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Sunday, June 11, 2017

In Case You Didn't Know by Brett Young - The Best Dedication Love Song From a Man to a Woman

When you've been married for over three decades and one day your hubby, while tidying up the kitchen and listening to the radio, sweetly says, "this song, have you heard it, it says what I feel about you ... it's my song to you".

Well, um yes ... I was caught off guard. Completely off guard.

You see I'm the one who writes about the meaning behind song lyrics for - The Heart of Country Music, and my husband isn't one who closely listens to the lyrics of a song ... or so I thought??

A few hours later the song played again, and with John standing on the other side of the kitchen and I by the radio, our eyes met in a long stare while I took the lyrics in for the first time. As we both began to slow dance, I remember thinking how life and love continues to surprise me.

It doesn't matter how old we get, just like a field of wild flowers, love can continue to grow.

From young people who accidentally met 36 years ago to our lives today, we've managed to survive some pretty crazy odds. Our life was never perfect, far from it, but one of the biggest factors that sustains us is our willingness to keep moving forward through it all.

Each year for our wedding anniversary I select a song that speaks about our relationship, but I never really think the 'ole hubster will pay attention to the lyrics in those chosen tunes.

For our 29th anniversary I selected Better Man by Tim McGraw, and for our 30th the celebration song was Dance With Me by Johnny Reid.

But for anniversary year 32, without ever suspecting it, the task of choosing a song wasn't left to me. 'In Case You Didn't Know', chosen by my husband, is song 32.

If you're looking to dedicate a love song to her, don't hesitate, this is a gorgeous song.

The song, sung by Brett Young and written by Young, Trent Tomlinson, Tyler Reeve and Kylie Schlienger, charted to number one in Canada's Country Billboard as well as number one on the US Hot Country Billboard. It currently remains in the USA's top ten country songs on iTunes.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years - Love is Endless

Angels on Duty
Angels on Duty - Fridge Magnet

Most of us have heard 'I Have Loved You for a Thousand Years' by Christina Perri. If the song sounds familiar, it's the final song in the Twilight Series.

Today's Review isn't about Music; it's about love

What do I know about love? Well, I know what you know and what we've all heard; it's what makes the world go round, all there is, and of course, all we need.
In an increasingly cynical world where people gather in their corners defending positions, ideas, beliefs, what's right and what's not, love patiently waits for us to call it 'one step closer'.
You and I know that this life is fleeting, and whether we believe it's our one and only existence or that our consciousness/soul returns to master its lessons is irrelevant to this particular life we're living as us - In the end, our end, one question requires an answer, 'did we love.'

It's the love we give that travels with us and nourishes the earth. That love imprints itself on those left behind, and they pass it along. Like the tiniest seed buried deep in the earth, love grows.

Questions we might ask about our own love
After the storm, did we find our way back to love? 
When hope slipped through our fingers, did we find our way back to love? 
When the ones we love died, and a piece of us was taken with them, did we find our way back to love? 
When we suffered an illness that scared us to our core and thought, why me, did we find our way back to love? 
When our TV told us why to hate, and who to hate, did we find our way back to love? 
When people took positions that opposed everything we stood for, did we find our way back to love? 
When dark thoughts tried to infect us, did we find our way back to love? 
When we hated ourselves for our own mistakes and choices, did we find our way back to love? 
When we were hurt, did we find our way back to love? 
When someone we love was hurt, did we find our way back to love?
Most of all, when we caused someone pain, did we find our way back to love? 
Did we do this all unconditionally? Did we find our way back to love without expecting anything in return? Did we just decide to love our neighbor?

Here we are, the size of a piece of sand, all together, living on a giant ball that hangs in the middle of the universe, questioning ourselves and perhaps even questioning what it means to have faith. Our mere existence on this spinning ball is a testament to faith.

Yet, we are born with the greatest gift, the capacity to love ... and after centuries, we still have yet to harness its power.

This unseen power can't physically be measured; it only exists if we declare it, and the more of it we give, the more of it we have. It's the most extraordinary energy yet to be weaponized for good.

How Do We Get There

Our love for each other is the road home. That's it. There is only one road that takes us there.

We can spin our wheels until the cows come home; it won't make a spit of difference ... it's the gift of love, even when it's the toughest to give, that takes us there. Test yourself - Think of the most complex person there is to love, try to love them, pray for them, and genuinely wish them well.

Planting love in places that need planting is one of the best uses of love.

For my Dad, Happy Birthday - I have loved you for a thousand years and will love you for a thousand more.

Through it all, love remains.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Losing a Dog is Beyond Difficult - Dedication to Our Dog

A Dedication to our Family Dog

I never believed I would create a dedication page for a dog; I love them, of course; it's just that we've owned cats most of our lives. Only cats. 

However, our life changed in 2009 when we adopted a nine-year-old dog from an elderly family member. She was our first family dog.

The biggest reason we never committed to owning a dog in the past was the realization that a dog was very much like raising a child: As dog owners already know, they require a great deal of attention, and of course, there's a lot of work involved. 

Having raised many kids, we knew only too well what the demands were, and until we could fully commit, we would never just casually jump into dog ownership.

Unfortunately, the inspiration for this article comes from people close to me who recently lost their dog, but mostly from our own hearts ... 

Our precious dog was called to doggie heaven earlier this year (2015). She was elderly, and it was her time, but that didn't make one speck of difference; the pain of losing her was fierce.

We were all present with her as she underwent the procedure to end her suffering. There were seven of us with her: my husband and I, our four sons, and our second son's girlfriend. 
My second son insisted that we all be there for her, he said "she deserved that, she gave us unconditional love for five years" ... he said, "we owe her our presence during her hour of need". I'm not kidding you, that's how he put it. Although I was moved by what he said, I told him it was up to each person whether they could deal with seeing her lose her life, and in the end, everyone decided they could handle it, and everyone wanted to be there, for her.
I called the boys and my husband from the Pet Hospital to let them know it was time, and they showed up with an ice cream from Dairy Queen for her as a final treat. Still breaks me up to think of that.

For those who've been through this, you know only too well how brutal it is. I have never seen so many grown men cry at one time. We went through two boxes of tissue. We stayed in that room with
Our Family Dog
Here She is, On One of Our Many Christmas Eve's
her for two hours before we could all agree to let her go. We all held her and told her how much we loved her. The boys took it so hard. In typical mom style, I kept it together for them, but later, I wept in my own quiet and private moment at home.

Our 'girl dog' (my nickname for her sometimes) made everyone smile. As soon as the boys walked through the front door, they called her, and she'd come running and barking, and that tail would always be wagging. She was loving and gentle. She was the boss. She had all the power. And everyone loved that. That little Shih-Tzu taught us what it means to love a dog.

When she passed, I couldn't sit at home and work for at least three days. She was my sidekick and very attached to me. Wherever I was in the house, you could count on finding her nearby. She slept in her doggie bed while I worked. She was a sweet girl; I miss her. 

Not one of us could be in the house the day she left us. We all headed to the arena to watch two of the boys play hockey. Sitting in that house without her on that first day may qualify as one of our most empty feelings.

This Christmas will be our first in five years without our girl-dog romping through the holiday wrappings. But we know she'll be running around spreading doggie love in heaven this Christmas.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Lifetime of Friendship and All that Ultimately Matters in This Life, Love

Time & Love - Two Things that Never Die 

Starting with a Poem:

You Stayed
A journey from 1979
my journey with you
my friend
you stayed,
Always and forever
you have been by my side,
throughout all this time
you have stood patiently,
During times when my life
pulled me in a hundred directions
you still stayed,
We have survived three decades of changes
from single girls
to married women
to the birth of children
there you stayed,
Through a thousand tears
and a million laughs
you stayed,
We are bonded in a such a way
that the word friend is too casual
we are sisters,
Distance may keep us apart
but sisterhood keeps us together
You can know I'm here
I can know you're there,
This gift of timeless friendship
can never be measured in miles
it's a treasured constant
Others may come and go
but my friend,
We stay

Inspiration Sometimes Comes from the Most Unexpected Places

Obviously, friendship is the inspiration, but the details of what led to this poem were unexpected.
The year was 2007, on Mother's Day. My family (kids, step-kids, hubby) had our normal get-together here at the house.
It was rather an event-filled day. About one hour before everyone arrived, I split my head on the edge of my youngest son's bed. I was so mad at myself! I ended up at the hospital for about 3 hours, and six stitches later was back home. My husband and kids pitched in and handled things; everything was under control. 
Anyway, dinner was great, and the night moved along nicely as usual with some watching tv (football, I think), one of my other sons playing guitar, the little one playing Xbox, and my stepdaughter, myself, and her hubby in the kitchen chatting it up. The conversation that night was really great. We talked about the Five Stages of Marriage I recently heard on the John Tesh radio show. It was pretty interesting. My hubby and I are definitely in stage 5. However, my stepkids were quite interested in assessing what stage their relationships were in. It was fun and quite comical.
Anyway, the conversation led to my stepdaughter paying me a nice compliment about why she believed my marriage to her dad was successful. I was grateful for her take on it but proceeded to tell her that wasn't the reason. She looked a tad surprised. So I said, "Do you want to know why our marriage is a success?" could have heard a pin drop.. both she and her hubby were waiting for me to give the "big secret," "the reason a marriage works," "the answer for all mankind" proceeded to give her the answer: "The reason your Dad and I have had a successful marriage of 22 years is that "We Stayed."

Through it all, I stayed. Through it all, he stayed: In sickness and health, for richer or poorer, in good times and bad. When there may have been reasons for others to think we shouldn't stay together, it didn't matter; we stayed - My personal experience taught me firsthand that love CAN survive almost everything.

What Inspired Me, Continued...

So, this leads me to this poem.
Nearly a month later, on the night before I was leaving to go out of town to visit my parents, I sat in front of my computer and began the night by listening to a beautiful song called Indescribable. No matter your faith or belief system, this song exudes love.
While listening, I began thinking about that conversation with my stepdaughter and about who else in my life has "stayed." That led me to my friend for whom this poem was written.

I started remembering when my friend and I met and what our journey of 29 years included. I started thinking about how many 19-year-olds today will have the same close friend 29 years later. I started thinking how rare this must be. 
With my friend's birthday approaching, this poem was my way of showing her my love and appreciation for "her staying"...through it all. 
So with the beautiful song "Indescribable, by Chris Tomlin" playing in the background, I opened up "Notepad" and started to write the short poem featured at the beginning of this article.

Since writing this, 8 years have passed. My husband and I are still going strong, having recently celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. My friend and I are friends til the end, and I'm off to visit her for her birthday in a week. We continue to stay.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Gorgeous Gritty Song about Being Made for Each Other

A Gorgeous Gritty Song about Being Made for Each Other

A Song Review - The Story by Brandi Carlile is a perfect choice for the couple, who, from the moment they laid eyes on each other and throughout their entire life, have understood the other in a way that no other soul on earth understands them. They're almost one, and yes, this is the ideal song about being made for others.
(Lyrics) All of these lines across my face
Tell you the story of where I've been
And how I got to where I am
But these stories don't mean anything
When you've got no one to tell them to
It's true...I was made for you
Does this Sound Like the Love You Have?

Saying 'I love you' is putting it mildly; you know each other to the core of your being, and where others have failed you in life, this love never has. You feel as though very few people around you share the kind of love you both share. It's not explainable, and you're often surprised you've been this blessed. You gasp at knowing you're one of the lucky ones to have found your soul mate. You know this because, as you look around, you see many relationships falling apart. You wish you could give those who have lost in love the blessings you've been most fortunate to find. If only everyone could love and be loved the way you do and have?

A Special Song for A Wedding or Anniversary

If you're looking for a gritty love song that lyrically describes the support you've given to each other, then your first choice may very well be The Story by Brandi Carlile ... read this lyric as proof:
You see the smile that's on my mouth
It's hiding the words that don't come out
And all of my friends who think that I'm blessed
They don't know my head is a mess
No they don't know who I really am
And they don't know what I've been through like you do
And I was made for you
You've stayed together, laughed together, and even suffered together; the rainbow that is your relationship appears after every storm ... and that pot of gold isn't valuable to anyone else; it's as exclusive to each of you as you are to each other. When you hold each other, you welcome that floating feeling of fading into the abyss with the only true love you've ever known. How do you explain this love to others? Will others, do others understand what this is? This is why you live, this is why you were born ... to meet this person's soul, and you are so grateful to have lived when they lived.

You Are One of The Lucky Few

For the lucky few who have loved to this degree, I say congratulations, as you have experienced one of the rarest and truest blessings ever known, something I like to call Won-Love.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Live Like There is No Tomorrow!

Country Sunshines husband
When it comes to love and romance, I can't think of a better quote than "Live Like There is No Tomorrow!"  

We have all heard that phrase many times before, but the quote took on a whole new, very realistic meaning as I read Countrysunshine's article today.  

I was completely captivated as their years together and apart unfolded before my eyes in just a few minutes of reading Our Love Story.  

There are many thoughts and comments I could write here on the heels of reading the in-depth love story she shared, but I am not going to write them.  I want each reader here to have the time to read the article for yourself without spending one extra moment with me.  

May we all "Live Like There is No Tomorrow!"

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