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The Amazing Rocky Mountaineer The Trip of a Lifetime

The Rocky Mountains in all their splendor is something that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime! A Travel Book Review!

For years my other half and I have dreamed of travelling to far away places that will give us memories that will last for the rest of our lives.  After all that is one of the benefits of living a good long life.  But I digress.  We chose to have our children early in our marriage so that once we were done with raising our children, we'd still have enough energy to go to all those places that we could not afford to see earlier.  And we are doing just that.  We are in the midst of planning a vacation to the West Coast of Canada and on the way, stopping in Alberta to visit family in Jasper!

train on tracks - the rocky mountaineer
The Rocky Moutaineer Train courtesy of Wikipedia
Jasper has been on our must see list for a while now.  When we see pictures of the mountains and lakes our eyes and jaws just pop open.  It looks so beautiful.  It doesn't help that almost every other day our nephew is posting pictures of all this beauty too!

jasper national park
Parts of Jasper National Park 

Can you tell I'm excited!   What prompts this review is the train trip that is contained within this holiday.  We are starting our escapade in Jasper and staying for 6 days to see all the sights (I'm sure we won't see it all).  Then we are hopping on board the ROCKY MOUNTAINEER TRAIN for a two day trip through the mountains on our way to Vancouver.  The train will stop in Kamloops, British Columbia for the night and early the next morning we continue to Vancouver.  All we need to do during this two day mini-trip,  is sit back and relax!  Oh, and take lots of pictures of course.

The Rocky Mountaineer travels between Jasper and Vancouver or you can go the other way too.  You can board the train in Vancouver and end up in Jasper if that fits your travel plans better.  There are different levels of "cars available" to travel in while on the Rocky Mountaineer, so do your homework.  

Travelling by rail has it's limitations, but it also has is "up"side .  You can sit back, relax, and not worry about taking a wrong turn   You are free to look out the windows as much as you like!  No road warrior stresses to manage as someone else is doing the driving.  Meals are prepared and there is always someone new to meet.  I'm sure there will be people from all over the world taking in the sights as the train passes through some of the most beautiful scenery and mountains in this part of the world.

While you are reading about my escapades (and hopefully dreaming of your own), we will still be in Vancouver.  Being a gardener, I am looking forward to seeing the beauty that autumn has to offer in the Beautiful Stanley Park!  I'm glad that my suitcase allowance does not allow for the packing of garden implements.  Just as I'm sure the gardeners who take care of this public park will be happy as well.  No rogue gardeners are welcome to do their "thing" in these Gardens.  Just as well, it is a holiday after all.  If you don't know these gardens here's a sneak peak at what you are missing.  I'm not sure what our timing will be like, but there might be a side trip to the Butchart Gardens as well.  The gardener in me just won't let me say NO!  After all we might as well make that little side trip while we are on the west coast.  It's a long way to go if you miss it the first time.  

totem poles in stanley park
Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Be prepared, I'm sure there will be lots of pictures coming that will make any traveler or gardener just a little green with envy.   There will be so much history, geography and photography going on the whole time I'm away!  

butchart gardens waterfall
Water Feature in Butchart Gardens, Victoria

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  1. Sounds like a lovely vacation trip, Olivia. I've always wanted to take the cross-Canada train trip on the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver. The scenery I've seen (in photos and brochures) is gorgeous. Would SO love to see it in person.

    1. The Rocky Mountaineer was incredible. The people on the train, chefs, stewards and all were so kind and knowledgeable about where we were travelling and the history of the areas we traveled through!

  2. I have always romanticized the idea of traveling by train! We have had the pleasure of riding across country on the train several times. Each has been a unique adventure. It is a beautiful and easy way to travel for sure. No doubt, your visit to Jasper National Park will be fabulous. I sincerely hope you both have a wonderful trip, and take lots of awesome photos!

    1. This was a trip of a lifetime for sure. We walked and walked, but then came to the "train" portion of the trip, so we could relax. I have never seen such beautiful areas of interest. Photos are many, but I'need more tips on taking pictures while in motion! Some came out very blurry.

  3. Have a wonderful time. I've always wanted to do a trip like this. But I'd rather not take a train. Few of my train experiences have been happy except in Germany. But however you get there, you will see some gorgeous scenery and have lots of photo ops.

    1. It was wonderful Barbara, sorry that you didn't have a great experience here. Maybe you should give it one more try. I can tell you for certain, that the Rocky Mountaineer would make your train trip wonderful. Everyone is so nice and helpful. One young lady (one of the guides) even gave my other half a written recommendation for a Craft Brewery at our final destination.

  4. Now that is a dream excursion! I've always wanted to take a long train trip. I hope this trip exceeds your expectations. Wishing you much beauty, wonder, and awe.

    1. This trip was truly a wonderful experience. after having traveled this road, I can see why it tends to be expensive. The meals are top rate and everything is done like you are in a first class hotel. The sightseeing in the special train cars was incredible too! Everything was fantastic.

  5. Olivia, I'm excited for you! We've traveled so much by train through our lives. When I was young my dad and mom would take us on trips by train when dad had to travel for work. We had private rooms on the train, and the memories I've had as a young girl are treasured. My dad's favorite way to travel was by train, he just loved trains. Mom and dad have both done the Rocky Mountaineer trip as well. I've traveled by train through the mountains in Alberta and BC too. Gorgeous! We lived in Alberta when I was younger, and we've been to the places you're talking about - Jasper, Banff - and I've swam in the hot springs there too - I was truly blessed to do that as kid - very lucky indeed. You will love it! and can't wait for the photos!

    1. You were right Barbara, I did love it! This certainly will go down in my memory books as a trip of a lifetime. Amazing just doesn't quite seem like a "big" enough word to express my feelings. You were lucky to do so much train travel as a youngster! Time to do it again.


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