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Review of National Pizza Day

February 9 is National Pizza Day.

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A Brief History of Pizza

The word “Pizza” is from the old Italian word meaning “A Point”. This popular dish began in Italy, but pizza's original American home is New York City. 

Fun Facts About Pizza

A supreme pizza
Pizza is an American standard. The most popular pizza toppings are pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms, with Pepperoni Pizza topping the list of favorites. 

A poll showed that people eat pizza on the average of three times a  month.  The most often times are Friday nights and Movie nights. 

The days most popular for ordering pizza are:

  • Super Bowl Sunday
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving Eve
  • New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

Pizza Days

Having a pizza party

Other days throughout the year celebrate various kinds of pizzas.

  • February 9 – National Pizza Day
  • May 17 – National Pizza Party Day
  • September 5 – National Cheese Pizza Day ('Hold the Toppings')
  • September 20 – National Pepperoni Pizza Day
  • November 12 – National Pizza with the works, except anchovies Day

AND - October is known as National Pizza MONTH

Pizza Places

Cheese Pizza
The top rated pizza fast-food places find Domino's Pizza in first place, followed in order by Pizza Hut, Papa Johns and Little Caesars. 

Many pizza fans insist that their regional type is the best. Whether it's thin or thick crust, deep dish, kinds of cheeses, or sauce, or toppings, certain regions insist it is the only way to eat pizza! These include Buffalo, California, Chicago, Detroit, Greek, New York and St. Louis styles. For a complete list of these regional favorites, check out the Wikipedia article here on Pizza in the United States.

More About Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Many of the writers on Review This Reviews have written reviews about pizza recipes, and the products and supplies, such as pizza pans, which aid in creating your favorite pizza.  Click HERE for a list of reviews related to PIZZA


Pepperoni Pizza in a box
So, enjoy your favorite pizza on National Pizza Day this February 9th, or on any of the other Pizza Days throughout the year. Actually, probably no one needs a special day to eat pizza; any day will do! 

Happy Pizza Day! 

*Review of National Pizza Day is written by Wednesday Elf

+All images in this review are from Pixabay

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  1. We seem to follow along with a lot of the stats you mention. We probably have pizza about times a month and most often on Fridays. My favorite is St. Louis style pizza with lots of provel cheese. mmm

    1. Well, of COURSE you would favor St. Louis style pizza, Mary Beth... LOL. My favorite is New York-Style thin crust; although I seem to be in the minority in my family's choices; most favoring thick crust like Chicago-Style. Enjoy your next 'pizza party' or 'pizza night', and thanks for stopping by my pizza story!

  2. We certainly love our pizzas here! In our family, we all like different toppings. When eating out, we get personal style pizzas or request half of the pizza to be limited to certain toppings. We actually most often make our own pizzas at home, which allows us to top them however we wish. The one thing I have never made at home is barbecue pizza which my husband & I both love. btw, we have tried pizza in several other countries. None of them know how to make it right :)

    1. LOL about other countries not knowing how to make pizza right! It's like our regional preferences here in the U.S. Everyone thinks theirs is the best! I think it's all about what you grew up being used to depending on family preference and living locations! And, I agree, homemade pizza allows you to choose exactly the toppings you prefer.

      Once, years ago, my neighborhood pizza place made smoked oyster pizzas, which I LOVED. After moving away, I never found it again, so began to make my own. Another favorite (of mine) is shrimp, onions, mushrooms and green peppers on a thin crust pizza - homemade, usually, as most pizza places don't have shrimp.

  3. Like you, Elf, I favor New York thin crust (no surprise, since I’m originally a New Yorker), but I certainly won’t turn my nose up at a deep dish pizza! I am grateful that there are good low carb pizza dough options, since life without pizza would be sad, indeed, lol.

    1. I don't care for thick crust pizza - had a Chicago-Style (which is supposed to be very famous) once; but prefer the thin crust. Must come from being a New York Stater - LOL!

  4. We celebrate this day too many times throughout the year - lol - In fact yesterday I ordered a pizza - sometimes we buy them at Costco (we have a fave there too) - I imagine Superbowl weekend will be busy for pizza deliveries!

    1. Super Bowl is probably the #1 most popular day to order pizza! We're having a variety of chips & dips and meatballs for ours this year, but have had pizza for Super Bowl in the past. :)

  5. We love pizza at our house and for us home made is best, but when in a pinch we will purchase pizza ready to eat. I think there should be more pizza day holidays. As many as there are different kinds. Thanks for all the stats! This was a fun review.

  6. We love Pizza but we haven't had one for a very long time. I am happy with thin or thick crust and I do like vegetarian pizza toppings. Its a lovely treat! Might have to have one soon :)


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