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Reacher TV Series Reviewed (Season 1 - 2022)

The Reacher Amazon Original TV series is a captivating suspense
My husband and I spent the last two nights watching the new TV series, "Reacher", based on the character in the books by Lee Child. Obviously, it was a spellbinding series since we watched all 8 episodes in 2 nights. We probably would have watched them all the first night if we had started them earlier in the evening.

I'll start this review by telling you what I liked best about this series, then I will share what I didn't like about the series. Normally, if I am recommending a movie or book, I don't talk about my personal negative opinions. However, in the case of this Amazon Original series, I do think anyone considering watching the shows should be prepared.

What I liked best: the actor that played Jack Reacher. Alan Ritchson is the perfect choice! Totally believable as a former US Army major in the military police with a history of handling difficult cases and standing in harms way.

Something else I liked: the story. It is a captivating suspense. It was not easy to guess who was a good guy and who was a bad guy. That shocking element is always appreciated in a suspense story.

What I don't like: the nudity, the gory images, and one other main character that was not believable as the character she played. I watch a variety of movies with my husband, son, father & brothers. I am hardened to a lot of scenes and images, but this series takes them to an unnecessary extreme level. 

I do recommend this series for adults only.  Just be prepared to close your eyes at times.

Reacher Series Synopsis

 Reacher: Season One
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Jack Reacher shows up in Margrave, Georgia at the worst possible time for himself, but at the best time for Margrave.  As the new stranger in town, he is immediately suspected as the murderer when 2 bodies are found.  

He is arrested for the murders, sent to jail, "accidentally" placed in the "lifers" section of the prison, and forced to defend himself and others. However, as soon as he is released, he starts working with the police to find the real killers because one of the victims is someone very special to him.

Current events, memories, past decisions & actions, lifestyle, friends and family are all recounted and questioned throughout the series. We learn a lot about Jack Reacher, past & present, and find he is someone we would all like to know and have around when needed.

Not only is this a suspenseful series, but it will tug at your heartstrings and perhaps, even pull a tear (or two) from your eyes.

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Reacher TV Series Reviewed (Season 1 - 2022) by:
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  1. Mouse, thank you for your excellent review! I especially appreciate the warnings about the graphic violence in this series. I suspect that would be too much for me, but I’ll be sharing your review with my husband (who has a higher tolerance for violent scenes than I). It sounds like a great series!

    1. The unpredictable story & the main character make it a great series, Margaret, but I really do wish they had left out the male nudity & violence. It really wasn't necessary to get the point across.

  2. I’m always looking for a good series…this sounds good but like my fast forwarding skills will come in handy at times too 😀 Claudia M

    1. roflol, Claudia! Yes, indeed!!! Excellent fast forwarding skills would certainly come in handy.

  3. We also watched this series, and both Fran and I loved it, and we are waiting for another season. I do agree with you on the graphic scenes, I really feel they could have done without them. I do hope they have another season.

    1. Me too, Sam! Since I haven't read the book series, it would all be new to me and I would love a second second. I read a second second has already been announced. I assume that it would be released next summer

  4. Thanks for your review. Always nice to have an idea of what others think of a series before deciding to watch.

    1. I thought of you several times while watching this series Elf! I think you would like the suspense in it. I do think it is worth watching as long as you are prepared to things to get rough visually.

  5. We're both big fans of the Reacher books by Lee Child and found the TV series to be almost as good as the book, "Killing Floor." With a title like that, you can expect graphic violence and gory scenes that closely follow the story line of the book. As far as actors, I loved the choice for Reacher and found him believable and true to Child's descriptions. Roscoe was a great choice, too, likeable, feisty, and true to form. And Neagley was the perfect choice for Reacher's former 110th Special Investigations Unit friend. We're looking forward to Season 2, and yes, I did close my eyes at times. PegCole17

    1. I suspect I would have been better prepared for the execution style used in the series if I had read the book. I really was shocked by several of the graphic, gory scenes. I am fine with verbal descriptions :) The story makes it worth watching and it is good to hear that the characters were true to the author's descriptions in the book. We are also looking forward to Season 2. Thank you, Peg

  6. This sounds like a great series and very gripping for you to watch 8 episodes over just two nights! Character is always important to me in any film and the Jack Reacher character sounds interesting. I am not personally keen on gory images or graphic scenes so thank you for that warning. However, it sounds like a compelling series for anyone who enjoys suspense, character and a good plot.

  7. Thanks for this review; I've been considering watching this series, and haven't taken the leap just yet - After your review I know I'll be selecting it when I'm in the mood for this genre - I always prefer when someone I know reviews these, thank you!

  8. This looks like a series we would really enjoy!

  9. Ms Mouse! I read this book many years ago. And as you described how Reacher shows up in town and is arrested for the murders, I recalled how much I loved reading the story. I am glad to know about this series. If they do the story justice, I look forward to seeing this series. Thank you for the review.

  10. I love Lee Child as a writer and I have seen a few of this Reacher series. Yes, I do close my eyes at certain parts, but the story is worth the watch. Like you, I would not recommend it for youngsters. Thanks for this review.

  11. I totally enjoyed Reacher. I do agree with you about the graphic violence. Granddaughter warned me, so I fast forwarded through those parts. :)


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