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The Blackbird Trilogy by Heather Graham

Blackbird is the new European branch of the Krewe of Hunters.

Blackbird on a tree branch

The Krewe of Hunters is a special FBI division whose teams investigate and solve unusual or strange cases. All the team members have unique paranormal abilities; they can talk to ghosts.

 The ghosts frequently aid the teams in their crime-fighting quests.

Now, a European branch of the 'Krewe' teams has been put together to investigate overseas cases.  This team consists of law enforcement members from the American Krewe teams, and from England, Scotland, Norway and France.  They call themselves "Blackbird" (officially, the Euro Special Assistance Team) created to extend the Krewe's reach into Europe to assist with crimes abroad.

The American FBI team of Mason Carter and Della Hamilton join up with Jon Wilhelm of the National Police Directorate of Norway, Metropolitan Police dectective chief insprector, Edmund Taylor  and Jeanne Lapierre, a longtime Parisian detective, to form the Blackbird Team of International operatives to chase and capture serial killers across Europe. They are joined by Francois Bisset, the Krewe's interpol liaison.

The Blackbird Triology

Whispers at Dust (Volume 1)

The triology begins with a series of crimes perpetrated by an organized serial killer who jumps from country to country. He calls himself The Vampire/The Master and kills beautiful young women, and displays them with care, completely drained of blood. After four bodies have been discovered along Europe's riverbanks, the Blackbird team meets up in Norway and begins their investigation. 

The trail leads the team from the forests of Lillehammer in Norway, on to England, then to the Louisiana bayou country back in America where Della has to act as bait to capture this vampire killer. 

Secrets in the Dark (Volume 2)

In Book 2 of the Blackbird Triology, the capture of The Vampire Killer others call The Master, has not ended the reign of terror. It seems The Master has convinced others to carry on his horrible work. 

Della and Mason return to England and join up with the rest of the Blackbird team to catch a killer stalking the streets of London. This self-dubbed Ripper King has patterned himself after the infamous Jack the Ripper and his intent is to be even better than that notorious serial murderer.

The Ripper King's method of killing is nothing new, but the team is forced to work quickly before another woman ends up dead. The dangerous game of cat and mouse takes an unexpected turn, leading the team into a deadly trap. 

Cursed at Dawn (Volume 3)

FBI agents Della Hamilton and Mason Carter know that real monsters exist. In Cursed at Dawn, Book 3 in the triology, they are still catching their breaths after apprehending two such monster killers.

But, as the old proverb 'no rest for the wicked' indicates that one's work never ceases, the agents discover the madness in this case hasn't ended.  Stephan Dante, the self-proclaimed king of the vampires, has escaped from prison.  

This time the locale is Scotland and the Blackbird team meets up in Edinburgh. Knowing that the clock is ticking regarding this cruel killer. the team needs to outwit and re-capture Dante and stop the carnage once and for all. But, it seems this killer seeks his eternal bride – Della herself. 


Throughout the trilogy, we meet various ghosts who aid the team in many ways. Being able to 'talk to the dead' definitely helps their investigations. Plus, as fans of The Krewe of Hunters series knows, the stories also involve some historical facts about the areas involved in each story, giving us a history lesson along with a mystery to solve.

The series genre is noted to be that of a paranormal mystery romance. The talking to the ghosts is the paranormal aspect. We have the mystery involved with this law enforcement team solving the crimes. And, of course, there is a bit of romance among the team and people they meet as time goes by.  

A little bit of everything for fans of this genre and fans of author Heather Graham. I recommend reading the triology in order, as the best way meet and follow each character. 

*The Blackbird Trilogy by Heather Graham – reviewed by Wednesday Elf

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  1. Just gives me chills reading the review! Clearly, this is a series I would need to read during daylight hours, but it does sound like a captivating series.

  2. Like Sylvestermouse, I get chills just reading your review, but I’m also strangely intrigued by the creepy story lines. Sounds like a terrific trilogy for fans of this genre!

  3. This trilogy sounds tantalizing and just reading your review has my hair standing on end. I can just imagine how I would be after reading the whole series. I will add this series on my books to read list, with an asterisk and comment to read these only in the day time....I would be creeped out reading them just before going to bed. Thanks for this review Pat Austin!

  4. Seems as though the general feeling here is that this Trilogy of books needs to be read in the daytime. LOL. Thanks, everyone, for your visits to my book reviews of the Blackbird Trilogy. :)

  5. I could TOTALLY get into these! I'm not fan of crime mysteries, but add a supernatural psychic element and I can easily be drawn it - oh yes, this could be up my alley.

  6. This Triology of books sounds very chilling and intriguing. I am sure fans of this genre will love it!


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