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The Dating List (2019) Movie Review

The Dating List Movie Review
The Dating List is a movie I would recommend if you are seeking an easy to watch romantic comedy.  

Romantic comedies are not movies that will make you fall out of your chair laughing as the word "comedy" might suggest.  Rather they include witty conversations or awkward interactions between a really likable couple.   

The Dating List characters, Abby Morel (Natalie Dreyfuss) and Dan Thrubrig (Andrew Dunbar), are the perfect example of a very likable couple that engage in witty rapport and both just seem naturally playful.  Their facial expressions exude happiness.  

The romantic part, well that is more literal and obvious.  In The Dating List, we watch Abby and Dan meet, fall for each other, and then go through that awkward phase of wondering if he or she likes the other one.  In this movie, it doesn't help that Abby is trying to set her boss up to date Dan. 


The Dating List Movie Synopsis

In a hurry to get to a job interview, Abby runs into a deli to grab some treats.  As she and another customer jockey for attention to place their orders, they end up getting mixed up orders and stop outside to trade.  During the trade, they accidentally trade binders too and neither realizes the mistake until later.

Abby had been a secondary managing editor for Lansing Publishing in Toledo and she hopes to get hired as a junior editor at Belle & Howe Publishing Co.  Since she arrives 2 minutes late for her interview with Susan Danvers and does not have the recommendation of a senior editor, she is immediately rejected.

Back home that night, Abby finds she has a book manuscript instead the waste water treatment manual she is supposed to be proofreading. Instead of "correcting" the manual, she edits the book manuscript.  In the morning, her deli-order-friend calls her in hopes of getting the manuscript back.  They agree to meet to trade binders.  Upon discovering that she is holding the only copy of the book, she insists they immediately make copies so the book is never lost.

During her meeting  with Dan to exchange binders and then make copies of the book, she gets a call from Ms. Danver's office with a temporary job offer, followed by an unusual request.  If Abby can screen profiles and find a suitable man for Ms. Danvers to date, she will give her an opportunity to get the junior editor job.  Abby jumps at the offer to work as a "temp" for Ms. Danvers and immediately starts sorting through potential men from a dating website.

Then she is sent to meet the men in person.  Finding the assignment harder than she expected, Abby starts thinking outside the box and remembers Dan.  She will introduce Susan Danvers to Dan and all will be perfect!

Well, not exactly .........


You may think you have the story all figured out by reading this brief synopsis and you may be right on some points.  However, this movie has an unexpected and quite satisfying ending.

If you enjoy a fun romantic comedy, this movie is for you!


I watched The Dating List on Frndly TV, a subscription streaming service, but it is currently available on several other subscription services as well.

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  1. The Dating List sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing a review of this movie, Sylvestermouse. I know I would enjoy it.

  2. I was thinking recently it would be good to see a fun romantic comedy and I think I would really enjoy this one! I like the sound of the unexpected and satisfying ending too. Thank you for your review and recommendation.

  3. This movie does, indeed, sound quite delightful! I know ai would enjoy escaping for a bit into this romantic comedy, and I’m intrigued by the unexpected ending. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

  4. Oh I know that I would enjoy this playfulness. I will have to see if it is on one of the many channels that we have. TV has become complicated! Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. This sounds and looks so good! I could get into this - when I need this kind of movie feel, this would be one of my choices - thanks for introducing me to this one!

  6. This sounds like an interesting movie


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