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My Favorite Local Ace Hardware Store Reviewed

Do you have a local Ace Hardware Store -  where everyone knows your name? Cue the theme song to Cheers!

My local Ace Hardware is indeed the Hardware Cheers of our neighborhood and the neighborhood is very fortunate to have access to a store with the exemplary knowledge and customer service exhibited by their employees and the on site owner.

Ace Hardware banner

Ace Hardware Celebrates 95 Years Of Service

A few weeks ago fellow Review This Reviews Contributor Wednesday Elf wrote a review of Ace Hardware Stores and my comment was, "I love Ace Hardware! I was thinking of writing a review." While cleaning out the garage this summer and doing lawn work I realized how many of the tools were from Ace which sparked a conversation about Ace with the neighbor and turned into a review of the Ace tool inventory.

Wednesday Elf's article celebrated the history of Ace Hardware, her experience as an Ace employee and the 95th, yes 95th Birthday of Ace Hardware. She suggested I write a review and after surveying the inventory of Ace brand tools in the lawn and home toolbox, I agree!

Ace Brand Tools

There is no shortage of Ace brand tool in the garage! I have found the Ace brand to be equal or better than its' competitors in quality and price. From garden tools to water pumps to wheelbarrows, the garage is chock full of Ace!

products from ace hardware store

Ace offers a rewards program which is free to join and members earn 1 point for every $10.00 spent on qualifying purchases.  I love that rewards can be earned in the bricks and mortar store or online. The rewards can be easily redeemed in store or online and are redeemable when earning reach $5.00.

The Service

Knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful! Whether fixing a gutter, reseeding the lawn or painting the employees answer all questions and guide you to the right product. The paint mixing is superior to the big box store down the street and the store to car delivery service is a huge convenience and help when needing extra muscle. 

Buying mulch, topsoil or heavy equipment has never been so easy as the store will deliver the purchase right to the car. Lawn equipment and snow equipment can be ordered online or through the store and delivered to your home. 

 Shop Local

The residents in this area make it a priority to shop the local Ace store and there is a big box competitor 1/2 mile down the road. It is always a pleasure when a store delivers as promised and this store makes it easy to support the local business. 

Ace stocks the major brand names of tools as well as a fun selection of unique items to bring a smile to the shopper. One year I found rubber clogs for the garden in a cheery selection of bold colors and this year I found this charming self watering bird for potted plants.

watering bird

It is always a fun shopping experience at Ace whether it be for the practical lawn bags or a little birdie to liven up a potted plant!

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  1. Very cool review, Tracey. Glad you followed up on singing the praises of Ace Hardware tools and other helpful items. And the knowledge and help of its employees is a nice bonus. The rewards program is a terrific way to thank their customers for shopping locally.

    1. The employees definitely make this store the Cheers of the neighborhood! Love the rewards program!

  2. I’ve always enjoyed my visits to Ace Hardware, but I rarely get to one because I don’t drive. It has been many years since my last visit and I didn’t realize (or perhaps remember) that the company had its own house brand tools. Very cool!

    1. It was somewhat of a surprise to us when we really started looking around the garage, how many items were Ace brand :) and have served us well!

  3. Oh I wish we had an Ace Hardware store here. We have Canadian Tire, but I don't think I could say the same things about them that you rave about at ACE! I love to shop at a place that knows their products and can help you with their experiences too. Looks like you have a real winner there! Thanks Tracey!

    1. These employees really know their products and have used them, so helpful for the DIYer!

  4. Well, you and Elf definitely make me wish we had a local Ace Hardware! I always liked Ace when we lived closer to one. Even though I can get to an Ace store in about 30 minutes, I admit, convenience usually wins out. Until Elf started reviewing the stores for Review This Reviews, I didn't know we could shop online with Ace. That is awesome and a lot more convenient to have tools and gardening stuff delivered to my door. Pretty cool watering bird for your plants, Tracey!

    1. The online platform for Ace is quite robust today :) - you can order online and pick up at store too!

  5. I love our local Ace Hardware, too. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Sometimes I find a reason to go in just so that I can get some popcorn. They have a big huge popper in the store near the counter. It is really good popcorn!


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