Knight (2008)
  • The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Justice League Movies

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

Avengers:  Infinity War Movie Review
Marvel fans love this movie!  All of our favorites join the battle to save the world from evil domination. 

The Avengers team up with The Guardians of the Galaxy to battle Thanos who is collecting the 6 infinity stones with the ultimate goal of taking over the universe.   With each infinity stone, Thanos becomes more powerful and harder to defeat.  He ruthlessly murders the keepers of each stone using whatever means is necessary for him to add to his collection and ultimate, unstoppable power.

Thanos' plan is to rule the universe and eliminate 50% of the population.  He claims the resources of the world are finite, therefore he wishes to decrease the surplus population so those who are left will be sustainable.  His claims that he can eliminate hunger may sound noble and benevolent until you realize mass murder is necessary.   

What I didn't expect was to see several of my beloved heroes die at the hand of powerful evil.

Avengers: Infinity War Cast of Magnificent Characters

Who is there: 

Loki - Tom Huddleston
Doctor Strange - Benedict Cumberbatch
Iron Man - Robert Downey, Jr
Starlord - Chris Pratt
Hulk - Mark Ruffalo
Rocket Raccoon - Bradley Cooper
Mantis - Pom Klementieff
Groot - Van Diesel
Drax - Dave Bautista
Gamora - Zoe Saldana
Nebula (Gamora's sister) - Karen Gillan
Captain America - Chris Evans
Spiderman - Tom Holland
Black Panther - Chadwick Boseman
Black Widow - Scarlett Johansson
Scarlet Witch - Elizabeth Olsen
Vision - Paul Bettany
Falcon - Anthony Mackie
The Winter Soldier - Sebastian Stan
War Machine - Don Cheadle

List of the Infinity Stones, Their Colors and Their Current Protectors

REALITY Red Taneleer Tivan, The Collector
SOUL Orange Red Skull
MIND Yellow Vision (Avenger)
TIME Green Doctor Strange
SPACE Blue Loki (Thor's brother)
POWER Purple Nova Corps on Xandar

The Infinity War Begins

 Trends International Avengers Infinity War
Thanos Wall Poster
Check Price
Asgard, Thor's homeland, has been previously destroyed in the movie Thor:  Ragnarok.  For viewers, the Infinity War begins when Thanos (Josh Brolin) attacks Thor's refugee ship.  Thor has been taken captive and Loki subsequently surrenders the Space infinity stone in his possession in exchange for Thor's life.  In a heart-sickening turn of events, Thanos murders both Loki and Heimdall (Idris Elba).  But, Thor is left alive and is rescued by The Guardians of the Galaxy.

The battle moves into the streets of New York where Doctor Strange, who possesses the Time infinity stone, is attacked.   Iron Man, Hulk and Spiderman all try to protect Doctor Strange to prevent the theft of the Time stone.

In Scotland, Vision, who possesses the Mind stone, also finds himself under attack with Scarlett Witch being his only defender at first.  However, Captain America, Black Widow & Falcon show up just in time to save both Scarlett Witch and Vision from certain death.

The final battle takes place in Wakanda, home of the Black Panther, where Vision was taken to be protected.  All of the remaining Avengers and Guardians arrive to defend Vision and the universe, but all do not survive.  The end is shocking!  

I couldn't move from my seat when the movie was over.  I kept wanting more.  I needed there to be more, but clearly that will have to wait for the next movie. 


Do I Recommend Avengers: Infinity War

Absolutely!  However, I plan to buy the DVD as soon as it is released and I would recommend Marvel fans should do the same.  I want to be able to watch it again right before I go to the theater when the sequel is released.

One final note: Be sure you sit through the credits at the end of the movie. You will want to see the teaser with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and who he summons for help. A new avenger is clearly on the horizon!

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Dr. Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy I & II, and ........

 Avengers: Infinity War (Bonus Content)Check Price Marvel Studios' Black PantherCheck Price Thor: Ragnarok (Bonus Content)Check Price Captain America: Civil War (Bonus Content)Check Price


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Friday, May 25, 2018

Wonder Woman (2017) Movie Review

Wonder Woman Movie Review
The new movie, Wonder Woman (2017), took me by surprise.  I didn't expect to like it.  As a matter of fact, ever since I saw the first preview for it in the theater, I have made comments about how no one could ever be Wonder Woman after Lynda Carter.  However, when my son gave me the DVD for Mother's Day, of course I immediately popped it into the DVD player for us to watch together.  I now freely admit, Gal Gadot is fabulous as Wonder Woman and I loved the movie.

I was a teenager during the Wonder Woman television series back in the seventies and I can easily remember how much the guys in school "admired" Lynda Carter.  Admittedly, her costume was too racy for me to want to wear, but everyone thought she was perfect.  In today's world, that Wonder Woman costume seems rather mild by comparison to many of the others that are made for women.

Speaking of the costume, the new costume design for Wonder Woman is pretty awesome.  It seems more appropriate for an Amazon warrior.  While it still has the corset bodice, it is designed to resemble armor.  The gladiator paneled skirt is definitely an improvement.  In my opinion, this costume does give Wonder Woman more credibility as a fighter instead of just a visual feast for men.

Wonder Woman Movie (2017)

 Wonder Woman (2017) -
Available on DVD, Blu-ray, Amazon Video, & More
Check Price
I loved the way this movie gave us the entire backstory on Diana, Wonder Woman.  If I ever knew it, I certainly didn't remember it.  That alone made the new movie worth watching.  I also appreciated the historical setting.  From the very beginning, we are able to identify the time period simply by the German insignia on the uniforms.  The soldiers wore the iron cross (WWI) instead of the swastika of the Nazi party (WWII). 

After a few "current day" introduction scenes, we are transported back in time and to the island of Themyscira, homeland of the Amazon.  Diana's mother is the queen of the Amazons and she desires to keep Diana safe.  Defying Queen Hippolyta's orders, the queen's sister, Antiope, starts training Diana as a warrior.  Both women know Diana's true identity and purpose, but the queen wishes to protect her as long as possible.  Antiope wishes to prepare her for the inevitable.  When Hippolyta discovers Antiope is training Diana, she is furious, but after reasoning with her, Antiope convinces her that Diana needs to be trained for war.

When an airplane breaks through the barrier that separates our world from the island of Themyscira, Diana dives into the water to investigate.  She subsequently saves the pilot's life and brings him to shore.  Unfortunately, Steve Treyor's plane is followed by a warship and the first battle of the movie begins between the Germans and the Amazons.  Once the Germans are defeated, the women interrogate Steve.  By using the lasso of truth, they are able to quickly get information about "the war that will end all war".  Recognizing that humanity needs her help, Diana volunteers to take Steve back and aid in the war against Ares, the god of war.  Together, Diana and Steve travel back through the separating barrier and to London.  "Wonder Woman" is determined to fight against darkness and evil, but Diana finds that isn't as easy to identify as she expected.

My Recommendation  - Wonder Woman (2017)

Wonder Woman (2017) is truly a wonderful movie.  I encourage everyone to set aside any preconceived notions about Wonder Woman and watch the new movie.  I think you too will be pleasantly surprised. 

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Friday, November 11, 2016

Doctor Strange Movie Review

The movie Doctor Strange is based on the Marvel comics character, therefore it pushes beyond any realistic boundries.  However, this is truly a fabulous fantasy movie that is mostly accurate with the depiction.  I do love it when movies stick to the original book or source plot.  

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect for the part of Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange!  I was amazed at how much he actually looks like the comic illustration of Doctor Strange.  His image will now forever be fixed in my mind as the face of Doctor Strange.

In addition to having the looks, he did an excellent job of playing the role.  He was quite convincing as an arrogant, self-centered doctor with a god complex.  Then later, as a superhero straight from the pages of our favorite comic books. 

Doctor Strange Movie Review

Synopsis of Doctor Strange Movie Plot

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Dr. Stephen Strange is an accomplished neurosurgeon who has received multiple awards for his outstanding work.  He is revered and hated by his colleagues.  They need his expertise, but they despise his superior, know-it-all attitude.  That "untouchable" and infallible attitude is exactly what costs him everything.

While he is driving at high speeds in the rain, he is talking on his cell phone and also looking at the images that are being sent to him on it.  Distracted from driving the car, he ends up in a serious accident that causes irreparable nerve damage to his hands.  In desperation to regain his surgical abilities, he undergoes several operations.  Some are even considered extremely risky.  

During rehab, he learns of one patient who actually was able to beat the odds and was miraculously healed.  Dr. Strange goes to visit the man to find out his secret.  The man sends him in search of the "Ancient One".  When he finally finds her, she rejects him at first, but is convinced by Mordo, one of the masters, that she should reconsider and admit Dr. Strange.  That is when the martial arts instruction and spiritual teaching begins.

Because Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange has a photographic memory, he learns the fundamental basics of sorcery quickly by reading, but the actual focused ability takes longer for him to master.  Once he does, he has to decide if he wants to harness his new found abilities to heal his own physical handicap or if he will stand as the defender of the universe against the evil Kaecilius, who wishes to usher in the master of darkness to rule the world eternally.

To find out what Doctor Strange decides, you will need to see the movie yourself.

Conclusion and My Opinion of the Movie Doctor Strange

This is a great movie that I could easily recommend to anyone.  Since it is based on the Marvel comics, it is intended for all ages.  As with any fiction, especially comics that feature superheroes and supervillans with extraordinary powers, there is a required ability to suspend reality.  However, the struggle between our world and the supernatural does seem to have a parallel to reality and our constant struggle of good against evil.

One note, Mordo's character is a bit different in the movie than in the Marvel comics.  In the movie, he is a needed ally, however in the comics Mordo is a supervillian who plots to kill both the Ancient One and Doctor Strange.  I believe the movie ended in a way that sets the stage for Mordo to transition to his original character, but in this movie, he plays a good guy.

When you see the movie, be sure you stay until the very end of the credits.  There is extra footage that you will not want to miss!  

To my fellow contributor Buckhawk, you will be especially interested in that footage because it includes Thor.

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