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Make Halloween Ornaments With Easy Craft Kits Reviewed

Halloween Ornaments Kit

I love craft kits! Especially holiday craft kits that everyone in my family can make together.

The first week of October, my husband, son, and I gathered around the dining room table to investigate my new Halloween ornament sewing craft kit. We each selected an ornament to make and went to work. The ornaments you see at the top of the image (on the right) are the first 3 ornaments we made. My husband selected the pumpkin, our son grabbed the bat, and I chose the candy. It was a lot of fun watching the guys sew their ornaments together. These will be ornaments I treasure forever, as well as the memory of making them together.

The ornaments are very easy to sew together because they have pre-poked holes in the pre-cut fabric pieces.

Most often, a craft kit will include everything you need to complete a project. The Halloween DIY Ornament Craft Kit I have featured is awesome and really does include everything except scissors.  I did substitute my preferred Aleenes Craft Glue instead of using the glue in the kit, but that is simply a preference on my part because I have used it for decades.

Halloween Ornaments Sewing Craft Kit

 Halloween Ornament Craft KitCheck PriceThe kit includes:

  • Pre-cut felt pieces with punched stitch holes for sewing together
  • Pre-cut detail or finishing pieces like eyes, teeth, stripes, etc
  • Floss / thread 
  • Ribbon for Hangers
  • Plastic Needles
  • Stuffing
  • Glue

While the instructions are in picture form, I would have preferred they included written directions along with the images for greater clarity.  As a lifelong crafter, I knew what to do without instructions, but I am not sure that would be true for a beginner.  While making the ornaments would be easy enough for a child, they would probably still need some assistance from an adult to know exactly what to do.


To Make the Felt Halloween Ornament

contents in the box to make Halloween ornaments
Each ornament is separately packaged with all it's pre-cut pieces. Stuffing, plastic needles, thread and ribbon are packaged separately which makes it easy to find everything you need to complete an ornament.

  1. Open the individual ornament package and lay out the pieces
  2. Open the package with the thread & plastic needles
  3. Thread the plastic needle with the thread color that matches the two foundation ornament pieces 
  4. Stitch the two foundation pieces approximately 3/4 of the way together, leaving an opening to stuff the ornament (do not cut your thread yet)
  5. Stuff your ornament with the included filling (do not overstuff. Felt tears easily)
  6. Stitch the remaining opening together and tie off the thread
  7. Cut a piece of the included ribbon and make a hanger for the ornament
  8. Glue the details (like eyes, teeth, etc.) on the ornament


Why Choose This Craft Kit for the Whole Family

 Halloween Ornament Craft KitCheck Price

Everyone should know the basics of sewing. These kits will allow parents to teach their children to make the basic straight stitch, plus allow the child to get comfortable threading and using a needle safely because the included needles are large, plastic needles.

Not only are these kits great for children, but also for seniors with decreased dexterity.  Again, the plastic needles won't poke or cut fingers. 

No special crafting ability required.  While I did find my experience helpful for stuffing amounts & glue preferences, it wasn't necessary. My son and my husband made their ornaments without needing my help, including threading their own needles, stuffing the ornaments, and gluing on the finishing details.

This kit really does allow family members of varying ages to make the perfect Halloween felt ornaments. 

We will use our ornaments on our Halloween tree, but they would also make a lovely banner for the door, mantle, or wall.  They could be hung on cabinet knobs for fast Halloween decor.

The kit is recommended for ages 5 and up.


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House of Sylvestermouse

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  1. Happy Pumpkin Season, Sylvestermouse. What fun to have these cute Halloween decorations come in a kit for a family to create together. Knowing how much you like bats, I'm surprised you let your son beat you to that project. LOL. Now your Halloween Tree must look marvelous. Happy Halloween!

    1. I do love bats, Elf! Of course, you are right. This little one-eyed bat is all the more special since my son made it and it will always remind me of the time we all spent together working on the ornaments. I bet you even remember that the original mouse, Sylvester, was blind in one eye, which makes the one-eyed bat even more magnificent.

  2. Love these kits. They would make a great project for people in a nursing home.

    1. I certainly agree with you Mary Beth! With everything pre-cut, plus the plastic needles, the seniors would probably be able to handle this project without help

  3. These Halloween ornaments are adorable, Sylvestermouse! I’ve never heard of a Halloween tree, but I bet yours is wonderful. Most of the ornaments on our Christmas tree were handmade by family members and, like you, I cherish the memories of the many November-December stretches when my sister and I still lived with my parents when mom, my sister and I sat around a large table covered with brightly colored glass Christmas ornaments, bottles of Aleene’s craft glue, glitter, seed beads, sequins, ribbons and lace and made uniquely decorated ornaments, many of which still grace my husband’s and my Christmas tree. I love that your husband and son enjoy participating in your family holiday decorations “bees” and have learned basic sewing skills from you that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

  4. Well, this certainly seems like something that a might be able to handle. I happen to have zero crafting skills. This kit looks to be so much fun, and I like the fact that you get to admire your masterpiece. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Oh, this is so much fun and I can just see you all enjoying the construction and happiness of working together for a great afternoon. What a fantastic idea! This would also work with grandchildren who might be willing to try their hand at making something really special for the Halloween season. I love it!

  6. A Halloween craft kit for the whole family is such a festive activity, and you get keepsakes and memories out of it as well. When the kids were younger we would do things like this, although my step-daughter was and still is the DIY crafting queen and she made some lovely memories for all us with her creative nature. Your ornaments are lovely too, great job!

  7. Sooo cute! Love having all the supplies included and ready to craft!

  8. This looks like a fun crafting kit for people of most ages and crafting abilities. Love that everything you need, except scissors, is in the kit. I have never heard of a Halloween tree what a great idea to hang all those lovely ornaments on! I think you can build treasured memories by getting together to make crafts like these and they look so easy and fun to do. Thank you for your recommendation and review.


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