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The Secret to Happiness, What? Really? - A Personal Diary Entry

Is this really the secret to happiness? A Happiness Review

This quote from the Netflix movie "Full Count" has been on my mind since viewing it five days ago:

"The secret to happiness is to be content, no matter your situation"

 The Movie, Full Count, Caught Me Off Guard

The Netflix description, and preview, seemed to indicate that Full Count is your typical baseball hard life story. However, I was shocked by the direction the film takes.

The movie takes a spiritual turn. 

If you like films where it seems a happy ending is impossible, but with divine intervention, there it is, you'll enjoy this movie.

Could the Above Quote About the Secret to Happiness be Offensive to Some People?

After hearing the above quote narrated in the movie, my first thought was about those who rarely feel happy through no fault of their own or for medical reasons.

Don't get me wrong; the quote personally fits the core of my beliefs; however, my happy state of mind has been tested this past year.

Medical issues aside, I feel happiness will always be a personal choice. No matter the circumstances in this crazy life, I maintain that much-needed center and inner calm. I treat mental and spiritual training as a daily exercise with practice, practice, practice. 

Some days are a success at maintaining calm, and others not-so-much ... I just keep plugging away. I won't go through the laundry list of things recently faced, as I'm sure you've had your own life issues to conquer.

Do You Personally Agree With the Above Quote?

Can you relate to this quote? Have you been able to be the captain of your life's ship? 

For me, yes, after a great deal of thought, I do agree with the above quote. 

During the pits of hell, I've been able to keep a hold of the light, sometimes barely. It's never easy. Here's an example of a personal nightmare I faced over a decade ago. I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

Even through this less-than-perfect life, I've been able to maintain inner calm and thus some happiness. 

"Sometimes God calms the storm, and other times God calms the child who is in the storm"

I live by that quote about the storm.

Here's another quote from the movie Full Count. What do you think about it?

"Life isn't going to make you happy, but happiness is going to make your life"

Yes, I believe.

After multiple decades, the biggest life lesson I've so far learned is that our inner self, our soul, cannot be owned by anyone. It's the one thing that is truly ours. 

No matter what happens in this physical existence, in the end, our thoughts are something we can work to control; and for those who believe, guided by a higher power. For me, Free Will means protecting my soul, so I do.

Here's a video about love and light that I created one afternoon while visiting my amazing mother. She passed away three months ago. Knowing she was in her chair while I wrote this brings me unexpected added peace. I hope you enjoy viewing it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you need a little more inspiration, I've authored a personal book of poetry based on fifty years of life experiences. You can find the book "We Will Have Morning Smiles" on Amazon.

May you know happiness, in some form, daily. Blessings.

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  1. Barbara, that was truly beautiful. Being happy with whatever circumstances are happening around you, is hard to do in the moment, but with a strong belief in the goodness of our Higher Power, everything is a blessing. Very nicely done and I hope it helps someone else through a hard time.

    1. Thanks Olivia - life is a rollercoaster, and I suppose sharing our experiences is a way to help, even from afar. <3

  2. Another wonderful& thought-provoking review, Barbara. You have such a gift for words. And your video poem is so heart-felt. Yes, I agree with the quote "The secret to happiness is to be content, no matter your situation". If you are content with your life, that's happiness in itself. I've known people who are never truly happy within themselves, and think their happiness depends on other people and other circumstances. When they say "I just want you to be happy" (A familiar refrain from an unhappy mother to her grown child), it means they are unable to "be content, be happy within themselves..." and are depending upon others to MAKE them happy. So, yes, somewhere within that jumble of words is my agreement to your quote from the movie "Full Count" (which I really want to see now). :) Or, as Kenny Chesney says in the song "Happy is as Happy Does". Thanks, Barbara, for this very thoughtful read.

    1. I very much agree with what you say about some believing happiness is dependent on other people and/or their actions - that's a fleeting, unsustainable form of happiness. Sometimes grasping the concept of true inner calm/happiness comes with age - and some never get it. I didn't truly understand this in my younger years (of course). Even understanding it now, it's still something that has to be worked on, daily (or so I've found). Thanks very much for your in-depth response, and kind words. :)

  3. Barbara you have such a unique talent when it comes to words. I do agree with that statement Being content is a must to endure the ups and downs that life seems to bring us.

    1. Thank you Sam, and that seems to be the general consensus so far - those ups and downs come whether we want them to or not, :)

  4. Barbara, your choice, ability and commitment to embracing gratitude, contentment and responsibility for your own happiness in the face of life's often difficult and sometimes heartbreaking challenges continues to impress and inspire me. You embody the light, love, compassion and goodness you want to see in the world, and I love you for it. Thank you for being you, dear friend!

    1. Margaret, I appreciate how you 'see me.' Very few people have that gift, the gift of 'seeing people', and you are that very rare bird. I can't tell you how much it means to me. I know you know I don't need to be 'seen', but when I experience it, usually with you, I'm reminded that yes, maybe once in a while I do need it. Thank you. Love you back.

  5. I love that poem and video! I have seen it before, but find it just as touching now as it was the first time. My favorite part is when you talk about a "newborn who came straight from the source". While I certainly agree, it is a beautiful thought and comment that, until you, I had never heard expressed. I know this has been a difficult year (actually few years) for you. Finding center - finding contentment - in the midst of trials is not always easy. I personally have to depend on God to "calm the child who is in the storm".

    As you said, the core of my beliefs agrees that "The secret to happiness is to be content, no matter your situation", but I also acknowledge that it can take time to get (back) there.

    1. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment Sylvestermouse, <3 - The line you reference in the video, has a ton of symbolism related to it - the poem is about as we age, we grow spiritually wiser, more connected to the big picture - and the visual I had in mind while writing it was as we age, we get closer to home (the spiritual world) and as we approach we're passing by newborns just starting out, we touch fingers and share our light with those coming in as we are preparing to go home, and the more light we share, the more our own light grows - It's lessons learned, spiritual growth, passing on our light, and heading home - Thanks so much for pointing out that line, for noticing it <3


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