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Rubbermaid Mini Cooler (5 quart) Reviewed

Rubbermaid Mini Cooler ReviewThe Rubbermaid Mini Cooler is perfect for the car!

We keep our Rubbermaid mini cooler on the floorboard in our car anytime we are going to be driving for more than a few hours.  

Sometimes, I just like to get out and go for a drive, but I don't wish to go without water.  And, I am no particularly fond of warm bottled water.  I prefer it to be cold, especially during the hot summer months.

Both my husband and I keep a bottled water in the cup holders.  However, if we are driving for a while, we end up drinking all of that one bottle and need another.  That is where the mini cooler becomes a necessity.

Yes, we could stop at a gas station or convenience store for additional water, but there isn't always one around when we need it.  Plus, bottled water or sodas are more expensive when sold individually.

This little cooler has become our regular travel companion in all of our vehicles. 

The Rubbermaid Mini Cooler Features

Rubbermaid Mini Cooler Reviewed
We have had our mini cooler for decades and it has served us well!  We have never felt a need to replace it.  I love things that can be bought once (especially at a reasonably low price) and used forever.  This little cooler has seen more places than I can remember.  Great for picnics, outings, or even pool side for those of us who don't want to track back into the house for a cool drink or snack.

It is perfect for cars, boats, motorcycles (with saddle bags), private airplanes, hot air balloons, or any recreational vehicle that has a small storage area.

It will hold 4 bottled waters (standard size - 16.9 oz) or 6 canned drinks, depending on the size of your blue ice packet.  For the cans, you would need a thin ice pack that can lay on top.  Of course, you could always fit regular ice cubes around the cans.  I started using the blue ice packets because they are less mess than melted ice (water).  Another alternative, there is a threaded hole in the lid for a Rubbermaid screw-in ice pack, but we have never used it.

You could also use it as a lunch box since it would easily hold a drink, sandwich and a few side containers.  In the hot car, I have been known to harbor a candy bar in the mini cooler along with our water or sodas.  

Rubbermaid Mini Cooler Reviewed

The Rubbermaid mini cooler is made of  hard plastic type material, therefore it doesn't get smashed or crashed when packed with luggage.  It has an easy carry rotating handle.  Because it is small, it is extremely easy to wash in the kitchen sink, when needed.  Most of the time though, ours only requires a quick wipe with a damp cloth and we are all set to go for our next long drive. 

We recently made an 11 hr. drive.  When we arrived at our destination hotel, the remaining water was still cool. We carried our little cooler to our hotel room with us. It makes an awesome hotel companion if the room doesn't have a mini-fridge!

I would like to note, my mini cooler in the photos is an older version of the featured cooler below.  I sure would love to have that blue one.  Isn't it pretty?!!

Choose Your Favorite Color! Plus a Pack or Blanket of Ice

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  1. A cooler like this would surely help me keep the inside of my vehicle more organized. I always have water bottles rolling around everywhere when I'm on the road. And, of course, I would also have to harbor a sweet treat in my cooler. I own several of the same coolers in the larger version, but this size would be just perfect for my needs. In fact, I've been finding myself in the cooler aisle lately looking for the right mini cooler for my travels. Thanks for your recommendation.

  2. I HAVE that blue one and have found it VERY helpful on trips over the years. Cold water is a necessity when traveling. Enjoyed your review.

  3. We, too, always travel with cold water. My husband and I take our respective Thermos hydration bottles filled with ice and water. But since we both drink water pretty much constantly, especially when the weather is hot, we also need to be able to refill our hydration bottles while on the road. When we’re driving for 3-4 hours, we usually stop st a gas station or convenience store about halfway through the trip to pick up a couple of bottles of water. But if we had a mini cooler like this one, we could pack additional, non-insulated refillable bottles with water (and even ice) and use them to top up our hydration bottles midway through the trip. I’m definitely going to share this with my husband and see whether he agrees!

  4. That's a handy item for sure. I never think to use a small cooler when we're traveling, but now I will. I know when the kids were little we used to do things like this, but when it's just us, I never think of it. The mini cooler seems very compact as well.

  5. What a great idea. We don't travel as much as we used to, but I still think this is a great idea. I could see it used when going grocery shopping and wanting to keep meats cooled until they are home. I think I should have one.


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