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My Plunge Into the TikTok World for Marketing, Business and Fun!

Stumped Riddles TikTok

I reluctantly took the plunge into the TikTok marketing world.

Out of pure stubbornness, I vowed to avoid that particular social media platform. However, I had a come-to-reality moment, encouraged by my son, that my riddle business would be served well by that platform.

In quite a short time, my son has nearly 27,000 followers and over 263,000 likes, all with approximately 40 personal video uploads. That's not easy to do and quite impressive!

His TikTok handle is @charles.mackenzie if you want to take a peek. Just an added note, in all fairness to us mere humans, my son has a knack for being in front of the camera. However, as I detail below, you don't have to be on camera to benefit from TikTok.

I'm A Newbie TikTok User for Business - The Basics

Since I'm a newbie, I can't give you any big secret tips, but I can provide those of you with a business, some of the things I've learned so far as it relates to my own riddle business:

  • Go to the APP Store on your cell phone, and download the Tiktok App
  • Yes, you can log in to your TikTok account on your laptop; however, I found all the creative features more accessible via my cell phone.
  • When you download the App, you're on the service, not registered yet to use it. You can scroll through the videos and have fun. Oh yeah, it's a bit addictive.
  • Create your account to set yourself up to use TikTok for business. I won't go through the steps; simply follow the instructions and prompts.
  • I converted my account to a Business Account. There's no charge for that. Here are TikTok's instructions on how to do it; it's easy.
  • In your profile, you tell TikTok your interests so that videos that align with your taste are displayed on the front "For You" page. In my case, I selected media/entertainment, inspirational (or something like that), home decor, and a few other topic areas.
The "For You Page" on TikTok

What I've learned about the "For You Page" is that every user who opens the App is immediately connected to their For You Page to watch and start scrolling videos. 

You can like, comment, save, share, or scroll past videos. This differs from other platforms in that you go directly into the content. Content is presented to you; it's not something you choose (except via the interests you indicated in your initial profile sign-up).

I've learned that the "For You" page is a powerful marketing tool. Everyone wants their videos to land on everyone else's "For You" page. 

In fact, you'll notice that some people use the hashtag #foryoupage or #fyp to try and encourage the TikTok algorithm to place their video on other people's "For You Pages." I have no idea if that works or not.

I discovered via the Analytics area that many of my own videos were put on other people's "For You Pages" before I started using or even knew about the For You Page hashtags.

The Bottom Bar Appearance When Logged In to TikTok
  • HOME: (that's where you get to all the fun and sometimes hilarious videos to scroll through -um, be careful, it's so addictive!)
  • FRIENDS: (that's where you can quickly access the videos of your friends that you've connected with)
  • + Plus Sign: (That's your prompt to start the upload process of videos or images - yes, you can upload images)
  • INBOX: (That's where you get notified that you have responses to your videos or new followers)
  • PROFILE: (That's your personal profile that features your content, and your logo/image and blurb about you)
I Avoided TikTok Because I Had No Interest Or Desire to Put Myself on Any Videos!

You don't have to put yourself on camera or even make videos.

You can upload a static photo/graphic and enhance that page with fun sticker elements and commercial-free music provided by TikTok.

For my business, static Riddle Graphic photos are perfect for this! 

I've already created nearly 1000 photo riddles for my website and books, so uploading them to TikTok with music and some fun sticker elements is a perfect marketing fit.

The TikTok Voice-Over Feature

If you decide to type text on static photos, you can ask the TikTok AI Voice-Over feature to read the text! You don't have to use your own voice! It's easy to use. 

How Am I Doing So Far? 

I started using TikTok on August 2, 2022, and today, as I'm typing, it is August 6, 2022

In 4 Days:
  • I've uploaded 11 riddles
  • I've had 5,441 video views (mainly on the "For You" pages)
  • I've had 29 profile views
  • I've had 43 Likes
  • I've had 17 Comments
  • I've had 13 Shares
  • I've had 5 Follows
I'm delighted with the potential TikTok offers for my Riddle business. Perhaps it's something that could work for you as well?

The Biggest Problem:

Other people's videos can consume your time - especially the funny ones. Seriously, some are hilarious!

If you're using TikTok, follow me! My TikTok user name is @stumpedriddles - the URL format is 

That riddle creative was born from this riddle photo image that is featured on

Riddle 156 on StumpedRiddles

If you check out the TikTok creative via the above link, you'll see how I started with this photo and simply added Stickers and Music.

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  1. Pretty clever, Barbara. Looks like you are on your way to a whole new experience. I've heard of TikTok (in fact one of my grandsons is on it), but thought it was mainly for the 'younger' set. LOL. And I guess I thought it was all video-based. Now that you have found it to be an enjoyable experience, and one where you can also use static photos instead of videos, I may check into it further. :)

  2. I have been reluctant to TikTok. Given this review, I may be more open minded and even consider trying it. You are certainly off to a very good start (no surprise). Well done!

    1. oh I hear you! I was the same way, until I spoke to my son, and started reading all of the business applications for TikTok - I was quite shocked

  3. Like you and others, I have been reluctant to get involved with TikTok, but your experience in such a short time is impressive! I felt the same way about Twitter for a long time, but I eventually did add it to my social media platforms (mostly as a content consumer vs. a content publisher). I admire your intrepidness!

    1. Margaret, your Keto series could do well there - just takes some strategy layouts, planning etc which you have no problem doing :)

  4. I am very impressed by your son's success on TikTok and I certainly wish you well there! Like everyone else here, I have been reluctant to sign up on TikTok. I certainly appreciate your advice & tips here should I decide to join.

  5. I have been reluctant too. However, thanks to you, Barbara, I did just sign up, since I wanted you to know I was there. Oh boy!

  6. Excellent review of TikTok. I've been watching and have yet not figured out how to share my eBay merchandise without being on video, LOL. I'm off to take a look at what you are doing.

  7. I also have been very reluctant to jump into TikTok. I never knew that you could use static photos to create content. Thanks so much Barbara for the review and advice. Wishing you well on you new adventure.

  8. Wild. It's WILD! (I think that's the first riddle I've solved. FUN!). I'm glad TikTok is working for you and that you've got such excellent success already. Good for you. I have no desire to try to figure out yet another platform...but I see that it's probably an excellent tool for those who have businesses!

  9. Ditto ditto ditto to everyone else's comments. There is so much to learn sometimes that I get tired just thinking about it. I have some other friends who use TikTok and are quite taken with how easy it is to use. Maybe I just need to jump on this bandwagon and give it a go! Thanks Barbara and I love your WILD ride so far.....

  10. Thank you for your personal experience of TikTok. It was interesting to learn of your sons success there and I am so happy to hear how well you are doing. Have to say I thought you had to do videos i did not know you could do static photos. I have not yet taken the decision to join but am interested in your experiences there. Wishing you every success!!


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