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Easy Carry Fabric & Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl Reviewed

Don't Leave Home Without a Travel Dog Bowl!

Easy Carry Fabric & Collapsible Travel Dog Bowl Reviewed
We were surrounded by lake water, but Merlin drank cool, clean water
from his Good2Go Collapsible Dog Bowl
We enjoy taking our pups for walks, we even take them on longer hikes with us.  After all, none of our dogs have ever wanted to be left at home when we go on adventures. However, it is important to remember they have needs too when they are away from home.

Think about it.  When you go on a long walk or hike, what do you need?  We always carry water with us.  We don't rely on the possibility of coming across a water fountain or running water in a stream.  Dehydration is serious, so why take unnecessary risks.  Not only do we carry water for ourselves, but we carry a canteen of cool water for our dogs.

How do we give our dogs a drink, you may ask?  Easy!  We carry a fabric, collapsible dog bowl in our back pocket.

The Good2Go Collapsible Dog Bowl

Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl Reviewed
For many years now, we have carried this fabulous and durable fabric dog bowl.  It is so lightweight, you don't even notice it, but you are most grateful to have it when needed.

Dogs can dehydrate just like we can.  They may be a lot cuter than we are when they are panting and slowing down, but the lack of water can be serious.  

When dogs are thirsty, they tend to drink whatever water they come across, including stagnant dirty water.  We all know the dangers of drinking stagnant water.  It is easily contaminated and can harbor all kinds of parasites and bacteria.  

We love our dogs enough to take them with us instead of leaving them at home.  Why wouldn't we also love them enough to provide for their needs by simply taking water and this easily pocketed dog bowl along for the walk.

We also use this water bowl in the car when traveling.  It is easy to set it down and let them drink from their doggie travel bowl.

Once we are back home, we wash the bowl inside and out with dish soap and allow it to air dry.  Then, it is ready to go again when we are!

I can't recall when we first purchased our Good2Go collapsible dog bowl, but I do know it has been many years ago.  It still looks brand new. 


We Have the Good2Go Water Bowl, but there are other collapsible fabric Water Bowls Available. Choose Your Favorite!

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  1. Most excellent that a collapsible pet water bowl allows you to have your dogs along with you while also providing them the same access to clean cool water that you enjoy with your own water bottles. My 'niece-dog' Abbi has sweet owners (brother/SIL) who have something similar for their long daily walks, plus a food and water fold up dog dish they bring along to my house on visits. So nice to be able to bring along your pets while providing the necessities for them. Well done review, Mouse.

  2. Love the collapsable bowls! So handy, lightweight and a necessity for long walks! (Or short walks in hot weather!)

  3. We just had our roof replaced and the roofer brought his (very well trained) puppy with him. He had one of these wonderful bowls and I immediately thought that when we get another dog, I definitely want to get at least one of these. Great review of an excellent product!

  4. I see Merlin is as handsome as he has always been Maybe a little gray from watching over you :)

    1. It is a difficult job for sure, but he excels! Now he just looks very distinguished, wise & experienced.

  5. We use collapsible water bowls for my husband's guide dog -- I cannot imagine trying to travel without one, especially in the hot summertime!

  6. I consider this must-have travel gear for anyone who is on the go with their doggos. Lately, I've been using a silicone collapsible water dish for Finn, but he tends to find it and chew it to pieces (when I'm not looking). Maybe I would have better luck with a fabric dish. I'm going to try this product based on your trusted recommendation. Give Merlin a hug from me. Such a wonderful boy! Happy trails to all of you.

  7. What a great idea! Dogs are our best friends and we should look after their needs as much as we look out for our own. This is a great idea and one that will make a lot of our four legged friends really happy! Thanks for sharing this. Now when one of my friends adopts a dog, I know what I will shower them with. Thanks!


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