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The new Barbie movie has caused lots of us to stop, think and talk about our Barbie doll memories. Discover the memories of this Baby Boomer!


Barbie was invented in 1959, a few years before my sister and I were born and it would be a few more years before we were ready to play Barbie. When we were ready in about 1967, a young neighbor who we barely knew gave us her entire Barbie collection. She had had a few years to amass a small collection and to outgrow it. How lucky for us! That gift was the start of our Barbie collections and provided many, many hours of play. Though I have no idea who she was or where she might be today, I have never forgotten her generosity.

Over the years, we accrued, mostly from Santa Claus, but also on birthdays and with birthday money, a few more Barbie dolls and, of course, a few more Barbie-themed items to go with them. 

As with most familial memories, my sister and I have slightly differing memories but I know that we shared that collection that was passed to us over the fence. What follows is a review of the main Barbie items that I remember us having. I apologize if this list is not 100 percent accurate.


I had a Barbie convertible and tent trailer set from 1973 known as The Barbie Goin' Camping set with Breezy Buggy and Tent Trailer. The Breezy Buggy “really rolled” and the tent trailer “closed up to tow neat and tidy.” This set came with everything that Barbie needed to go camping with including a sleeping bag, a campfire and grill, a camp stool, a picnic table and cooking accessories.  I turned up a few Goin' Camping sets and items here on eBay. It is interesting to see that people still want this set today.


We played a lot with Barbie's Country Camper. How about you?

My sister had the 1970 Barbie Country Camper, which was known as “a home for Barbie wherever she explores…The swinginest camper on wheels!” It, too, came with a a couple of camp stools and sleeping bags to help Barbie on the go. I found a selection of Country Campers and replacement parts and pieces here on eBay. The picture shown here was used with permission of eBay seller Gameday28 who has other Barbie items and a large selection of vintage toys in his eBay store.  


My sister also had the three-foot-high Barbie Townhouse that featured a real ‘working’ elevator and a house full of plastic furniture. For whatever reason, I vividly remember the orange couch. 


In terms of dolls, I remember having a Barbie with short curly hair that talked. I think she may have been the Talking Busy Barbie who was released in 1972. This talking doll said things like, "I dig having my own TV," "The new fashions are wild" and "That music is groovy." 


I also remember both of us eventually owning the 1971 Malibu Barbie. She turned out to be one of the most popular Barbies ever made and was produced for quite a few years. She was the ultimate surfer girl, suntanned with long straight blonde hair. Interestingly, she was popular enough that she has even been reissued over the years. If you are curious, you can see all of the new, used and vintage versions of Malibu Barbie here on eBay. My search just now turned up more than 2,300 Malibu Barbie items!


We did not have a lot of toys when we were growing up, which was the way it was in those days for most children. Being gifted with a Barbie collection was definitely pretty special.

How about you? Did you play with Barbie? Do you have any Barbie memories?

See you 
in Barbie land!
Treasures By Brenda


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My Barbie Memories include a variety of pieces from the 1970s including Barbie's Goin' Camping Breezy Buggy & Tent Trailer, the Country Camper and the Townhouse.

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  1. I was born at the wrong time to have Barbie as part of my childhood doll collection, but I have followed her popularity over the years. Somehow my daughter never really got into Barbie, so we didn't have any of her fabulous collections of accessories. And then I ended up with five grandSONS, so no Barbie's or other 'girly' things. Guess, altogether, we all missed the Barbie craze! Loved your fun memories of Barbie. How special that you were gifted with a ready-made collection to begin you and you're sister's Barbie times!

    1. I know that my sister and I were born just after the beginning of the Barbie phenomenon, Elf and that, therefore, many of my friends like you never played with Barbie.

  2. Barbie was always one of my favorite toys too. I did give all of my Barbie collection to my own daughter, which included a Barbie car and a townhouse that opened and closed. It is still in good condition. Of course, she added her own choices to the collection and she actually added some collector Barbies to it that she never played with. They were for display only. Now, however, I feel somewhat neglected. I/we did not have a camper! Might need to get one of those :)

    1. That's funny, Mouse. Obviously, you made it this far without Barbie camper envy!

  3. I’m a bit older than you and I got my Covid ne and only Barbie in 1963, when I was nine. My parents had just switched me to a school for kids of French diplomats and ex-Pats, where all classes were taught in French and English was taught as a second/foreign language. I didn’t understand a word of French and, although my parents engaged a tutor to help me learn the language during after-school hours, I had no idea what any of the teachers were saying and came home in tears every day for the first few months. My parents, against their better judgment, bought me my first and much longed-for Barbie to console me in my misery. Fortunately, I picked up the language quickly and did very well in that school and I’m forever grateful for that early chance to become bilingual, which instilled in me a love of language. That Barbie also holds a special place in my heart!

    1. I am sure, Margaret, that many Barbies were gifted for reasons like yours. That is, to console a child. I am glad to hear that Barbie helped you in a tough time and that you learned French, too.

    2. “One and only Barbie,” not “Covid ne and only Barbie,” lol! Darn autocorrect!

  4. I was an absolute Barbie doll collector and fan - my mom even knit clothes for them! I had so many Barbie's and playing Barbie's was my fave thing to do as a young girl


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