Monday, September 11, 2023

Addaday Travel Foam Roller Review

Soothe and relax muscles whether travelling locally or afar with this handy travel roller. Small enough to fit in a tote, large purse, workout bag or carryon bag, the Addaday is perfect for travel with its' size and light weight.

Blue foam roller sitting in a green hedge.

Addaday Features

  1. Lightweight but still effective
  2. Easy to pack in luggage or carryon or a large purse or tote
  3. Material is a mix between a pool noodle on the soft side and hard acrylic roller for the hard side comparison
  4. Measures seven inches in length
  5. Small enough to use in an airplane seat or car
  6. Large enough to use on all muscle groups
  7. Six sides
  8. Hex design with small indentations
  9. The indentions in the roller help to massage and find the pressure points
  10. Medium density

Warm Up and Recovery

The first purchase I made for a travel roller was too large for ease of travel. I felt that size was just big enough to be bulky and the intent was to find a foam roller for local and long distance travel. I was also looking for a roller that was not too firm. The first attempt was returned and the search continued.

After reading many many reviews I decided upon the Addaday. Overall it has been a positive purchase. Foam rollers of any size are not inexpensive and run the gamut of price. Add that each person is unique in their preference of size, density and design and it can be difficult to find online the first time. If searching for a travel roller I would definitely include the Addaday in your consideration.

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  1. I actually had the trainer teaching a class at the gym recommend this as part of an exercise routine. Good recommendation, Tracey. Thanks for your review.

  2. I have never used a foam roller before, so I’m intrigued, especially after reading that Wednesday Elf’s gym trainer recommended this. I could certainly use help easing out the kinks. Thanks for your review and recommendation!

  3. Traveling certainly takes it's toll! Having a small, travel size roller for deep tissue muscle massage could make a world of difference in the enjoyment of the entire trip.

  4. Good timing on this review for me. Planning an extended trip spring of 2024, so I might just have to try one or two of these for any pesky muscle issues. Thanks Tracey for this review.


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