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Craftiness is Happiness (Handmade Gift Review)

Handmade gifts are more than an artistic rendition of what a crafter can create. When given as a gift, it becomes - a gift of oneself. 

The reviewers here on Review This Reviews! are a talented group. They can crochet and knit, draw and paint, cook, bake and sew, and create fantastic DIY projects. 

Wrapped gift

This is a review of several of the many artistic crafts created by our reviewers who can do more than write – a craft in itself that they all do well. 

DIY Home D├ęcor

Vintage suitcase made into a coffee table
Photographs by Diana Wenzel

Diana Wenzel (Renaissance Woman) shows us how she took a battered old traveling case and, using her creative abilities and some TLC, turned it into a vintage suitcase coffee table.

She states that these chests are iconic and incredibly versatile. Not only will someone gain a unique conversational piece, but this suitcase is a great place to store things like remote controls, or dreams of future travel. 

Handmade Yarn Crafts

With a simple crochet hook or a pair of knitting needles, our in-house crafters create a cute collection of fun and useful gifts. They have reviewed here a collection of crafts, including pattern books whose patterns are the basic beginning of a wonderful gift to give.

Modern Amigurumi for the Home Book Cover
Photo by Wednesday Elf

Wednesday Elf reviewed a pattern book of Amigurumi animals to create plush animals for the kids in her family.

From the pattern designs of two cute cats, two birds and a rooster, Petunia the Pig a darling dog, and an adorable Fairy House, Elf has already made the two colorful birds and one of the cats. 

Crochet Critters Pattern Book cover
Photo by Wednesday Elf

Wednesday Elf has also crocheted many of the cute animals in this Crochet Critters pattern book. My 8-year-old grandson loves the lion the best! Plush animals make a great gift for everyone from babies to children to college students to take for their dorm room. You're never too old for a 'stuffie'. :) 

Handmade loop afghan image
Photograph by Sylvestermouse

You can even make a very easy and beautiful Loop Afghan without using any hooks or needles. You only use your fingers to weave the yarn. Sylvestermouse shows us how in this review. 

Handmade Jewelry

Stylish beaded coil wrap bracelet
Photograph by Margaret Schindel

Jewelry is always a welcome gift and it is especially appreciated when it is handmade. Margaret Schindel reviews how she made a lovely and stylish beaded coil wrap bracelet. This one-of-a-kind bracelet was created as a birthday gift for a dear friend. 


The above are just a few examples of the crafts you can create for yourself or to give as gifts.  Check out all the craftiness on Review This Reviews here in this compilation of DIY and Craft Tutorials.

Pinterest collage of craft reviews
Craft Reviews Compiled by Sylvestermouse

*This handmade gift review was written by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Handmade gifts are some of the best - in my opinion. And our contributors are so very talented. I was just talking to a friend about handmade items yesterday.

  2. Handmade gifts is giving a gift of yourself - using your talent and abilities to create and give with love. Thanks, Dawn Rae.

  3. I started giving handmade gifts after learning how to knit in 4-H. Everyone in my life received knitted slippers at that time. Over the years, it became a tradition to want to give something of me instead of simply finding a mass-produced gift. Even now, I prefer to create things for friends and loved ones. Thanks for including me in this review. Appreciated! (Today, I am finishing up some handmade birthday gifts.) Love the heart that goes into your beautiful crochet creations.

    1. Thanks, Diana. I've always strived to create unique handmade gifts for loved ones. It means so much to both the giftee and the gifter.

  4. Elf, you are so right! Whenever I create a gift for someone special, I am giving them not only the item I created for them, but also the gift of myself: The time, thought and effort I invest into designing, buying materials for, and making a one-if-a-kind piece with my own hands, based on my knowledge of their interests, taste and preferences, is truly a gift from, and of, my heart.

    As you know, I adore your wonderful Amigurimi and other crocheted critters and accessories. Diana’s transformation and repurposing of old items in rough shape into something beautiful, functional and unique that also honors their heritage are amazing. Sylvestermouse’s loop-in-loop afghan is proof that you can make a terrific handmade gift that any recipient would love, using only some yarn and your hands.

    I was surprised and delighted that you chose to include my beaded coil bracelet jewelry project in this post and am honored to be in such talented company. Thank you so much!

    1. You're welcome, Margaret. Your bracelet is beautiful and is such a lovely gift.

  5. Many talented DIYers here on ReviewThisReviews. Your summary points to some wonderful products, personally made, that do mean much more in my opinion. That trunk is beautiful!

  6. I love this post! It makes me want to spend my day crafting. I have no idea how many handmade gifts I have made or given in my lifetime, but I do know the ones I have received are my most treasured possessions. It is so true that when you make a gift, you are giving a "gift of oneself". There is no way to place a price on the value of a handmade gift. In many cases, it takes hours of time over a period of weeks, months or even years to complete a project to give. It is never lost of me that if someone spends their time creating or making a gift for me, that they really are giving more than money could buy.

    I do love to craft. I do love all of the crafts you featured in this article. I couldn't help but think how all crafters need that trunk just to store their ongoing projects :) Some of my most cherished possessions include crocheted mouse hot pads, crocheted slippers, & my needle minder, as well as my website avatars which are illustrations drawn by loved ones. Every time I use, or wear, one of them, I think of the hands of my precious friends that made them and can feel the love behind the handmade gifts.

    1. Creating handmade gifts makes both the gift-giver and the recipient happy, Mouse. And crafting is such a joyous and peaceful endeavor.

  7. I am always in awe of these wonderful talented people who make these gorgeous craft gifts. Here on Review This Reviews there are many talented crafters. I do feel inspired by them to perhaps give crafting another try. When you receive a handmade gift you know how much thought and love and time has gone into it and I always appreciate that. While not a current crafter I do love to give plants I have raised as gifts. When you make or raise something and give it as a gift you are giving of yourself too which is so lovely.

    1. Your hand-raised plants would be just as special a gift as any hand-crafted one, Raintree Annie. Thanks for stopping by my crafty gift review.

  8. Oh I love this synopsis of all the talented people that are here on Such a talented, crafty and wonderful group of people that love to share what they love with all of us! Thanks for this lovely compilation!

  9. What a wonderful review of craft ideas. Thanks for sharing Elf.


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